• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Those mothers who have children who find it difficult to teach me and want to give up may be doing something wrong.

Before the National Day, Minyi\’s father planned to treat some close friends to a meal at home. When our friends arrived, our two children were busy in and out for their arrival. The eldest brother is helping me serve the food, and the second child is helping them get their slippers. During the meal, Minbao also kept helping Yibao, who was learning how to hold chopsticks, to eat without showing any signs of impatience. When Minyi\’s father\’s friend went back, he praised Minbao and Yibao and said: These two children are really good. Unlike my children, when I am busy, they always play with themselves and never move. He also asked me the secret of raising children so \”excellently\”. And my secret is to \”show weakness\” to your children. When mom and dad are no longer omnipotent, children become more capable. Mom may not be a superman. Before giving birth to Yibao, Minbao, as an ordinary, energetic little boy, often made Minyi’s father and I feel extremely tired. He was like a little warrior who would never get tired. Explore the world with your own curiosity that exceeds that of adults. Minbao couldn\’t understand that my mother felt tired and tired from time to time, and she wanted to take me with her no matter what she had to do, but my mother was not a superman. After giving birth to my second child, Yibao, my energy became even less abundant. So many times, I would act coquettishly with my son, \”Mom is so tired, can Minbao help mommy shoulder?\” Or: \”Minbao is so great, can you bring my sister\’s bottle to mommy?\” Look. It seems like you are cultivating a little helper, but in fact, in the process of \”showing weakness\” to your child, he will gradually become able to take care of others and become more responsible. Just like my eldest son Minbao, he helps his 3-year-old sister to eat at the dinner table. He also knows to blow on his sister before feeding her soup. He understands that mom and dad will be very tired after a long day at work, so he is in a good mood occasionally. I will also wash the dishes and sweep the floor at home. Huo Siyan also said: \”I often say, oh, I can\’t do this, I can\’t do that, and he will do it for you.\” If you don\’t show weakness to your child, he may never understand our difficulties and never learn. How to live on your own. And children also need a chance to learn to grow through your display of weakness. Showing weakness is the secret weapon of parent-child relationship. When Minyi\’s mother was young, she always felt that her mother was omnipotent, and she was obsessed with her mother\’s ability to wash clothes. Even if I wear white clothes and roll around in the mud, my mother can still wash them cleanly when I get home. However, when I really showed up at home looking dirty, what greeted me was not my mother\’s superb laundry skills, but my mother\’s even more superb deadly palms. For many years after that, white clothes never appeared in my life again. Even the small piece of white cloth on my school uniform was complained by my mother: \”Why do I always get you guys to wear white clothes!\” After I went to college, in my first year, I bought myself white clothes like crazy because I thought white looked inexplicably beautiful. Then I understood my mother’s anger. White clothes really like to get dirty and are difficult to wash. Only after I started washing clothes by myself did I understand how hard it was for my mother at that time. It was only after my mother got older that I understood,Mom is not omnipotent. As an ordinary little boy, Minbao runs around like other little boys every day. He goes out clean like a little gentleman and comes back dirty like a mud monkey. I\’m not going to suppress his natural instincts, as is the case with boys at this age. This is their nature. But I will tell him that some clothes are too dirty for my mother to wash, and my mother is very tired from washing clothes. This is my \”show of weakness\” with my children. You have to accept that your mother does not have a superhuman talent in washing clothes, so when you like this piece of clothing very much, I hope you will still cherish it. I also hope that he can become a warm little man who is considerate of your mother. Now Minbao still enjoys the joy of running around outside at this age, but he still always comes back dirty, but he finally won\’t roll around in the mud. He begins to understand how difficult it is for his mother to give him a At the smallest opportunity, he will proudly prove to me: \”Mom, I have grown up!\” If I never \”show weakness\” to my children and am always aloof, the relationship between parent and child will gradually deteriorate. And when I \”showed weakness\” to my child, he not only became a little man, but also recognized his mother\’s dedication to him, and the parent-child relationship became closer. Children also want to prove that they have grown up. When Minyi\’s mother was young, she always wanted to do something to prove to her mother that she had grown up. This is actually a feeling that every child wants to have when they are young – I am needed by my parents and I have grown up. Just like when we were children, we were ordered by our parents to go to the supermarket to buy some soy sauce. We never felt tired. Instead, we felt very happy because we felt that we were being needed. Compared with being in the sight of our parents wherever we go, going to the supermarket The path seems to make our figure look particularly majestic. A parent\’s show of weakness is like a signal to the child that it\’s time to prove that they are a little hero. Just like Minbao, every time I tell him: Mommy can\’t do it, Minbao help me. He would work very hard to help me complete this task, and act like \”it\’s not difficult, it\’s very simple for me\”, which made me feel like there was a little man in my family. Hu Ke shared with everyone the secret of educating his two sons in the program \”Women Have Something to Say\”. \”The more parents do, the less their children do.\” The real \”showing weakness\” is not to ignore the children, nor to make excuses for the children\’s \”ignorance\”. Instead, use the excuse of \”showing weakness\” to step aside and give the child a chance to try and grow on his own. If parents help a child solve every difficulty and challenge he encounters, how can he accumulate the courage to face challenges? Parents learn to be weak, which is also the process of parents learning to grow. Without this process, we will never know how strong our children will be. After all, children\’s potential is endless.

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