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This is what a super mother looks like when she takes care of her baby. Countless mothers burst into tears after watching it.

I recently saw a video that restored the daily life of a mother raising her baby alone. Many mothers said: I will really burst into tears after watching it… Although the video is in Korean, it does not affect the viewing at all. I believe every mother can understand this. Mother’s helplessness and hard work. ▲In such a big house, the mother goes to the toilet and the child is crying outside, so she has no choice but to let the child in. She really doesn’t even have time to go to the toilet. ▲I want to eat while the child is asleep, but the child wakes up again, so I can only coax the child and eat a little at random. ▲After holding the child for a long time, my wrist became sore and I had to put on plaster. ▲My mother’s clothes always get stained at some point. Under the strange sunshine of passers-by, my mother can only cover up the stains in embarrassment. ▲The child was sick and the father was socializing outside. The mother was anxious and didn’t know what to do. In the end, she went to the hospital alone with the child in her arms. ▲After finally getting home, the wife was waiting for her husband to come home, but the husband sent a text message to his wife: He won’t be back tonight. At this time, the wife finally broke down and cried… Although the ZME Science Network recently released a piece of scientific research news that frightened most women: giving birth to children accelerates a woman\’s aging more than smoking or obesity, and this value reaches a maximum of 11 years. But after watching this video, have you ever felt that what makes a woman grow older is not having children, but raising them? In \”I Am a Speaker\”, the host Martin once told the story of him and his wife. In the month after his wife gave birth to her daughter, for some reason, she suddenly changed from a very virtuous wife to an unreasonable shrew. One night, Martin hid in his study and played World of Warcraft on his computer to calm down. His wife suddenly came in and saw him playing games. She got so angry that she threw the bowl of crucian carp soup she was carrying, including the soup and bowl, onto the computer. Martin became anxious and said, \”Are you sick? Can you stop fooling around? So many mothers have gone through confinement. Why are you like this? Do you not want to go through confinement?\” His wife said angrily: \”I just don\’t want to go through confinement. Divorce.\” Martin was also very angry, \”Just leave!\” At this time, his wife sent another message, \”Can you accompany me to take care of the children for a day, and you can do whatever I do, just for one day!\” Martin thought for a while, I agreed, so I started \”raising the baby\” with my wife. At this time, Martin learned that the child had to be fed every two hours. It was fine during the day, but at night he was awake when my wife was breastfeeding. After feeding, you sleep together again. After sleeping for less than an hour, the baby cries and wakes you up. You have to feed again, and not only feeding, but also changing diapers. When your child cries, you still have to comfort her. After you\’re done, forty minutes have passed. Then you go back to sleep. You sleep for twenty minutes, and then you wake up again and need to be fed again. In less than a day, Martin almost collapsed: \”What a life it is!\” His wife said to him calmly: \”Do you know why I get angry at you for nothing? If you were like me every day If you live like this, you will get angry at me.\” Martin finally understood in his heart that being a mother is really hard. When mom is irritable, she can\’t go out for a quiet moment like dad does. When mother is extremely tired, noBeing able to lie in bed and take a rest like dad. When a mother is sick and uncomfortable, she cannot take care of her like a father. The child immediately cheers up when he cries. I am so tired that I am filled with resentment and want to get angry at everything I see. When you become a mother, you will understand one word: dilemma. The child is sick, thin, or black, and the family accuses you of not taking good care of it. When your children watch TV, your family members say you are too indulgent. The children are not allowed to watch TV. The family members say that it is okay for the children to watch TV at such a young age. You have a conflict with your mother-in-law. Everyone says that it is not your duty for the elderly to help you take care of the baby. You should be grateful. It seems that the child belongs to the mother only after birth, and she has to work hard and work hard. The mother must be grateful when her family helps to raise the child. When she had a conflict with her husband, her family members accused her of not understanding her husband. He was working hard outside in the wind and rain. But when women chose family and children over career, no one said it was a sacrifice. A female friend of mine asked her mother-in-law and husband to take care of the child for a few days because she was on a business trip. As a result, the child fell ill and was not sent to the hospital in time, which almost caused a catastrophe. After coming back, everyone accused me of saying that as a mother, you should put your baby first, and your career should come second. Later, she cruelly gave up her good job and returned home, focusing on taking care of her children. However, her life became difficult, and her husband and mother-in-law even accused her of not going to work. Many mothers have survived the brink of death after giving birth but cannot survive postpartum depression. They have survived postpartum depression but cannot survive the oppression of the world. Writer Tang Xiaoxiao’s Good Story: Being a mother is so difficult. It’s wrong for you to not take care of your children in order to work, and it’s also wrong to only take care of your children and not work. It’s wrong for you to ask your family to help take care of the children, and it’s also wrong for you to take care of the children yourself and not be able to take care of your work at the same time. This society needs mothers who can earn millions a year, take care of a baby alone, have a second child, and maintain a happy marriage. But mother is a human being, not a god. Please be more tolerant to mothers. We really don’t want the mother to be exhausted both physically and mentally. No one can bear such pressure. They don\’t understand prenatal depression and postpartum depression. They only know that \”it\’s all caused by women.\” They even accuse their wives of having a bad temper, becoming less and less fond of dressing up, and turning into a yellow-faced woman. But what woman in the world doesn’t love beauty? It’s just that I’m more family-oriented by nature. Baby Bus Game Complete Animation Ultra-HD 1080P Version The best love a man can have for a woman is to bear it for her. If you really love your wife, please first help her bear the tedious tasks of shopping for food, cooking, feeding and changing diapers. , every detail of sweeping and mopping the floor!

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