• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

These 20 things will make your children more popular. Many people will ignore the first one.

Last Friday I sent my classmate Zhe to English class. When I arrived at the elevator, an elevator was closing. A little girl about five or six years old saw us and quickly pressed the door-open button. After I got on the elevator, I quickly said \”thank you\” to her. . After the little girl said \”You\’re welcome\”, she then asked: \”Auntie, which floor are you going to?\” After I said \”12A\”, she gently pressed the floor button and smiled at me again. I was instantly attracted to this cute little girl: the small details of a few dozen seconds of riding in the elevator were enough to show that she was a well-educated and lovable child. For children, we always emphasize \”being polite and well-educated\”. In fact, whether a child\’s behavior and habits are good or not is often hidden in the small details of life – helping the person behind to hold the door. I once witnessed an accident: I My friend and I took her 3-year-old child out of the office building. A young man walked in front of us. He didn’t look back at all after he walked out. The glass door hit the child behind him hard on the face. We were less than one step away from the child. There was no time to protect him, and the child immediately had a nosebleed. In public places, looking back to see if anyone is following you when closing the door is a kind of cultivation, and it is also a kind of precept and example to tell your children what to do. Don\’t wear pajamas when going out, even if you change into a simple T-shirt and shorts, it also shows respect for others. If your family insists on changing out of home clothes when going out, your children will be influenced by it and will also pay attention to what they wear in public places. No swearing. No matter whether the child is in the sensitive period of language or not, he can always accurately grasp the \”different\” language and try to use it to experience its magic. No one likes a child who talks dirty. Therefore, even if you are talking to family members, you must be careful not to give your children the opportunity to use bad words because of your spoken language. Stop at a red light and go at a green light, the most basic behavioral norms, but a large number of people cannot do it, which brings many safety risks to themselves and can easily cause harm to others. Running a red light sets a very bad example for children who have a strong ability to imitate. When taking public transportation such as private cars, trains, buses, etc., do not throw garbage from the window. Maybe other people often do this, but as long as we throw it away less often, there will be less garbage. This behavior can be extended to not spitting. As adults, we may all be able to do this without hogging our favorite dishes when eating. But when you have children, you often forget this point – no matter what your children love to eat, please remember to share it with others. At the same time, when picking up food, don\’t turn the whole plate around, pick it up from the side closest to you; don\’t knock the chopsticks and bowl; don\’t run around randomly. Do not wear open pants when going out. Babies who cannot control their bladder and bowels should wear diapers. When the weather is hot, there will be many people playing with their children in the shopping mall. Some babies can\’t control their bowels and often urinate on the floor of shopping malls. Some babies don\’t even have time to go to the toilet to defecate, so they poop directly on the ground. Maybe the adults will clean the floor, maybe not, but the whole process is extremely unsightly and will affect other people\’s moods. When sneezing or coughing, turn your face away and at least cover your mouth if you don\’t have time. The kindergarten teacher has given special guidance on this. I observed several children in Zhe\’s class and they all did a good job. When riding an escalator, stand on the right side and don\’t block other people\’s way.When I used to catch the subway at work, people often stood in the middle, making the right side impassable. To remind them, you often have to raise your voice because those people often wear headphones. I can\’t even close the door softly. Although it is difficult, this small detail definitely reflects a person\’s upbringing, so keep reminding yourself to pay attention again and again in order to develop good habits to influence your children. Not judging people with disabilities means a diversified worldview and allows children to understand that everyone is different and unique. No matter how different a person looks, they all desire respect, recognition, encouragement and praise. It\’s very ugly to squat down and stick your butt out when picking up something. You should make eye contact when talking to others. Express your gratitude with small gifts to people who help you. Try not to use a rhetorical tone when talking to people, as this can easily turn the conversation into an argument. Treat everyone equally and help those who are inconvenient to use the elevator, like the little girl at the beginning of the article. Try not to use the horn when driving in the community. It\’s about one\’s integrity when it comes to walking the talk. Don\’t take advantage. …I have temporarily thought of these 20 items. Friends can leave comments and add to them in the comment area. We work together to become educated people and for our children to become educated people.

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