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These 5 things are the main culprits why children don’t like to study! Change it immediately after reading it

A while ago, Rui Ma received a letter from a reader in the background. Different from the usual parent readers, this is a student studying at a key university. The reason why I want to share it with all parents is because Rui’s mother feels that from this student, she seems to see the pain that most children have experienced. Hello Rui Ma, I am a sophomore, studying at a prestigious university. I used to study very seriously and hard, and I never came second in the exam. Later, I finally lived up to the expectations of my parents and teachers and successfully passed the exam. Entered the ideal university. But I don’t know what happened recently. Throughout the winter vacation, I was in a state of weakness. I didn’t want to do anything every day. Even reading a book felt very painful. Now that the vacation is about to end, the thought of going back to school again makes me feel extremely painful. What\’s wrong with me? what do I do? It is obvious that this student has developed a serious feeling of being tired of studying. In the subsequent communication with this child, Rui\’s mother learned that although he had always had excellent academic performance, he always felt like he was being forced. He felt that learning was for his parents and had nothing to do with him. And from him, Rui\’s mother also saw the shadow of many children. They are urged by their parents to write homework every day, and are urged by their teachers to review before exams. Over time, learning becomes a burden that they have to bear, heavy and boring. When learning becomes something a child hates, how can it be possible to achieve ideal results? The following five factors may cause children to hate learning. Only by taking appropriate measures can parents improve their children\’s performance steadily. A \”weak\” attitude towards life determines everything. If a child is very lazy and tired in life and has no interest in anything, then don\’t expect him to be very serious about his studies. Want to give up when encountering difficulties, unwilling to challenge, always worried about failure… How can you achieve good results if you treat learning with such an attitude? However, when children\’s desire to learn decreases, parents\’ first concern is often their children\’s academic performance. \”Why was the homework not handed in on time?\” \”Why did the exam do so poorly this time?\”…The consequences of doing so will only make the child feel more stressed, fall into deeper self-blame, and may even suffer from depression. disease. In fact, when a child\’s interest in learning declines, parents should be more concerned about the child\’s heart. Put aside studying, sit down with your child and have a good talk, understand why your child feels weak, and help your child solve the problems he encounters. The \”addiction\” phenomenon is too serious. There are too many things that can seduce children. In addition to televisions and computers, mobile phones, games, animations, etc. are all objects that make children prone to addiction. Parents should not think that as long as their children do not play with one thing for a long time and play with various fun things in turn, they will not become addicted. But data shows that as long as the total time a child uses screen media exceeds 3 hours, addiction will occur. Any kind of addiction is not a good thing for children. It will become a bad factor that distracts the child\’s attention and interferes with the child\’s learning. When children experience the \”addictive\” fun, even if they learn reluctantly, once they encounter interesting thingsIt is easy to get stuck in things and neglect learning. Therefore, parents must control their children\’s various behaviors and habits, guide them to master their temperament, and do everything in moderation, including buying their children their favorite snacks, and not forcing their children to eat enough. It is easy for them to become addicted to food, which in turn affects their health. There will be big problems in every aspect of life. There is too much pressure to study. Many parents hope that their children will become successful and their daughters will become successful. They hope that their children will be successful in the future. As a result, they sacrifice a lot of their children\’s rest and entertainment time, force them to study for a long time and attend tutoring classes, blindly care about their test results and academic performance, and ignore their psychological activities. Children who bear too much academic pressure and lose self-confidence will naturally become tired of studying and play truant. As a parent, you must have a correct view of scores. While grades are important, ability is the key to determining whether your child will be popular in society. We should not only make it clear to children that learning is the main task of students, and clarify the purpose and direction of learning; we should also pay attention to social practice and campus cultural life to reduce the burden on children as much as possible. Children\’s natural personality: Some children who are naturally introverted may be listless and uninterested in anything they do, and the same goes for learning. There are also some children with perfectionism or sensitive personalities who have consumed too much energy and physical strength in their lives, so the energy left for learning will naturally decrease. Although personality cannot be changed, it can at least be improved. Parents should understand their children\’s personality, communicate more with their children, understand their children\’s hearts, give them positive guidance, and try to improve their children\’s personality in a positive and optimistic direction as much as possible. An optimistic, cheerful and energetic child will naturally be passionate and energetic about learning. I don’t know why I need to study. As children grow up, the question they start to care about is: Why should I study? Who am I going to be in the future? In life, parents always simply force their children to study hard without explaining the importance of learning to their children. In this situation where the sense of purpose is lost, it is difficult for children to become interested in learning. If children don’t even understand why they study, how can they be motivated to study? So we often say that today’s children have been spoiled and have no dreams. If you find that your child does things without any purpose, then please sit down with your child and talk to him sincerely about the importance of learning. I often tell Ruirui that the Chinese and mathematics you learn in school are not all you need to learn. In the future society, everyone\’s study period will become longer. Maybe until the age of 30, everyone will still be a student in school, living a life centered on learning. Maybe a chef needs a bachelor\’s degree or even a master\’s degree. Therefore, no matter when the time comes, you must have a desire to learn. Maintain the ability to learn so as not to be eliminated by society.

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