• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

There is someone who has been secretly loving you

When you have kids, there are almost no real vacations. Even if there is New Year\’s Day holiday these days, there will be no rest. It takes most of the day to tutor children on their homework. Then there are three meals a day to prepare and a lot of housework to do. In the evening, the family took advantage of some free time to go to the supermarket and buy a bunch of daily necessities to take home. I just sat down and watched the New Year’s Eve concert for a while. Suddenly I remembered that the fish I bought was not washed and put in the refrigerator. And before putting it in, it needs to be cut and sprinkled with salt. When I went over to cook, my wife happened to be using the time to wash the dishes. The two of them couldn\’t help but sigh in the kitchen: \”It\’s better to be children.\” \”It\’s really not easy to be a parent.\” When we become parents, we understand even more how hard it was for the people who raised us. \”You should take care of yourself, get more rest, and stay up less late.\” Every time I talk to my grandma on the phone. She always tells me this, again and again. Once upon a time, we regarded this kind of advice from our parents as a kind of nagging. We want to plug our ears, or even directly reply, \”Stop talking, I\’m tired of hearing it.\” But no matter what emotions we carry. They will still worry quietly and love you as always. A few days ago, my wife said she wanted to buy a crutch for her nearly 90-year-old grandmother. What my grandma said almost made me cry. \”Don\’t buy it, I won\’t be able to use it for long.\” The old man always had such calmness. But deep down in our hearts we never want to make such calculations of time. I just long for it to last a little longer. Every time I visit the elderly, I always hope to stay with them for a while, as long as I can. Because maybe one day, no one around you will be around, and there will be no familiar answer on the other end of the phone. Cherish the time you spend together. Parents, they have always loved us secretly. And the love of children is often like this. Sometimes they don’t say “I love you!” as loudly as we do. Especially careless boys find it difficult to express their love so directly. But every child will love you in his own unique way. Or a little hug, or a sweet kiss. However, we sometimes misunderstand the love of children. Writer Liu Jirong once mentioned a short story in his book: her daughter\’s performance at school made her very annoyed. But the daughter, who couldn\’t watch her words, still hit the gun. The angry mother was lying on the bed, but she didn\’t know what she did in the living room of the back room. She came over tremblingly and asked her: \”Mom, I killed myself with my own hands. Will she die? Cut her finger.\” Seeing her daughter bleeding so much, the mother felt distressed and angry. Her suppressed emotions erupted like a volcano. She felt that her daughter was too \”stupid\” and scolded her for being unable to do anything. The truth makes people cry. It turns out that the daughter saw that her mother was tired after a day, and wanted to learn how her mother peeled apples and peel an apple for her mother, thinking that this way her mother would not be unhappy. But she was too young and still accidentally hurt herself. I still remember when my son was in the country. Once, I was staying with him at home during the holidays, and the 2-year-old boy took a small chair and sat at the door. I asked my son what he was doing, and he replied seriously, \”I\’m waiting for mom…\” \”Mom won\’t be back today, something happened!\” \”Mom will be back!\” Suddenly, an inexplicable feeling surged in my heart.Warmth with a sour taste. A child\’s love for you is sometimes so quiet. You may not know that he has waited for you, thought about you, and loved you in those small ways. In a family, the best time should be to be together, support each other, and care for each other. For a woman, it is a happy thing to have a husband who understands her and can share her burdens. There was a message at the end of the article a few days ago that made people feel sad. \”I cried when I saw it. It turns out that there are so many widowed mothers like me. They go to work by themselves, pick up their children from school by themselves, take care of their children to cook, wash clothes and do housework after work. When their husbands come back, they play on their mobile phones and computers, doing… I ate when it was good, and went to play again after eating. I didn’t talk for a long time after the quarrel. I was really tired after three years of marriage. My family didn’t want a divorce for the sake of the children. I felt really tired and unhappy every day.\” How many mothers are there, in Smiling forcefully. I still remember a little story I shared before. It was a hot summer morning, and I was taking my son to have breakfast. A mother was carrying vegetables and several bags of fruit in one hand. A single waist stool is tied around the waist, and the other arm is holding a baby. As soon as she sat down, she put her things away, hugged her child and went out again. While anxiously saying to the boss: \”I dropped my wallet, please help me look at my things.\” Then he walked away in a hurry. I remember when my wife told me about taking the kids out to buy groceries. At that time, we didn’t prepare a waist stool, so she had to hold it with her hands, so she couldn’t bend down to pick things up if she dropped them. Only by truly seeing the difficulties of these mothers can we understand the difficulty of raising children. If you don\’t take care of your children yourself, you will never feel this way. When she came back, the powder on the table was already slightly cold. The hour hand on the wall is already pointing to 11:00. The child in her arms is very well-behaved, and she can hear her mother eating breakfast quietly. She also said happily: \”Today\’s fruit is fresh, I bought a little more, but I didn\’t expect to drop my wallet.\” After eating, she had to give the child to the boss to hold her for a while, because she had to tie up the waist stool. Repeat this action every day. In the sultry June, she wore thick \”armor\”. Eat breakfast near noon, and eat lunch after noon. We see a quiet and cute little baby in the arms of a happy and smiling mother. We see full happiness. The hardships behind her and the tears secretly wiped away will always be known only to her. Although women have the care and patience of women, their experience is accumulated through little efforts. You can\’t just say \”I don\’t understand, I don\’t care!\” and then go to your own world to play on your phone or have a party to hide. You know, having someone to advise and share the burden is always better than one person\’s hesitation and hardship. You may not say much, but get things done. You don’t have to say sweet words, but the love must be there. Indeed, after you have been married for a long time, you will have much fewer love words. However, in a good marriage, love will not diminish. Please remember that there was once someone who entrusted his life to you, got married, and welcomed the arrival of a new life together. Of course, we have to take care of it together. In the new year, I hope you can regard your home as your most important career and take good care of it.

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