• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

There is a child at home who loves to pick up \”rags\”. How to break them?

The branch on the left hand and the fruit shell on the right hand. Yesterday, Chuan’s father took Xiaochuan to the park to play, and I was coding at home. More than an hour later, they came back. Before anyone arrived, the voice came first: \”Mom, Mom, come and see my camera!\” Then, a little man rushed to me, holding something like this in his hand. Gadgets. It does look very similar. I asked him: \”It really looks like it. Where did you get it?\” \”I picked it up in the park.\” Xiaochuan replied, setting up a camera to film me, \”Mom, look here, I\’m giving You\’re recording it!\” Until now, I still haven\’t figured out what it is. Anyway, Xiaochuan regards it as a treasure. I just took it out from under his pillow and took the photo. Ogawa\’s habit of \”picking up wherever he goes\” is sometimes really \”unbearable\”. As long as you go out, you will never come back empty-handed. What you pick up most are branches of different lengths. I have a bunch of bamboo poles and branches like this at home, none of which are allowed to be thrown away, as well as various stones. The coral I picked up on the beach in Sanya had to be brought back all the way. A bunch of Fagaceae fruits found in the tropical rain forest must also be brought back, and none of them can be dropped. I had to take out the glasses and put them in the glasses case to save them. The flowers given to me on Valentine\’s Day were also picked from the ground. Screw caps, iron wire, and mineral water bottles are all found every day. One day, I took out a handful of red beans from his pocket, mixed with small stones and grass roots. Where did this come from? For a mother with \”slight\” mysophobia and \”slight\” obsessive-compulsive disorder, it is not easy to face the \”rags\” he picks up every day. Not only do I have to restrain my urge to throw it away, but I also have to find ways to match the praise: \”Hey, what treasure did you find today?… This is really precious and beautiful…\” Because, I know that in his eyes, these things Inconspicuous and “useless” objects are the treasures he discovered while observing nature and exploring the world. Once upon a time, I was also a child who stuck my butt out and hunted for treasure in the wild. I also stuffed spring flowers and autumn leaves into the pages of books, collected leftover peach stones, and was excited to find a \”gem\”. But after being criticized over and over again with \”It\’s so dirty, throw it away!\”, \”What are these, useless things!\” \”Why do you always pick up garbage? Are you a rag picker?\” and similar words, slowly, I won’t pick it up anymore. Slowly, I lost my curiosity to explore and my eyes for discovery. I don\’t want my children to be like this. I want to protect his interest in nature and curiosity about the world, so I let him explore and discover beauty and treasures. Son, pick it up if you want, and your mother will take you to more places to pick it up, pick it up, pick it up.

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