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Thousands of people cried when watching the Lion King re-release: 25 years later, I finally understood these 21 truths about life

25 years. \”The Lion King\” real lion version replays this story before our eyes. Many people said they were in tears watching it in the theater. Some people wonder: Why do we still praise \”The Lion King\” after so many years? One of the highly praised comments read: \”25 years ago, my parents accompanied me to watch The Lion King; 25 years later, I took my children to watch The Lion King.\” Life has taught me the truth that I didn\’t understand before, and I also hope Can be taught to children. When I was young, I didn’t understand The Lion King, but when I read it, I was already middle-aged. Once upon a time, we finished watching The Lion King in confusion and knew that there was a brave and strong little lion named Simba. Now, after crossing mountains and seas, walking through mountains and seas of people, experiencing stumbles, and encountering regretful farewells, we realize that Simba is actually each of us. What I understood 25 years ago was the plot, but what I understand 25 years later is life… 01 When you are weak, there are the most bad people. When Simba was young, he had no strength and was naive and reckless. His uncle deceived him and put the blame on him; the hyenas were eager to eat him. But when Simba finally returned as king, the hyenas were afraid of him, and his uncle begged him to let him go. When you are weak, people bully you the most because you have no ability to fight back. When you are strong, the world will be kind to you. Although it is cruel, this is the law of survival in the real world. 02Those who cannot satisfy their desires will eventually suffer the consequences. It\’s yours if it\’s yours. It\’s not yours, no matter how much you fight for it, it doesn\’t belong to you. Being greedy will ultimately lead to nothing. Like Simba\’s uncle and the hyena. 03Child, you will always be your parents’ weakness. When his father Mufasa rescued Simba from the hyenas, he said: \”I am scared today. I have never been so scared.\” Simba: \”You are the king, will you be scared?\” Mufasa: \”I am. No matter how powerful I am, I still worry about the time when I can’t protect you.” Children, you have to know that no matter how foolproof you are, when you come to your parents, they hope that there will not be even a ten thousandth chance of danger. 04Children, it’s not scary to make mistakes. What’s scary is making the same mistake over and over again. Simba has always wanted to prove that he is a brave little lion king and goes to some dangerous places without listening to the advice of adults. Time and again, he had to rely on the help of his friends and his father to get through difficulties. In the end, Simba also paid a heavy price of losing his father. Being brave does not mean getting into trouble everywhere. Being brave only makes sense when necessary. 05 Nice words are not necessarily “good” words. The uncle caught Simba\’s curious mind and kept encouraging him to do dangerous things. Children, you have to know that people who blindly flatter you may not be good people. Although some words may be unpleasant to hear, they are indeed golden words of wisdom that will benefit you throughout your life. Porridge in the morning tastes better than wine at night, and those who lie to you will tell you better than those who love you. 06 All life in the world survives in a delicate balance. We are the ones who harm animals, destroy the environment, and ultimately reap the consequences. 07Don’t leave your worst temper to your loved ones. Simba\’s father has always left his most gentle and patient side to his family, and Simba regards his father as his best friend. It is best to hurt the person closest to you. If you talk to your family members well and complain less, some tragedies will not happen. The closer the person is, the more he desiresTo be treated gently. 08Rules are rules, no one can make exceptions. Simba: Is all this mine? Father: Everything. Simba: Everything that the sun can shine on, what about the places with shadows? Father: That is outside our country, and you must not go to that place. Simba: I thought the king could do whatever he wanted. Father: You are wrong. The king cannot do whatever he wants. 09There is always someone who loves you like life. In the face of danger, you will know who loves you most. For parents, the so-called face, self-esteem, and even life are not important. There are things they want to protect more than themselves. That\’s you. 10 The past may be difficult to look back on, and you can either escape from it or benefit from it. After Simba indirectly killed his father, he began a long self-exile to escape reality. But there is no regret medicine in the world. Some people choose to stay in the past and cannot get out; some people still have to grab their hair and pull themselves out of the mud even if they are bruised all over their bodies. No matter how hard or long the road ahead is, as long as you go in the right direction, you are closer to happiness than escaping reality. Growth is a train that only goes and never returns. Don\’t try to change the past, only the future can be changed. 11 If you don’t test the water, you don’t know the depth; if you don’t interact with people, you don’t know the good or the bad. Time is a good thing. It has witnessed human nature and verified the human heart. 12 If the world ignores you, you can also let the world go to hell. When Simba hit rock bottom, his friend told him \”Hakuna Matata.\” This is an ancient African proverb, which means \”carefree, dreams come true.\” When the pain is unbearable, throwing it away is also an option. The good and bad things in the past are all in the past after all. Don\’t be entangled, don\’t be nostalgic, don\’t miss the past. Let the years be the years, and the regrets will be the regrets. You can miss the past, but you can\’t stand still. 13When you feel the loneliest and most painful, it is also the time when you grow the fastest. The time when Simba grew the fastest was when he was abandoned by the world. There is no such thing as \”can\’t do it\” in the world. When you lose all your support, you will naturally be able to do anything. 14. Learn one more skill and ask for less from others. Continuously update your skills and open up a second battlefield, so that you can have a way out and avoid the risks caused by unemployment and layoffs. You cannot gain freedom on a fixed salary, and if you make a mistake, your life will be hopeless. I have one or two hobbies of my own. No matter how busy I am or how old I am, I still retain my love for life and desire to explore. 15 Don’t let yourself be unworthy of your original ambitions or let yourself down by the hardships you have experienced. The so-called awesomeness is all earned through hard work. All those who cheat have been working hard for a long time, in a place where you can\’t see it, but you don\’t know it. Those hard times that are not common to outsiders are the real reasons for their success. 16 If you accompany me for a journey, I will miss you all my life. It is said that we will meet 8263563 people in our lifetime, but in the end, only a few will stay with us. Many things do not last long, and many people will just leave suddenly. But it doesn’t matter. No matter who you meet, he is the person who should appear in your life. It is no accident. He will definitely teach you something.. For those of you who have already left, I wish you a good life and I wish you all the best. What is left behind should be cherished even more. Because what leaves is the scenery, what remains is life. 17The biggest surprise in this world is to find something lost. After many years, Simba, who had fled, and his childhood sweetheart Nana finally reunited. Two people who have gone through countless hardships finally understand the true meaning of love. If it\’s not yours, let him go. If it is yours, it will definitely come back. People who are destined to be together. No matter how long we go around, we will always come back to each other. If it\’s hard to get it back, I wish you all the best. 18Don’t give this world to those you despise. Nana hopes that Simba can regain his royal power and save his homeland. Simba subconsciously refused: now his uncle is the king. But Nana told him: Your home has been completely destroyed by your uncle, and your relatives are still in dire straits. Do you want to let it go? You are Mufasa\’s son, do you want to throw away his hard work? In this world, there are already many people and things that have disappointed you. And the last thing you should do is to disappoint yourself. You must remember: society is cruel, you must live with warmth. 19 This is my land. If I don’t fight for it, who will? Back then, my father expelled the hyenas from his own land, creating a peaceful and prosperous time for his family. Now, Simba has also gone through many dangers, defeated the hyenas that turned his home into a wasteland, and rebuilt his home. Some people say, I finally understand why parents work so hard to create better conditions for their children? They know very well that the scary thing is not that the sparrow does not know the ambition of the swan, but that the swan has been forced to death by the sparrow before it can spread its wings. If the environment becomes a killing weapon, we should fight to the end. Even if you are tired and full of vicissitudes of life, you can\’t stop for the sake of your children and family. 20Everyone has his own value and responsibility, even the unknown. As human beings, each of us is in a different position and has to shoulder different responsibilities. For example, Simba must take on the responsibility of the Lion King, drive away bad guys, and protect the territory. We also have our own responsibilities. Support your lover who shares the wind and rain with you; support your parents in their shaky old age; and give your children a happy and stable childhood. No matter how difficult it is, we will never let it slip away halfway. Don\’t dare to get sick, don\’t dare to grow old, don\’t dare to die. Life is easy; life is easy; life is not easy. But each of us is working hard! 21 Life is an endless process of saying goodbye and rebirth. Father said to Simba: Each of our lives rises and sets like the sun. One day, we will slowly sink like the sunset. And you will be like the sun rising, breaking through the sky. Someone asked: When did you feel old? One of the most praised answers was: \”When our parents leave us. Our parents are a wall between us and death. When our parents are gone, you face death.\” Xiao Yueyue did not have time to see his father for the last time because of the performance. He broke down and cried on the stage, and later wrote a song to express his regret: \”If there was an elevator that went directly to heaven, I would risk everything to see you; let you see my children, who look like me and look alike You…\” When people reach middle age, what they fear most is separation. we agreedGoodbye will never be seen again, and this side may become the last. The tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop; the child wants to be nurtured but cannot be kissed. Children, one day, we will also leave. Don\’t be afraid, your parents will always protect you. We are like stars guiding you. Will not leave and never left. Fast forward 25 years, the years are passing by, and we are all embarking on our own lives. From a child who would cry when he tripped even slightly, he has grown into an adult who now has a bruised head and blood but doesn\’t say a word. Whose father and mother will you be? Over the years, we have said goodbye to friends, love, family, and waved goodbye to our young selves. On this road, we have fallen, been confused, and had ups and downs. Sometimes we thought we couldn\’t survive it, but one day we suddenly looked back and realized that the most difficult times had become the past. Those who read \”The Lion King\” with tears finally revealed the stories and vulnerabilities buried deep in every adult\’s heart. We tried to find the lost youthful innocence in Simba, but why not say to ourselves: It must not be easy to live like a teenager when you reach middle age, right? It must be very hard for you trying to live while not wanting to live anymore, right? The hardships of life leave us bruised and bruised. But the injuries and scars made make us stronger. Thank you \”The Lion King\” for witnessing our life of wanting to cry but trying hard to laugh… I hope that after we have been away for half our lives, we will still have the courage of a young boy when we return. May your children embrace the future, the stars, the sea and the magnificent starlight. Your parents are still alive, you have two close friends, and you have a lover who cannot be stolen. I hope you and I can have days like this.

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