• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

This is how girls should be raised! If she does these 5 things, she will definitely be great in the future!

\”Rich\” girls have good temperament and \”have always been rich and ladylike\”, which means that girls have seen all the \”good things\”, which is equivalent to \”desensitization treatment\”, so that when the children grow up, they will not be easily attracted by the prosperity and luxury of the world. Vanity confuses. Parents can take their daughters to various occasions and travel from an early age, which can broaden their horizons and increase their experience and knowledge. At the same time, we need to make them feel the warmth of family and deep affection, and have the capital to be worthy of being loved. A book about the future for parents: seize the critical period of development of children aged 0-7 to cultivate lifelong advantages. But raising a rich girl is not about wearing gold and silver, nor is it about pampering and doting obediently, but about giving spiritual wealth. , and ultimately cultivate a girl with noble temperament. Otherwise, no matter how rich a girl is, she may suffer from \”poor heart\”. Cultivate courage and not be timid In life, we often see this scene: when a girl sees a dog on the road, she is so scared that she hides behind her mother and even bursts into tears; she breaks the dishes and chopsticks and huddles in the corner for fear of being scolded. Many parents often get very angry and feel that their children are cowardly and worthless. In fact, this is determined by the girl\’s nature. Girls are born with a weak heart. Their growth requires a kind of nutrient called \”courage\”, and parents must provide it in time. When the above situation occurs, parents must learn to use the correct attitude to guide the girl\’s behavior, and must not scold or accuse with emotion, otherwise the child will become more and more timid. Parents also need to understand their daughters’ little girl psychological needs, such as small ways to gain love and a little vanity that comes with age. Family harmony is not withdrawn. An educational psychologist once conducted a 10-year follow-up observation of children from 30 families, half of them male and female. Experts have found that some children who have experienced parental divorce and family changes will gradually degenerate due to disharmony in their family environment. Most of them are girls. This is because girls have higher requirements for family happiness than boys. When she does not feel the warmth of the family, she is likely to subconsciously ask for it from the outside world and others, and can easily go into extreme, violent, and withdrawn states, and fall into puppy love, learning, etc. Bad and so on. Therefore, foster girls should use more patience and love to create a warm growth environment for their children, so that our girls can grow into happy princesses in a harmonious and happy family atmosphere. A father\’s love and a mother\’s love must have a daughter who is her mother\’s caring little cotton-padded jacket. Girls are gentle and considerate, and can communicate with their mother\’s soul. Compared with the relationship between father and son, the relationship between mother and daughter is often closer. It can give girls experience in communicating with others, help girls build intimate relationships, and make her feel more emotional support. The father also has a great influence on the physical and mental impact of the girl. A good relationship between father and daughter has a great impact on a girl’s psychology and gender awareness. The father is the guide, supporter and approver of his daughter\’s development of femininity, and plays a great role in the differentiation of children\’s gender roles. Talk often and listen more. Chinese parents like to stand as an authoritative person and give orders to their children, telling them what not to do and what to do, or giving repeated instructions to arrange all the details for their children. He rarely reveals his inner world to his children and is only used to being a sanctimonious trainer. However, girls who grow up under scolding may have less autonomy and will not take the initiative to do things, but need to be reminded by others.They are accustomed to obeying orders and are highly dependent; they may also be rebellious and unable to listen to any opinions. Parents and daughters need to have more heart-to-heart conversations so that they can connect with each other. First of all, parents\’ tone of voice should be soft and the communication should be like a friend. Girls are very sensitive, and a slightly harsh tone will make them feel at a loss. Secondly, use less words such as \”required\” and \”not allowed\”. It is better to replace them with \”you think\”, \”try to do it\”, etc. \”Heart-to-heart talk\” is education that only asks questions, without reasoning or analysis. Then relax, listen, and give the girl your full tolerance.

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