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Three types of children who grew up being clever but grew up to be hopeless.

Yesterday I was taking a bus and when I got off the bus, I overheard a conversation between a mother and her son. My son, who was only four or five years old, told his mother: \”Mom, I followed what you said. I didn\’t straighten up when I got on the bus today. Sure enough, the driver uncle didn\’t let me buy a ticket.\” After listening to the roar of ten thousand alpacas in my heart, And then: What is this operation? How can a mother blatantly teach her child to evade fares? Unexpectedly, the mother smiled brightly, touched the child\’s head and said: \”What a smart child, he knows how to save money for the family at such a young age! How good!\” Looking at their backs, I felt very uncomfortable. Is such \”smartness\” really worth promoting? When the children grow up, will they suffer big losses in the future because of their greed for this small advantage? I went home to discuss this topic with Dad Dandan. Dad Dandan also mentioned that when he was in college, there was a boy in the dormitory. He obviously had one, but he often borrowed other roommates\’ computers to complete homework. One day they overheard him talking on the phone on the balcony. It turned out that he was afraid that his computer would wear out after being used for a long time, so he kept borrowing his roommate\’s computer and thought he was very smart! After graduation, no one else contacted this boy again. In fact, many children who think they are \”smart\” will really suffer a big loss if they still take pride in it when they grow up! A child\’s character will directly affect his future development. You must not pick up the sesame seeds and lose the watermelon. Parents should pay attention to these three seemingly \”smart\” children! What should I do if my children don’t take the initiative to learn? How to make children fall in love with learning – Efficient Accompanying Course Completed mp3 There are many children who are greedy for petty advantages. In order to take advantage of a little bit, they try their best, and it seems that all their intelligence and talents are used on this. For example, I have seen a child eating like crazy at a food tasting stall in a shopping mall. Someone next to him couldn\’t stand it anymore and said something to him. He said, \”What\’s wrong? Isn\’t this just a food tasting? If you don\’t eat, you won\’t get it.\” Listen. The teacher of Dandan Kindergarten said that there was a girl named Qingqing in the kindergarten before. She once secretly took toys and picture books from the kindergarten home, and also wanted to take the bowls and spoons from the kindergarten. The teacher asked her, and she said: \”Mom said, okay We need to take things home for our families to use.” As a result, the children stopped playing with Qingqing, fearing that Qingqing would take a fancy to their things and “take them home.” Later, Qingqing went to elementary school and even started to steal other people\’s things. Once she stole a classmate\’s watch in the classroom and was caught on the spot. Qingqing felt very embarrassed and wanted to transfer to another class. However, the teachers in other classes who heard about her did not want her to transfer to their own class. Because of a small profit, being looked down upon by others, losing more important things, losing precious friendships, losing the trust and respect of others, and even affecting your future prospects, is so worthless! No child is born to be greedy for petty gains. Many children are influenced by their parents and elders around them. When a child shows this behavior, parents must not praise the child for being \”smart\”, but tell him that this kind of opportunistic approach is wrong, and sooner or later, he will suffer greater losses because of it. I once read a short story: A father took his two young sons to the stadium to play ball. He asked the young man at the ticket office: \”Can I ask for the tickets?\”How much? The father replied: \”Our future lawyer is 3 years old, and our future doctor is 7 years old, so I think I should pay you $6, sir.\” The young man was a little surprised: \”Sir, did you just win the lottery?\” You could have saved yourself $3, and even if you told me the older kid was 6, I wouldn\’t see a difference. The father said, \”Yes, you won\’t see the difference, but my children will know the difference.\” As a father, I have the responsibility not to let them learn to deceive others at a young age. \”Compared with temporary \”smartness\”, parents should teach their children more important things. The second brother Su Mingcheng in the hit \”Everything is Good\” was broadcast some time ago. He is this type of child. When he comes back from school, he is right While his mother was being coquettish and sweet-talking, he made her happy, and then asked for money. He threw the dirty clothes and smelly socks to his sister to wash. He only earned 3,500 yuan a month, but he spent it all without saying anything. His mother wanted 2,000 yuan to travel. Relying on his family\’s love and monthly income, her mother even supplemented him with 2,000 to 3,000 yuan each time. As a result, after her mother passed away, Su Mingcheng\’s \”financial path\” was cut off. , clever but mistaken for cleverness, thinking that he has a little bit of tongue-in-cheek ability, trying to make a career, but in the end he ends up with a disastrous failure in career and marriage. In real life, there are many such children, relying on their cleverness Jiner can only talk but never be down-to-earth. He only thinks that he can achieve success with his own little cleverness. Such children will be praised by many people when they are young, but when they grow up, they are often mediocre. , achieve nothing. Parents love their children, and they have far-reaching plans. Don\’t always think about making children happy, food and clothing. What we should teach them is the ability to survive independently in the world. Compared with the insignificant little cleverness and cleverness, It is more important to work hard step by step. Children who do not follow the rules may be afraid that they will be bound by the rules and \”stupid\”. Many parents actually encourage their children to break the rules openly and secretly, so that they can \”have their own opinions\” and \”don\’t be too stubborn\”. obedient. \”I remember crossing the road once and waiting for a traffic light. A grandma impatiently pulled her grandson across the zebra crossing, mumbling that there was no car, why should we wait. She also taught the children: Don\’t be too stupid, be careful. Act accordingly, leave when you should leave, and don\’t waste unnecessary time. I also heard from a friend who is a teacher that there was a child in their school who didn\’t do his homework, came late and left early, and once even beat up the head teacher. But When parents go to school, they actually express their approval of their children in front of the teacher, thinking that the child \”dare to resist the teacher\” and is a good child who has backbone and opinion and will not obey the teacher\’s words. These parents do not seem to realize that excluding certain individuals In emergencies and emergencies, rules are not used to restrain people. On the contrary, they are used to protect people. Especially for young children, their world view and values ​​​​are just a blank sheet of paper. How parents behave will affect their children. Just imitate. If parents encourage their children to use rules-breaking tools from an early age,If the child expresses himself in a different way and regards it as a sign of \”smartness\”, then when the child grows up, it is often difficult to get along well with the people around him, and he may even do some extreme behaviors. In life, we parents must set an example for our children in life, teach them right and wrong, good and evil, beauty and ugliness, teach them basic respect for others, and maintain basic etiquette and self-cultivation in public places. Don\’t let a little complacent cleverness lead to big losses in the future.

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