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There is no way to go to school. My daughter grabs red envelopes with her mobile phone every day. What should I do?

Exercise in the park and meet Tingting\’s mother. We talked about the New Year and the money given to her children during the Chinese New Year. She complained endlessly, saying that Tingting suddenly cried at home a few days ago, saying that all the money in her WeChat account was gone. She checked Tingting’s WeChat red envelope record and found out that during the Spring Festival holiday, Tingting , Tingting grabbed a lot of WeChat red envelopes, but secretly bought gaming equipment. When the money was gone, Tingting regretted it. Tingting\’s mother said: \”Look, relatives and friends give red envelopes in paper bags. We parents still have a good idea and it\’s easier to grasp. You talk about the WeChat red envelopes. If Tingting doesn\’t tell her, if we don\’t check her How would you know if you have a mobile phone? This WeChat red envelope is really a headache!\” WeChat red envelope Speaking of this WeChat red envelope, this Spring Festival, Xiaomei also gave me a headache. More than half a month before the New Year, Xiao Meow was looking forward to celebrating the New Year as soon as possible, saying that he would have a good time collecting the lucky money during the New Year. I think it’s because this little guy has tried to spend money on her own several times, so she is so eager to collect the new year’s money. Considering that she always consumes rationally and doesn\’t spend money recklessly, I didn\’t worry too much about her New Year\’s money. I went back to my hometown for the Spring Festival. On the way, I repeatedly told her a few things to note about collecting New Year\’s money: 1. When others give New Year\’s money, you must thank them and wish them a happy New Year, good health, and all the best; When you receive a red envelope of lucky money, you cannot open it in person to see the amount; third, you cannot ask others to force you to get lucky money; fourth, the lucky money represents a feeling and cannot be used to determine a relationship based on the amount. She said: \”I know, I have collected New Year\’s money for so many years, so I still have some experience.\” I asked her jokingly: \”Then what are you going to do with the New Year\’s money this time? As before, donate 100 yuan Give the money to the children in impoverished mountainous areas and deposit the rest in the bank?\” She thought for a while and asked: \”Mom, after collecting the New Year\’s money this time, deduct the 100 yuan donated, plus all the previous New Year\’s money, will it be enough to buy A bank financial product? I want to buy a capital-guaranteed financial product, which will also increase in value. I saw in the news that the current bank deposit interest rates are so low, which means there is no interest at all.\” Her father and I almost laughed. Damn it, this little guy knows so much. I said: \”No problem. Together with the previous New Year\’s money, I will take you to the bank to buy a financial product.\” She emphasized: \”You must buy a guaranteed product, otherwise I will be miserable if you lose!\” Start the red envelope journey Starting from the time when her grandparents gave them lucky money on New Year\’s Eve, Xiao Meow started her journey of collecting lucky money red envelopes. Every time she received one, she would thank them and say a short blessing, and then put the red envelopes with her. Put it away in your backpack. I thought, well, that’s pretty good! As a careless mother, I actually missed the advanced stuff like WeChat red envelopes. That night, I was sitting in the fire house, everyone was eating snacks, chatting and watching TV. I suddenly heard Xiaomiao saying to her second uncle: \”Second uncle, please give us a red envelope and let us all grab it! It\’s so lively!\” As soon as it fell, her cousin called his father to quickly give out a red envelope for everyone to try their luck. I was confused at first, but then I took my phone and looked at it and realized theyThe three cousins ​​have already drawn all of us, parents, into a WeChat group named \”Warm Big Family\” and are clamoring for us to give out red envelopes. Taking advantage of the excitement, I sent a big red envelope to a few of them to grab. Several other parents also sent red envelopes to the group one after another. These children were so excited that they said while grabbing, \”Keep going, keep going. Don’t let the rain of red envelopes stop!” Everyone played lively for a while, everyone was smiling, but I thought that was the end of it, so I didn’t take it to heart. The next day, Xiaomiao and the others were sitting in the fire house playing with their mobile phones. I kept receiving messages from them in the group, such as \”Please rain, please rain red envelopes!\” \”Let\’s have a vigorous rain of red envelopes!\” Come on!\” \”Those who send red envelopes are the most beautiful! Xiaomiao’s father sent WeChat red envelopes to several of their children individually, making them extremely happy. I thought it was too simple to put an end to the red envelope controversy. Soon I was pulled into Xiaomiao’s classmate group. A group of brats were clamoring for red envelopes. I couldn’t resist my kindness, so I sent one after another. Xiao Miao joined several other relatives groups and grabbed a lot of red envelopes. Later, when I asked her about the amount in the red envelope on WeChat, I was really shocked. It had soared from 400 yuan before returning to my hometown to more than 1,200 yuan. For several days in a row, I watched Xiao Meow get so excited about grabbing red envelopes that she even abandoned her usual good habit of reading. I even refused to ask her to go out to play badminton. I was afraid that she would not grab the red envelopes given out in some group, so she kept holding her phone. Don’t let go. I was complaining in my heart: Seeing that a good child was about to be ruined in a WeChat red envelope, I couldn\’t help it if I didn\’t take some action. I first told the relatives who love sending red envelopes and asked them to stop sending red envelopes on WeChat, and they all agreed. The next most important thing is to communicate with Xiaomiao. I first asked Xiaomiao: \”Are you happy to have grabbed so many WeChat red envelopes?\” She was full of excitement: \”Happy! I have become a millionaire! My classmates are so envious of me, saying that I am a rich man, and they all want to follow me. Be friends with me! I even sent several red envelopes for them to grab!\” I continued to ask: \”Is it more fun to receive red envelopes on WeChat than receiving red envelopes in paper red envelope bags?\” She replied: \”Yes, WeChat You have to grab red envelopes, but it depends on luck! Unlike the paper red envelopes, which are basically fixed amounts, rigid, no surprises at all, and not fun!\” I said, \”I don\’t object to you. You are having fun with us family members and grabbing WeChat red envelopes, but you are addicted to it, so I can’t accept it. You see, your relatives and friends have given you paper red envelopes, and you are clamoring for WeChat red envelopes in the WeChat group. \”Isn\’t this forcing me to ask for a red envelope? Isn\’t it a violation of our previous agreement?\” She nodded and said nothing. I continued: \”The money in WeChat red envelopes is also real money, not virtual currency. If you clamor for red envelopes in the WeChat group, the adults will definitely give it to you out of consideration. What you take away is their real money.\” Real money. Some relatives’ families are not well off financially. If you do this, you might be able to make money.They overspent this Spring Festival, which is so bad. \”Xiao Miao felt a little guilty, but her mouth was still tough: \”We didn\’t force them to do it. It\’s okay for them not to do it. \”I said: \”You little fool, think about it, you are a child and a junior, and you ask them for WeChat red envelopes, why are they so embarrassed not to send them? She blushed and lowered her head without saying anything. I said: \”Forget about the WeChat red envelopes that I have snatched now. Remember not to do this again in the future. You must remember that the money in the WeChat red envelopes is also real money.\” Money, how can we just ask others for money, right? She asked: \”Mom, what if we overspend on letting relatives spend the Spring Festival?\” I gave it back to them. I patted her and said, \”Forget it this time, mom will figure it out. Just remember what mom said today.\” \”She said yes, and took the initiative to say that she should quit the group that grabbed red envelopes. Afterwards, I sent several WeChat red envelopes to several relatives who were not financially well-off. Of course, I made some excuses, such as wishing their families good luck. The children\’s academic progress, wishing their elderly family members good health, etc., balanced it out. After the parents gave timely guidance, Xiao Meow\’s enthusiasm for grabbing WeChat red envelopes subsided, and he no longer clamored for WeChat red envelopes, and returned to his previous appearance: Reading, playing ball, and playing. After returning to Shenzhen, she transferred the money in WeChat to me. I took out the same amount of cash and gave it to her and asked her to put it in the red envelope with her own hands. I deliberately asked her: \”Look, this WeChat Is the money in the red envelope real money? \”She nodded shyly. I took her to the bank, and together with other New Year\’s money received, plus the New Year\’s money received in previous years (previously kept in a separate bank account), I really bought a long-term financial product, which is her This is my first time managing money in my life. Fortunately, the WeChat red envelope crisis during the Spring Festival was calmed down smoothly by me. I think the key to such a smooth process lies in two points: 1. I carefully observed every move of Xiao Meow. I have noticed all of them, so when she behaves abnormally, it is easy for me to find the problem; secondly, Xiaomei is easier to communicate, can accept my point of view, and quickly correct her mistakes, which is the most important. Sometimes, Due to lack of social experience, children tend to get hot-headed and behave inappropriately. At this time, we as parents need to find out, remind and teach in time to prevent the children from going further down the wrong path.

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