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Trade 20 years for Jiang Ge’s life? When the law protects Chen Shifeng, do we still dare to teach our children to be kind?


Oct 1, 2023

In exchange for Jiang Ge’s life in 20 years? When the law protects Chen Shifeng, do we still dare to teach our children to be kind? We teach our children from an early age that they must be good people and be kind and friendly to others. However, in recent years, from the Jiang Ge case to the 622 nanny arson case, vicious incidents have occurred frequently. I don’t know how many children and even adults have been harmed by \”kindness\”! In the early morning of November 3, 2016, nearly 24-year-old Jiang Ge was murdered at his residence in Japan. 421 days have passed until today, and the case was just settled. During the 10-day trial, the case turned around, and the case became confusing and full of doubts: from the motive of the murder to the source of the fruit knife, from who locked the door to whether Liu Xin heard the cry for help, and why he died Without help, the criminal suspects Chen Shifeng and Liu Xin in the court passed the blame and tried their best to show off their acting skills. They had only one purpose, which was to exonerate themselves and clear their names. On the fifth day of the trial, Jiang Ge\’s mother suffered a nervous breakdown and fainted from shock. She launched a signature campaign on Weibo calling for the death penalty for Chen Shifeng, and received 180,000 signatures from netizens in just 30 hours. The views of netizens are very simple and simple, that is, killing people to repay debts and money is a matter of course. Everyone is afraid that Japan, which does not have the death penalty, will let prisoners off the hook and allow good people to be bullied in vain. While everyone focused on Jiang Ge, who died innocently, and Liu Xin, who told lies, quite a few parents also focused on Jiang Ge\’s mother. Some netizens even said: Only when you become a mother can you truly understand the pain of Jiang Ge\’s mother. This pain was so heart-breaking that when it was learned that Chen Shifeng would be sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in prison, the only voice in the empty courtroom was Mother Jiang\’s uncontrollable cry: \”Please release Chen Shifeng on the spot! I want to die together!\” At this moment, all mothers in the world were crying. I felt the same and couldn\’t help but burst into tears. Was it kindness that killed Jiang Ge? In the interview with the landlord, it was mentioned that Japan\’s housing rental law stipulates that the number of people living in the lease contract should be strictly followed. If the number of tenants is increased, the landlord must obtain permission, and the name of the new tenant must be added to the contract before they can move in. . Otherwise, the landlord has every right to evict the tenant. Because Jiang Ge was worried about Liu Xin being harassed by her ex-boyfriend, she did not hesitate to take Liu Xin in without the landlord’s knowledge. This shows how kind and loyal Jiang Ge is! You know, if the landlord discovers it, Jiang Ge himself is very likely to be canceled by the landlord and blacklisted by the housing agency. He will be unable to rent a house for a long time and live on the street. But Jiang Ge\’s good deeds didn\’t get any reward. For a long time after Jiang Ge was murdered, Liu Xin and his family refused to show up. Not only did they block Jiang Ge’s mother’s WeChat number, they even said hurtful words, “Your daughter is born with a short life,” and threatened to continue posting on Weibo. Tell her she will not cooperate with the police investigation. How could Jiang Ge, who was not afraid of bad people doing evil, but afraid of the indifference of acquaintances who would pierce his heart and soul, accept such an inhuman thing as his friend? Why do two people with such completely different personalities, one black and one white, become best friends? It may be difficult for everyone to understand. △Because of his \”kindness\”, Liu Feng, who was in his prime, became down and out twenty years later. I don’t know if you have seen Feng XiaoThe movie \”Youth\” that you just directed? After watching the movie, many people had a lot of emotions about the role of Liu Feng portrayed by Huang Xuan in the movie. The character of Liu Feng can be said to be the pinnacle of a good guy: he is perfect and always thinks from the perspective of others. He was willing to help others and never refused no matter who asked for his help. He is considerate and has already solved your problem before you even ask. Liu Feng gave up the university he had always dreamed of going to. Someone needed it more. His comrades asked him to bring the watch for repair, but no one dared to repair it because it was too expensive, so he repaired it after researching it himself. When his comrade got married, in order to save money for him, I bought materials and made two sofas. The female comrades in the south didn\’t like dumplings, so he cooked noodles. No one was eating the boiled dumplings in the cafeteria, so he took the initiative to bring them to eat. Even if the pig ran away, as soon as someone called him for help, he would rush over immediately. If a friend is like this, what else can I ask for? Such good people are welcome wherever they go, and everyone hopes that someone will come forward when they need help. Liu Feng, who is willing to help others, is loved by his peers for this reason. But the kind-hearted Liu Feng ignored one point: everyone likes to be around you, they just hope to protect their own interests through you rather than really liking you. When you encounter difficulties, it is very likely that you will face unbearable human nature. Good people always have bad luck. In that complex political atmosphere, one could be in danger if one were not careful. Liu Feng was seen hugging his sweetheart Lin Dingding, and fell into a forest of swords and swords due to the crime of obscenity. When the decentralized company left, none of the people who had been helped by him in the past were gone. The white horse passes by, and the youth is fleeting. Liu Feng\’s youth was short-lived due to the villain\’s evil deeds. Not only did he become disabled on the battlefield, he became the most humble person at the bottom of society. Even recalling the friendship of the past only left pain and regret. If the fiction of the movie is put into reality, everyone will find… how much it resembles Jiang Ge! Thinking of your friends wholeheartedly only results in falling out and being ruthless. When people ask for help, their first choice is their mother tongue, but before Jiang Ge died, he asked for help in Japanese. Because she knew Liu Xin would not come to save her, and those who could save her could only rely on other tenants and landlords. You can imagine how heartbroken Jiang Ge was when he called for help. Here I cannot help but mention the Hangzhou 622 nanny arson case. I believe this case is still fresh in everyone’s memory. Mrs. Lin has always been kind and regards the nanny as a family member. Not only did she buy books and give them away, but she also gave her 100,000 yuan as a subsidy after learning that a house was built in the nanny\’s hometown. But instead of being grateful to her employer and family, the nanny who was addicted to gambling was actually harboring evil intentions. Setting up a fire and then pretending to put it out, in order to claim credit and ask for money from the employer. As a result of the arson, Mrs. Lin and her three children all died in the fire. The eldest of the three children is only 11 years old, and the youngest is only five years old. After the incident, the police seized a lot of gold and silver jewelry and luxury watches at the nanny\’s residence, which Mr. Lin identified as belonging to his own family. It can be seen that it is difficult to be a good person. The favor of rice rises, the hatred of rice fights, and people\’s hearts are unpredictable. The worst way for a good person to die is to die while trying to be a good person. While being kind, please stay away from the big bad wolf and stepmother. Maybe you may ask, after so many things have happened, should you teach your children to do the same?A good person? The answer is, yes. Because being a good person is a kind of instinct, and doing good is a kind of conscience. Even though the world is not good enough, we must stick to our original aspirations. If we encounter betrayal and unfair accusations, it can only mean that the kindness in our hearts is not strong enough. This has nothing to do with the original intention of good deeds. Although Jiang Ge was killed for his kindness, Jiang Ge\’s mother also received the dedicated help of many volunteers when she went to Japan to appeal. It has to be said that good deeds are rewarded, and there are still many good people in the world. But while educating children to \”be kind to others and treat others well\”, we should not forget: there are many unbearable people in this world. There are also certain standards for treating \”others\” among others. Big bad wolves and vicious stepmothers in fairy tales abound in the real world. So what can we do to prevent children from being harmed while remaining kind? Children, please let your kindness shine in the eyes of your parents. Children will always be angels. No one will have the heart to let their children come into contact with the dark side of society prematurely. The hearts of angels are pure and should not be tainted by filth. Cruel wars, entangled interests between people, and the unbearable nature of human nature should all be avoided by the innocent eyes of children. However, is blindly whitewashing peace really good for children? Is it really possible to wait until the day the child is hurt before starting to make amends? When we educate our children to be kind and brave, don’t we think that obedient children are likely to be harmed? December 3, 2017. Three students from a middle school in Jiangxi saw an old lady falling to the ground on their way to school. They stepped forward to help her up without hesitation, but the old lady insisted that it was three students who knocked her to the ground during the fight. The compensation increased from the initial 50 yuan to 100,000 yuan. Fortunately, there were surveillance cameras on the roadside that cleared the children and restored the incident. Through this incident, we can see that being kind and brave enough to help others is likely to bring disaster. Lack of rational judgment on things and not knowing how to refuse will put you in trouble. In the Jiang Ge case, we can see that when Jiang Ge died, Liu Xin, who locked the door behind him, not only did not feel any remorse, but instead tried his best to distance himself from the relationship and even blocked all contact information of Jiang Ge\’s mother. During interviews with reporters and interrogations by the police, Liu Xin lied one after another and was full of flaws. When the police asked about the place where Jiang Ge worked during his lifetime, Liu Xin lied about a bar and poured dirty water on the dead Jiang Ge. Liu Xin killed Jiang Ge again after Jiang Ge died. Children, please protect yourself bravely. Children grow up little by little, while parents grow old little by little. Parents cannot be with their children all the time, so children must learn to protect themselves bravely. It’s not that you are expected to be brave, but that you must be brave. After the Jiang Ge case, society began to have a new understanding of the definition of friends. Everyone is asking themselves: What are the friends around me like? Is there a side that I don\’t know about? This pale world may not be so beautiful, and many people have begun to move forward after seeing the bloody social misery. The Jiang Ge case awakens the boundaries of communication between friends and the responsibility of doing things. We must face all this bravely. My child, you must learn to refuse the white-eyed wolf lifeThere are many people in the world who always rely on others and seek help from others everywhere, but do not allow their own interests to be harmed even a little bit. When you meet such a person, child, you have to refuse. If a person only thinks about asking for and enjoying, and never knows how to be grateful, he is just a white-eyed wolf who is not familiar with things. When playing, you need to choose your companions, and when you live, you need to choose your neighbors. The friends you make must be of good character. If you meet someone who is selfish, you have to say no. Liu Xin moved into Jiang Ge\’s home without the landlord\’s permission, except for a few clothes. She never had a penny to pay rent. Not only that, even the shampoo and shower gel are made from Jiangge. For such a selfish person, my child, you have to say no. Don\’t be friends with such people, because in the minds of such people, the world revolves around them. Children, help others within your ability. It is good to help your friends, but don\’t really do it. Because a true friend won\’t bear to let you stab him. Help your friends to the best of your ability. You can\’t do things that are beyond your power. Think carefully about whether there is a better way to solve your friend\’s predicament. Mom and dad don\’t want you to be a hero. You have to know that you are the sweetheart of your parents, and there is a big family behind you. It is very possible that your family will undergo earth-shattering changes because of one of your indiscretions. Some difficulties are not something you can solve. Emotional matters are best resolved by the parties themselves. Jiang Ge stepped forward because of Liu Xin\’s request for help, but she didn\’t know that the level of help was far beyond what she could handle. When Liu Xin pushed Jiang Ge out of the door, Jiang Ge was already a vulnerable group. Even if the weight is the same and the height is the same, a woman\’s strength is far less than that of a man in terms of muscle tone. At this time, the weaker party needs to calm down and not show off. Stabilizing the situation and the opponent\’s emotions is the first priority. My child, the two people who love you most in this world are your father and mother. Every mother gives birth to you on the threshold of hell. Your parents take care of you as you grow up and provide you with all the best resources in the world. If one day your life is in danger, they are willing to trade their lives for yours. So, kid, you have to protect yourself. This world is not as beautiful as you imagine. It is full of thorns and ruggedness, wind and rain, and dangers. You have to be kind and brave, be kind to others and keep your eyes open. Jiang Ge, may you rest in peace in another world. Your kindness not only brought tragedy, but also awakened many people to re-examine \”kindness\”. Liu Xin, you will no longer have friends in this life. Chen Shifeng, you feel like you are dead when you are alive.

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