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To stimulate children\’s imagination, you have to read some nonsensical books

The development of imagination is closely linked to the development of thinking and memory, as well as the child\’s emotions and mood. It plays an important role in the child\’s understanding of the world. ——Polish child psychologist Galina Filiplik In the eyes of children, the “luxury car” that is more luxurious than Masatini is the double-decker bus! For example, you will never understand their envy of bus drivers. For a long time, when faced with the question \”What do you want to do when you grow up?\”, Qianxun\’s answer was \”Drive a big bus! Double-decker!\” For another example, when we were traveling in Beijing, we went from hotel to entertainment venue The place can be reached in more than 20 minutes by Didi taxi, but just to satisfy the little owner\’s obsession with taking a double-decker bus, the round trip takes at least an hour longer every day. She looked at the inner ring of the slowly approaching No. 300 express train, her eyes shining, and she climbed upstairs as soon as she got on the bus. The first row on the second floor was her favorite. Every time the bus passed over an overpass, I screamed loudly, \”Ah ah ah, I\’m going to hit my head, I\’m going to hit my head…\” Sitting aside, I just wanted to silently watch the showman\’s performance. Isn\’t it just an optical illusion? It\’s more exciting than riding a roller coaster. Moreover, I discovered that this is not Chihiro’s exclusive hobby. At every next stop, as long as a child gets on the bus, they will go straight to the first row on the second floor. Then, I heard three or four children screaming together, \”Ah ah ah, I\’m going to hit my head…\” They were immersed in the fantasy world and had a great time, imitating an overpass crash that was only seen in the movie. A thrilling scene from the top, and then pretending to be a driver to take everyone to the magical and fun magic city. In comparison, I am such a boring adult. I know that it is impossible for an overpass to hit a bus. It is just a visual illusion. I also know that I am not a driver. Even if I am, the route I carry in my head is just the route day after day, from Panjiayuan Bridge North to Princess From the south of the tomb to the north of the Panjiayuan Bridge, there will never be a stop like the Magic City. Yes, when it comes to imagination, most adults will lose to children. Professor Alison Gopnik of the Department of Psychology at the University of Berkeley once conducted an experiment in which a group of 4-year-old children and a group of Berkeley college students participated. Guess who is smarter, a 4-year-old kid or a student from the University of California, Berkeley? You might say: \”Of course they are students from Berkeley University. Students from the best public universities in the United States must be smarter than 4-year-old children.\” This is not the case. One experiment involves everyone exploring which object lights up which machine. Learning this matching relationship is very simple, and both children and college students can basically guess it correctly. Another experiment was different. Instead of one object lighting up a machine, it took two specific objects to light up a machine. As a result, in the second experiment, the probability of children guessing correctly far exceeded that of college students. Why did the children perform smarter than college students in the second experiment? Because in real life, a key opens a lock and an object drives a machine. In the second experiment, adult college students couldn\’t help but refer to these old experiences, and their minds couldn\’t turn around. But children are different. They are veryChang quickly accepted the new settings and completed the challenge using the new rules. Professor Alison Gopnik came to a conclusion through experiments, “The older a person is, the more he knows, which is an advantage, but it can also lead to ignoring signs that go against one’s existing knowledge and becoming stubborn. \”Every time I do parent-child reading in the picture book library, I have similar feelings. As adults, we seem to tend to tell some picture books with clear central ideas. When children are allowed to choose picture books by themselves, they tend to like stories with exaggerated colors and nonsensical plots. Just like \”The 100-Floor Bus\”, just hearing the name is very imaginative. What will a 100-story bus look like? What is each layer used for? Will a bus this high hit an overpass? Where do the passengers above want to go? For two whole weeks, the children in the picture book library listened to this story, and even after repeating it many times, they never got tired of it. Let\’s take a look at what a magical story this is. The daily life of a bus driver is repetitive. He gets up at the same time, leaves the house at the same time, takes the same route, and picks up the same passengers. \”Alas!\” The bus driver sighed softly. He was a little tired of repeating the same life every day. So one day, he had a sudden idea and turned into a path he had never walked before. This was not his usual route, and the bus driver was very excited! Soon, the car gradually moved away from the city and drove slowly on the country road. The passengers were also very excited! They are all towns and streets they have never been to! A car full of excited people who didn\’t know where they were going started a big adventure. This bus is so popular that people are yearning for their lives in the places it passes along the way, and people keep asking to get on the bus, so much so that they keep adding stamps. Each floor has different features. For example, the car on the 30th floor is built into a swimming pool. When summer comes, passengers can play in the swimming pool. A year after the passengers set off, the bus was already 100 stories high. People held a grand celebration for this, laughing and staying up all night. But just after the celebration, the car was overwhelmed and died. At this time, a hot air balloon flew from the sky, and all the passengers floated up to the sky in the hot air balloon, floating far away and wherever they wanted to go… Because life is originally a big adventure! When they finally saw the long and large insert of the 100-floor bus, the children were so excited that they rushed to say, \”I like this floor, it\’s a restaurant, we can have some delicious food there…\” \”I want to live there.\” On the 30th floor, you can swim every day!” “This floor is my home, and this kid wearing a pink hat playing the guitar is me…” We will count together, from the first floor to the 100th floor. Or play a memory game. I will ask, \”Does anyone know which floor the swimming pool is on?\” Children who remember it will answer the question, and those with correct answers will be rewarded. In the process, I found that this story seemed to have no core idea. It was neither as philosophical as \”Stone Soup\” nor as clear-cut as \”What\’s New on Teeth Street\”. but itIt is more imaginative, fun and interesting. It is in line with children\’s rich imagination and is deeply loved by them. It is precisely because of love that children are willing to invest, and their focus and initiative when they invest give parents the opportunity to play. As long as we pay a little attention, we will find that there are actually many things hidden in this story that can be taught to children. For example, the counting exercises I mentioned earlier, from the first level to the 100th level; memory and observation training, remembering the characteristics of each level; and \”Don\’t be afraid when you encounter trouble, think of ways to solve it\” \”The optimistic spirit of the book is all points that children can get through the storyline. This parent-child reading gave me a very important inspiration: when choosing picture books for children, you must avoid the cognitive blind spots caused by adults’ fixed thinking, and don’t ignore stories that seem nonsensical but are actually very imaginative. There are many things that we cannot see, but children can see. It is not because of how awesome the children are or how much knowledge they have accumulated, but because our experience limits our ability to accept new information and makes our imagination barren. I think, in this regard, we really need to learn from our children and learn them to look at the world with fresh eyes. Maybe, when you make some small changes, whether in actions or in the perspective of looking at things, you will be better off. Monotonous days will become different! Don’t ignore those seemingly nonsensical stories that are actually very imaginative.

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