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Tsinghua Dad’s 10 Family Traditions and Family Instructions, 1 Million Parents Agree

Family training affects the growth of each generation of a family. As the saying goes, a tall building begins with the foundation. The starting point for the formation of children\’s values ​​​​is family tradition and family training. Only with good family training can children become useful talents. A few days ago, a father who is a professor at Tsinghua University shared 10 family mottos for educating his children on WeChat Moments, and left a screenshot with 1 million likes on a social platform. The 10 family precepts may seem simple, but they are \”golden words\” for raising excellent children. Parents and friends can refer to them. 36 Chen Meiling’s Parenting Methods to Help Your Children Go Directly to Top Schools MP3 [Completed] You must first say hello to everyone you meet. A polite child will take the initiative to say hello to others, and will also take the initiative to help others when they need it. Sincerely appreciate help. Children with such high emotional intelligence can think what others want and worry about what others want, and they will definitely be able to thrive in Kyushu in the future. Putting aside those utilitarian reasons, polite children will also have a grateful heart. Therefore, dear children, when you receive any favors or help from others, you must express your gratitude orally or in writing, and you must apologize on the spot if you do anything that causes trouble to others. Don\’t make loud noises in public places. If you can be considerate and aware of other people\’s feelings, you will make more friends and be liked by more people. This does not mean that you have to be humble and tolerate them without any bottom line. True decency is to be happy without causing trouble to others. The most basic thing is that in public places, if it is not a place specifically for playing, the volume of your words should be controlled so that no third person can hear you. You can\’t hide from your parents that you are an independent individual, and of course you can have your own little secrets. But if you encounter troubles in life, or things that make you uncomfortable or uncomfortable, you must tell your parents. It doesn’t have to be as formal as a report. You can say it privately or send it via WeChat. You can choose the person you trust. If you don\’t want to tell your father, you can only tell your mother; if you don\’t want to tell your mother, you can only tell your father. But you can’t say nothing about both. Don\’t lie and deceive people. If you lie to someone, it will be difficult for you to regain their trust in you. Even if some things have passed for a long time, they will still become a thorn in the heart. Letting down someone who truly trusts you is the biggest loss. You will lose the most precious trust of your friends and family, which will make you regret it for the rest of your life. Everyone is not stupid. In fact, they already know who is good to them and who is not good to them. As a human being, if you want others to treat you well, remember not to hurt others, don\’t lie to others, and don\’t let others down. Protect yourself when you go out. There are all kinds of people. Sometimes if you don\’t offend others, others will offend you. When other people\’s behavior touches your bottom line, you cannot let others bully you. If a fight is unavoidable, don\’t use tools or teeth, and don\’t poke your eyes. If you do these things, you can fight, and Dad hopes you can win. The thing you pick up accidentally may be extremely valuable to the owner. Your momentary kindness may save a helpless person. We are not greedy for things that are not ours. Once a person commits greed, he will only be scorned by others. Dropped on the floorYou can pick up the coins and take them home to accumulate, but you cannot keep the wallet as your own. Be grateful for the kindness others treat you. In this life, many people will become strangers to each other and ignore each other because of trivial things. Each of us may make this mistake. We cannot remember the good things others do to us, but only remember the bad things others do to us. Remember, don’t take others’ kindness to you for granted. Always remember the kindness that others treat you. \”The kindness of a drop of water should be repaid by a spring of water.\” The simplest thing is for someone to sincerely treat you to something to eat. If you don\’t like it, you can say \”I\’m full,\” but you must not say \”it tastes terrible.\” Cherish food Although our lives are getting better and better now, the good habit of saving still cannot be abandoned. Maybe in your opinion, a grain of rice or a drop of water is insignificant. But the food in your bowl and the water in your cup are like the pieces of paper dropped in the class. They may seem small, but once they accumulate over time, they will \”build up into a mountain of paper.\” A river cannot become a sea without accumulating small streams. If you save a grain of rice today, you can save a bowl of rice tomorrow. All food and things are alive. You must not eat them when you want or throw them away when you want. Maintain independent thinking. Confucius said: Learning without thinking leads to failure. In addition to being full of poems and books, you also need to learn how to think. The ability to \”think independently\” is more important than knowledge. Of course, this does not mean that everyone must listen to your opinions and act according to your ideas. The important thing is to follow collective and authoritative opinions when necessary, but be sure to keep your own ideas in mind. Don\’t compare with others. Everyone is different just like their names and looks. There is no need to compare with others. Live according to your own rhythm and not disrupt your own rhythm by comparing yourself with others. This is the wise man in life. Haruki Murakami said: \”No matter what everyone in the world says, I think my feelings are correct. No matter what others think, I will never disrupt my own rhythm.\” You are unique and you can be independent Move towards your goals. Your own goals are the goals that are best for you. Recommended parenting books: Thoughts after reading Zeng Guofan’s Family Letters pdf. The 10 family mottos may seem simple, but few can do them all. The ancients said: Morality can be passed down to a family for more than ten generations, farming and reading are the next best, poetry and books are the next best, and wealth can be passed down to only three generations. Just like the fruit on the tree, conscience is the stem. When the stem is broken, the fruit will fall off. Letting children and grandchildren be good people is the foundation for the prosperity and continuation of the family.

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