• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Use these 6 sentences to educate your children to be “other people’s children”

After years of research, American psychologists have found that 80% of a child\’s success depends on the teachings of his parents; and most of the teachings of parents occur in the process of accompanying their children. Why are some children exceptional while others are mediocre? These are all the effects of family education. The relationship between us and our children is like the two ends of a thread. It depends on how you use the thread. Some parents treat their children as puppets on strings. They have control over what their children eat, use, and do. But the parents who hold the strings cannot slack off for a moment, and the puppets cannot have souls. Some parents treat their children like kites and only care about whether they fly high, whether they are tired, and whether they deviate from the right track. There is no need to keep an eye on your child all the time, let him fly into the sky freely and bravely. In fact, educating children is like flying a kite. Only by giving the child a relatively relaxed environment, letting go when it is time to let go, and holding on when it is time to hold on, can his potential be maximized. If you want your children to become better and better, use these 6 sentences to educate \”other people\’s children\”:

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