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What about children raised in families that respond to violence with violence?


Oct 1, 2023

I watched a video and it was so breathtaking. The grandma who was sitting on the kang slapped the boy several times and held a wooden root in her other hand. The little boy who was beaten, about 10 years old, cursed angrily and hit his grandmother hard in the heart with his elbow. Grandma staggered in pain and bent over to pick up the slippers on the ground, ready to continue beating her. When the boy saw this, he immediately strangled his grandma\’s neck tightly with both arms and dragged the old man to the ground in a chokehold. He roared angrily while continuing to tighten his grip. The old man knelt on the ground and was speechless. He just slapped the boy\’s head and thighs with the slippers in his hands. The boy refused to let her go. He tightened his body and choked his grandmother, uttering insulting and dirty words in his mouth. After 30 seconds, grandma collapsed and stopped struggling. The Purpose of Education by British Educator Whitehead PDF At this time, the person behind the screen who had been laughing and joking and filming the video noticed something was wrong. After circling the old woman with his mobile phone, he smiled and persuaded the little boy: \”Stop fighting and get up quickly. .\” The little boy whined several times and continued to choke his grandma unmoved. The person who took the video muttered, and finally said, \”I can\’t control you.\” After another 10 seconds, another child who was watching said, \”You squeezed your breasts to death.\” At this time, The person who took the video panicked and looked around the room with his cell phone but couldn\’t find the adult. He could only reach out anxiously to grab the little boy. While pulling her, he continued to shoot: \”Stop pressing her, she won\’t hit you!\” \”Let go quickly! Get up quickly! She\’s crushed to death!\” The little boy finally let go, but the grandmother was unconscious and paralyzed. on the ground. At this time, another woman came in from the door, carrying a boy about the same size as her on her back. The woman entered the door without saying anything. She raised the cane in her hand and slapped the little boy directly. While slapping her, she cursed: \”Get up! You\’re sucking me to death! You\’re sucking me to death!\” The little boy didn\’t resist this time. Even after being whipped dozens of times, he didn\’t dare to move. He just held his head and cried. The woman whipped him with a whip, and the cane broke. She bent down to steady the older child on her back, picked up the wooden stick in the old woman\’s hand, and continued to whip the little boy with fists and kicks… …Several children were watching the fun outside the door. There were constant cries and beatings inside the door, and the dog kept barking from the moment grandma fell to the ground. The video is frozen here. The whole family was fighting violence with violence, and in the end no one cared about the unconscious grandma who fell on the ground. This 2 minute and 59 second video is weird and suffocating at every turn, and has been described as \”Chinese horror\”: \”old-fashioned earthen kang, barren furnishings, grandson wearing \’The Strongest King\’ short sleeves, grandma holding a stick to educate . The laughing onlookers surrounding the filming, the boy being carried on his back like a parasitic beast, the woman who came in and started beating without any awareness of resuscitation. The only one who was impatient for human life was probably the dog.\” This matter is hotly searched. Afterwards, many people said \”I didn\’t dare to finish watching it\”. From the first second, there was a sense of oppression, and there was no normal person in the entire video. The local government has intervened. I don’t know what will happen to the old lady or how the little boy will be dealt with. Some people commented that this child was born bad and \”dead\”. But which child is a devil right out of the womb? Children and evilDistance is more about the distance between family members and education. Do you still remember the sensational \”Chongqing Child Throwing Case\”? Grandma Wu took her one-and-a-half-year-old grandson out to play in the elevator. When she was moving the stroller out of the elevator, her grandson was locked in the elevator. In a hurry, she only caught a glimpse of the 10-year-old girl Li Moumou who had just passed her and walked into the elevator. She picked up Yuan Yuan and pressed the button for the 25th floor. A few seconds after the elevator door closed, Li Moumou began to beat Yuan Yuan. She hit Yuan Yuan hard on the back and arms, slapped her face, then threw Yuan Yuan from her arms to the ground and kicked her to the corner of the elevator. Every time he kicked, he took a few steps back and then kicked hard. When the elevator reached the 25th floor, Li Moumou picked up Yuan Yuan who had been knocked to the ground and threw him out. Yuan Yuan\’s family looked at the surveillance and described it: \”It\’s like throwing away a pig or dog.\” Then the two left the surveillance center disappear. When Grandma Wu arrived on the 25th floor, only 2 minutes and 49 seconds had passed, and she met Li Moumou coming out of the house. Li Moumou first lied that Yuan Yuan was taken away, and then comforted Grandma Wu and said that he would go look for her with her. Ten minutes later, Grandma Wu saw Yuan Yuan lying on the ground covered in blood on a path on the first floor. Seeing the tragic condition of her grandson, Grandma Wu collapsed and cried and collapsed on the ground. Neighbors rushed to call the police and ambulance. And Li Moumou stood aside with a blank look on his face, not taking it seriously at all. Later, when the police collected evidence, she told the truth: After getting out of the elevator, she took Yuan Yuan home, beat him on the sofa, and finally carried him to the balcony railing to play with, causing him to fall. This incident shocked the Chinese people. When everyone was attacking Li Moumou\’s viciousness, they discovered that her \”evilness\” had already begun. Two or three days before the incident, she had said she wanted to put a baby in a bag and throw her down a building. She likes snails, but the way she likes them is to crush them one by one. Arguments and violence were the norm in her home. Her father threw her around in such an aggressive manner that she fell to the ground and broke her collarbone. My mother has a bad temper and loses her temper over the smallest things. She gets slapped and kicked all over her body. We often judge whether a person is good or bad, but the good and evil of human nature are all bred in the environment. Children grow up following the footsteps of their parents. If the adults go astray, the children will not be able to follow the right path. There is a \”kicking cat effect\” in psychology: if you kick a child, the child will step forward and kick it when he sees a kitten on the roadside. Aggression can be replicated and violence can be inherited. Shang Xiuyun, president of the juvenile court of Beijing Haidian District Court, has tried a total of 629 juvenile offenders. She found that \”problem teenagers\” are often the product of \”problem parents\”. For every 7 teenagers who make up lies and commit fraud, 6 have dishonest parents; for every 14 teenagers who steal other people\’s property and commit theft, 13 have parents who value money and are greedy for petty gains; for every 15 armed Among the teenagers who were charged with intentional injury due to fighting, 12 had parents who were violent, loved to fight, and frequently beat and scolded their children. The evil of a young man is inseparable from the fault of his parents. Chen Mouxi, the boy in Hunan who threw 3-year-old Xiaoyu off the 17th floor, had lied and stolen more than once before, and the owner of the stolen goods had even called the police. The school said he likes to cause trouble and often gets into fights with his classmates.Suddenly, parents were advised to take their children for psychological counseling. Chen\’s parents didn\’t care and didn\’t even offer a sincere apology to the hurt Xiaoyu family. The boy in Shanghai who broke into the nucleic acid site with a kitchen knife and shouted that he wanted to chop the doctor to death, provoked and caused trouble again and again. The family watched with their own eyes as he tried to commit murder with a kitchen knife in his hand, watched him curse the hard-working medical staff, and punch and kick unrelated passers-by… No one stopped this sequence, and no adult came to the trouble for the medical staff and nurses. The passerby who was beaten and scolded apologized. Some are just shielding and protection, laissez-faire and acquiescence. I think of the domestic abuser Gu reported in CCTV\’s \”Face to Face\”. At the age of 17, he laid hands on his mother for the first time. After getting married, he domestically abused his 6-month-pregnant wife, beating her once every two or three months to every two or three weeks. Later, he even beat his grandfather. Just because he was woken up by his grandfather while sleeping, he picked up the stick and rushed towards his grandfather. He said: \”I recalled many incidents when I was a child and found that violence constantly evolves from the family. My grandfather was violent to his mother, wife, and daughter. My father also had violence with my mother, and he often used extreme force. I would insult my mother with unpleasant words. When I was a child, I was also a victim of violence. Every time my father insulted my mother, I would be very nervous and at a loss.\” An unhealthy native family is like a serial rear-end on the highway, and its negative effects will be passed down from generation to generation. . Genes load the gun, environment pulls the trigger. There is no such thing as a born devil, only the man-made ones who are acquired. I read a passage many years ago and felt deeply about it. \”There are many people in this world who are ignorant, greedy, vicious, narrow-minded, cunning and suspicious, ambitious, bullying, reckless and violent people… Do these bad behaviors and flaws disappear overnight when they become parents? No. Not only do they not It will disappear, but it will be truly displayed in front of your children and passed on personally.\” Everything that happens in the eyes of children will blossom and bear fruit. It not only affects his life, but also determines his life. We are by no means biological parents, we are naturally qualified parents. Parenting is a profession that requires lifelong learning. As your children grow up, every step you take is crucial. In the Korean drama \”Juvenile Court\”, there is a powerful line. The female judge said to the parents participating in the trial: \”For all the guardians who appeared in court today, this court orders you to receive parent education. You will receive courses at the institution where your children are. Go to the institution During class, remember to visit your children and pay more attention to how your children grow up. Teenagers cannot grow up alone. Although they are the targets of punishment today, the guardians must bear the burden of punishment together.\” This paragraph. Words to encourage you. Always remember that every moment you see your children, you also see yourself; when you educate your children, you educate yourself and test yourself. Only when parents are right can children be right.

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