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Use these three tips to get your children hooked on reading in just one winter vacation

In last year’s Chinese culture training class, I met Xiaomi’s mother, who was sitting next to me. Her child Xiaomi was 9 years old at the time and was in the fourth grade of elementary school. During the training, Xiaomi’s mother and I often went in and out together. Once after class, Xiaomi’s mother and I walked towards Xiaomi who was reading a book in the corridor. Xiaomi was very immersed in reading. Her mother called \”Xiaomi\” several times before she raised her head and noticed us. When she reluctantly closed the book, I discovered that she was already reading the adult version of \”Water Margin\”. Many adults cannot read such a book, let alone a 9-year-old child. Instantly, I was impressed by Xiaomi. During class again, Xiaomi’s mother and I exchanged ideas on how to cultivate children’s reading habits. Xiaomi’s mother’s approach opened my eyes. 1. TV series reading method. Nowadays, many children have just entered elementary school, and parents are eager to let their children read the four classics. It’s understandable that parents hope their children will succeed, but their children’s ability to understand is limited. There are many characters in the four famous novels and the plots are complex. Little ones are often confused. In response to this problem, Xiaomi Mama’s solution is the “TV series reading method”. When Xiaomi first watched \”The Romance of the Three Kingdoms\”, he was overwhelmed. He read the back and then the front, but still didn\’t know why. After Xiaomi\’s mother found out, she suggested that she watch the TV series \”Romance of the Three Kingdoms\” first, and then find the corresponding chapters in the book to read. This method is very effective. After watching the TV series, the children can easily understand the characters and storylines in the book clearly, and their interest in reading has also been significantly enhanced. Two days ago, Xiaomi’s mother and I talked about the children’s reading situation during this holiday. Xiaomi\’s mother said that Xiaomi is watching Jin Yong\’s \”The Legend of the Condor Heroes\”. She happily shared her child\’s progress with me and said that her child has now reversed the trend and reads books first and then watches TV series. As long as a new character appears on TV, she can immediately tell the details of the description in the book and the following story. It seems that the \”TV series reading method\” is indeed a good method. 2. Listen to children tell stories. When Xiaomi first entered elementary school, her mother tried to treat herself as her child\’s student and let her child teach her. Xiaomi tells her mother the stories she has read every day. When my mother listens to a story, she will ask: What is the truth of this story? What good words and sentences are there to describe the scenery? How are the characters\’ language and portraits described? Because her mother asked very detailed questions, Xiaomi had to read it several times to fully understand the story. She even prepared a special notebook for excerpting beautiful words and phrases. Unknowingly, Xiaomi’s storytelling classes are getting better and better. In addition to her mother, she also gives lectures to many children. Sometimes, the friends would be so absorbed in listening that they would be reluctant to \”end get out of class\” and urge the \”little teacher\” to take a drink of water and continue talking. What\’s even more gratifying is that Xiaomi not only excelled in composition in school, but also won many speech contests. 3. Adapt famous books into scripts. Every Saturday, Xiaomi’s mother will ask Xiaomi to select a chapter with a particularly rich storyline from the book, and then adapt it. Xiaomi would write down the role played by her father, the role played by her mother, and the role she played on the scrap paper, and then she would attach a number to each role.Language, movements, clothing, expressions, props, etc., and mark the order and specific time of the characters\’ appearance. In this way, a drama directed by Xiaomi was born. This method is especially suitable for weekends. Every time, the mother will call the whole family together, each playing the role assigned by the child, rehearsing a wonderful sitcom at home, and inviting neighbors to watch and help shoot the video. Because she exercises a lot at home, Xiaomi is also very natural and generous at school. When encountering festival activities, I always take the initiative to ask for help. I heard that one time \”Robinson Crusoe\” she edited was broadcast and reported by the provincial TV station. Her mother was very happy when she found out. After hearing what Xiaomi’s mother did, I felt quite ashamed. I remember that in the past, when my children were not paying attention to reading, I would always complain or even yell, but I never thought of ways to motivate my children to read like Xiaomi’s mother did. They say \”a good mother is better than a good teacher\”. Today, I will share with you Xiaomi’s mother’s practice, hoping to encourage more parents to help our children develop good reading habits, so that children can become better because of reading!

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