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This toy that children play with like crazy is poisonous! Check out your child’s schoolbag

I couldn\’t help but be shocked when I saw a piece of news: A pair of young girls in Guangzhou played with a crystal mud toy called \”slime\” and later drank water from the crystal mud cup. As a result, they suffered from severe vomiting and were sent to hospital. It was only after medical treatment that he was diagnosed with borax poisoning contained in the crystal mud. Oh my god, isn\’t this the same kind of crystal mud my daughter played with her cousin during the Chinese New Year? This kind of crystal mud is shiny, colorful, smooth and soft, like jelly. I bought a few bags for my children from the canteen. The children had a great time playing with them, and I also stepped forward to play a few times. You know it\’s poisonous and I won\’t let my daughter play with it even if it kills me. After checking the news, I found out that many children across the country have been infected: On March 9, a 12-year-old boy in Suqian, Jiangsu Province accidentally ingested borax, causing abdominal pain and vomiting. He was out of danger after a gastric lavage. On March 22, a boy in Yichang, Hubei Province swallowed a small amount while playing with crystal mud out of curiosity. He suffered from abdominal pain half an hour later, and only saved his life after timely rescue. It turns out that borax in crystal mud is often used for disinfection and sterilization in medicine, but it is strictly prohibited to be used as a food additive. According to experts, 1-3 grams of borax may poison adults, 15 grams may cause death, and the lethal dose for infants is 2-3 grams! If a child has a wound on his skin during contact, or if he licks or swallows it by mistake, it can easily be absorbed into the body. Borax will be converted into boric acid when it enters the body, and its metabolism is very slow. Over time, it will affect the development of the nervous system, reproductive system, and endocrine system. Severe poisoning can cause symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, suffocation, and skin erythema. However, this kind of crystal mud containing borax is sold in large quantities at the entrance of schools and kindergartens. Most of them are \”three-no products\”. Because they are so popular, some merchants even sell them on the spot and put labels on them. It\’s scary to think about it. In addition to the best-selling crystal mud, the following toys may also contain highly toxic substances, so parents must keep their eyes peeled. Bubble water Almost all children have played with bubble water, right? They are sold everywhere in canteens, small parks, and playgrounds. Even though my daughter has allergies, I haven\’t been able to withstand the inconvenience and have bought a lot of them for her. The bubbles blown by bubble water are very beautiful, but we rarely look at its outer packaging. Although many bubble waters are labeled \”safe and non-toxic\”, they do not label the specific ingredients at all, and there is a pungent smell after opening, not to mention the age of use, manufacturer, and qualification standards. Two years ago, a 4-year-old girl in Yantai accidentally poured bubble water on her face. The next day her skin peeled off and her mouth became ulcerated and swollen. The doctor diagnosed her with contact dermatitis. According to doctors, the main ingredients of most bubble water are soapy water, detergent, fragrance, etc., but it is difficult to guarantee that some manufacturers will add illegal chemicals during the production process. Moreover, most of the bubble water is alkaline, which can easily corrode the delicate skin of children. Especially if children with allergies come into contact with it, it can easily cause problems such as rash, dermatitis, peeling, and respiratory allergies. Therefore, if you want to buy, you must choose regular products, and it is best for children under 3 years old to have as little contact with them as possible. Water babies are also called \”ocean babies\” and \”water elves\”. They are colorful and cheap. They get bigger and bigger as they soak. Many children like to play with them as toys. However, Water Baby originally usedIt is used for industrial moisture-proofing. It is a water-absorbent resin whose main component is sodium polyacrylate or acrylonitrile. It has certain toxicity and can easily threaten the health of children if swallowed by mistake. A 3-year-old boy in Huai\’an, Jiangsu Province accidentally ingested two water babies, which resulted in diarrhea for 6 days and intestinal perforation. The water babies, which had swollen to a diameter of 5 centimeters, were removed after intestinal amputation. These toxic toys are emerging in endlessly. As a parent, it is really difficult to cut them off at the source. You can only rely on your own careful identification and selection to help your children block dangerous passages. Toys are children\’s angels, don\’t let them become life-threatening. I have collected some toys that are popular on campus but have huge safety hazards, hoping to remind everyone. We all know that there are certain toys that children must not play with, such as a toothpick crossbow that can shoot through cardboard, balloons, watermelons, and raw meat, and can reach speeds of hundreds of kilometers per hour. Once a child is shot in the eye, the consequences will be disastrous! Some spinning tops have sharp wings that can scratch egg skins and hurt children\’s eyes and skin. There are also magnetic steel balls that can easily cause lead and heavy metal poisoning and can easily be swallowed by children, causing serious consequences. Recently, a large number of dangerous toys have quietly been released on the market, lurking around children. Pocket slingshot is a newly popular children\’s toy. It was played more by middle school students at first and now attracts many elementary school students. It consists of a balloon-like plastic bag and several packs of mud ball marbles, some with steel balls. When firing, pull the plastic bag to shoot out the marbles. Don\’t underestimate its lethality! In a program experiment on Hunan Satellite TV, it easily penetrated glass 70 meters away, which is more powerful than an ordinary slingshot! Once a child is shot, his life may be seriously injured. Therefore, if you see this kind of toy, you must not buy it, don’t play it, and stay away from people who play with this kind of toy. As we all know about fart bombs, children have some weird and bad tastes, so the sales of fart bombs are booming. There is a small bag of liquid and some white particles in the fart bomb. After being squeezed, it can quickly expand and explode, making a loud noise and emitting a strong odor. Some organizations have done experiments. In a confined space, the gas released by two stink bombs can make two white mice comatose. These toxic gases are hydrogen sulfide released when a chemical reaction occurs when the liquid in the fart bomb comes into contact with particulate matter. Inhaling a large amount of hydrogen sulfide can seriously irritate the respiratory tract and cause suffocation. Electric toys such as Electric Man\’s Rubik\’s Cube. Recently, a Rubik\’s Cube has emerged on campus. It looks ordinary on the surface, but as long as it is twisted, it can electrocute people in an instant. In addition to the electrified Rubik\’s Cube, there are also electrified chocolates, rollerball pens, chewing gum, pistols, etc., all of which are used to play tricks on others. These products are composed of several batteries and a transformer. When the power is released, the voltage can be as high as 56 volts, far exceeding the national human body safety voltage of 36 volts. Although it will not electrocute people, experts suggest that children with heart disease and those who are easily frightened must have less exposure. After all, a dangerous toy may bring countless dangerous consequences. Moreover, these products generally do not have product names, manufacturer information, etc., and the risk factor is extremely high. For the safety of their children, when choosing toys for their children, parents must purchase them from regular channels.For the \”3C\” products produced by manufacturers, read more, hear more, and understand more to avoid all potential dangers that may occur. If the harm of some toys is caused by unscrupulous manufacturers, untrustworthy merchants, and children\’s ignorance, then some items that harm children\’s health are really caused by our negligence as parents. A father on the sippy cup website once asked for help: his daughter often fell ill and went to the hospital every three days, but could not find the reason. At the reminder of a mother, the father disassembled his daughter\’s sippy cup and was stunned for a moment: the connection between the straw and the cup lid was filled with black mud-like dirt, and it also exuded a musty smell. It turns out that my daughter’s sippy cup is not only used for drinking water, but also for drinking milk, juice, etc. In addition, the connection is never opened for cleaning, which leads to the accumulation of food residue, saliva and other dirt. If you drink water from such a dirty cup every day, no wonder your child will get sick. The American ABC TV station conducted a contamination test on children\’s products and found that more than 25% of sippy cups contained coliform bacteria. Moreover, mold is one of the main allergens in children, making them susceptible to respiratory diseases such as asthma. Therefore, if you choose a sippy cup for your child, it is best to choose one that can be completely disassembled, and it should be disassembled, washed and disinfected regularly to prevent children from getting sick from the mouth. Bath toys Almost every home with children has a colorful rubber duck, dolphin or fish. The dissection of these little toys has also become popular recently! I really didn’t know anything about it, and I was shocked by everything. It looks cute on the outside, but it’s so dirty on the inside, full of mold and bacteria! According to researchers, these bath toys soaked in water contain 5 to 75 million bacteria per square centimeter after being cut open, as well as many super pathogenic bacteria. Dirt, feces, and urine from when a child takes a bath will enter it. Coupled with the humid and dirty air in the bathroom, it is simply unbearable to share such things with children. Remembering that I was giving my daughter a bath and playing with them a few days ago, I quickly took out these little toys and threw them into the trash can. I really regretted it. Toys are good partners for children\’s growth. Good toys can make children smarter and happier, while unhealthy, substandard, and inappropriate toys are like a beast lurking around children every day, waiting for an opportunity to \”bite\” them. Choosing toys for children always depends on \”quality\” rather than \”quantity\”, and it always tests the patience and carefulness of parents. Perhaps the best toys for children are not sounds, lights, bangs, or kneading, but the concentration and companionship of their parents.

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