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Ways to Promote Home-School Communication


Oct 1, 2023

As a teacher, communicating with parents is an indispensable job, especially for class teachers, this ability is even more needed. What teachers need to communicate with parents on a daily basis is often something that parents don’t like to hear. For example, the child does not follow discipline, the child does not study seriously, the child conflicts with other children, etc. How do parents communicate with their children? The most acceptable way of education for children.mobi As teachers, we understand that these issues must be communicated to parents, but what is very difficult for us is that some parents seem to really not want to hear these feedbacks from teachers. The so-called \”good medicine tastes bitter but is good for the disease\” \”Good advice is hard on the ears but good on the deeds.\” However, at present, many parents are not very willing to face \”loyal advice\” directly, and may even be resistant to teachers. If the words are inappropriate, it will be easy to go online. But if a teacher chooses not to communicate with parents about their children\’s problems, they always feel that it is against their professional conscience. After all, if you avoid talking about your child\’s problems, it will be the child himself who will be harmed in the end. So, how to make these “loyal words” more palatable? This is what every teacher must practice. 02 First of all, when encountering problems, you should stand with the parents and think about it. When a child has any problems, we must consider the problem from the perspective of a parent and think: If this was my child, how would I want the teacher to deal with it and communicate with me? Of course, everyone’s acceptance level is different, so when communicating with parents about their children’s problems, you can start like this: Hello, so-and-so’s mother, today I want to communicate with you about your children’s conflicts with others in school. Of course, Don\’t worry, children will always have various problems. We just need to help them solve them. I\’m not calling you to question or criticize you. I just want to think about whether we can find a solution together. to solve this problem. Such an opening statement can effectively remove parents\’ defensiveness and increase their willingness to cooperate with you. 03 Secondly, parents can be promoted during communication. Some teachers tend to be condescending and use an educational tone when communicating with parents, which can easily make parents hostile, and at the same time, some parents may even \”fuck it\”. As teachers, we need to appropriately elevate the status of parents. First, let parents feel respected. Second, when the status is elevated, parents will be embarrassed to \”show off\” and sometimes appear \”high-spirited\”. . For example, when we communicate with parents, we can say this: Dad of so-and-so classmate, I know that you are also a very respected leader in the unit. You must also have high requirements and expectations for your children when educating them. I I know that you are very able to understand others. In fact, if we think about it from another angle, it is also a relatively inconspicuous thing. It is normal for children to fight and fight. We just need to provide corresponding education. We take a step back and the sky is brighter, we make a little concession, and I believe the other party will respond accordingly. Such rhetoric raises the parent\’s status higher, and he will be more willing to obey your wishes. After all, no one wants to ruin their own personality! 04Third, when encountering issues of principle, try to state objective facts as much as possibleRealistic, less subjective judgment. Parents are most afraid of teachers making negative comments about their children. If you want to communicate with parents about a certain aspect of their children, be sure not to add your subjective judgment. For example, if you want to say that this child is good at lying in front of parents, you You can change the wording to: Parent of so-and-so, I observed that he was the first to do what happened yesterday, but when he went back to tell you, someone else was the first to do it. It would be more appropriate to let parents make their own judgments on the statements of objective facts and take corresponding parenting measures. 05Finally, if a parent is really unwilling to accept your educational opinions, please respect his choice. After all, the children belong to the parents. Some parents are \”obsessed with the authorities\” and cannot see clearly their own parenting problems, and they can\’t seem to wake them up. If you forcefully wake them up, it will have an adverse impact on you, such as They will think that you are targeting him and their children, so you will file a complaint with the relevant departments. Even if you are not wrong, it will leave a bad impression in the leader\’s mind. For parents who are willing to cooperate, as teachers we need to do our best to help them. However, some parents really cannot accept your parenting suggestions, so respecting each other is the best choice.

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