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What are some good writing techniques at the beginning of an essay? Especially the first type is used by high-scoring students.

As we all know, composition plays an important role in Chinese language examinations, and the amount of examination papers is huge. This determines the quality of the beginning of the composition, which directly determines the marking teacher\’s overall feeling of the candidate\’s entire article. A good beginning is crucial. So what is a satisfactory beginning to an essay? To start with an inscription is to write a short paragraph of text as an inscription at the beginning. These words can be a summary of the article, an introduction, or feelings. This can enhance the color of the article, serve as a starting point, and attract readers. For example, the beginning of \”Chinese Language Passed Gently by Me\”: \”Gently, you – Chinese language, walked past me, leaving behind a string of wonderful notes, often around me, encouraging me, motivating me, Cultivation of me. – The inscription is like the beginning of \”Extraordinary – I am a Landscape\”: \”I don\’t want to live like a question mark, looking around and unable to find my own runway. Now I am running for my dream… I always feel that I am extraordinary. ——Inscription. These two articles both begin with an inscription that governs the entire text. It introduces the readers into the emotional tone created by them, and plays a preemptive effect. Beginning with a quotation means quoting ancient and modern Chinese and foreign poems, famous sayings, proverbs, famous aphorisms, etc. as the beginning of the article. This can increase the authority, knowledge, literary talent, and profoundness of the article, and at the same time play a decorative role. This kind of citation comes in two forms: direct citation and indirect citation. For example, the beginning of \”The Taste of Jiangnan\”: \”The passionate Jiangnan has haunted the dreams of many literati. No wonder Zheng Chouyu said: I have walked through Jiangnan, and when I have walked through Jiangnan, the faces waiting for the seasons are like the blooming and falling of lotus flowers. Full of love is given to the hibiscus.\” This is a quote from a famous prose as the beginning, which plays a very good role. Another example is the beginning of \”We Are Hope\”: \”The moment I try to shine/is the momentary flame across the horizon/I risk everything for you to see me/I am here/right here/as short as a sudden surprise/like \”As gorgeous as summer flowers.\” This is a quote from a new poem as the beginning of the article. There are also lyrics that are quoted as the beginning, such as \”Echo of the Soul\”: \”Going in all directions, the road is long, the water is long, confused, one village after another…\” This kind of opening can change with the times, It is a wise choice to reasonably quote the most familiar lyrics at the moment according to the needs of the content and the needs of the center. It begins with a description of the environment and includes descriptions of the natural and social environment. And these descriptions have specific functions, either to set off the character\’s mood, to explain the background of the story, or to exaggerate a certain atmosphere, etc. In short, they all serve to highlight the theme. For example, at the beginning of \”Remembering My Father\’s Pale Face\”: \”The night was so quiet, and the soft moonlight scattered all over the ground. The night was so deep, and my father\’s snoring was like a moving moonlight song, echoing in the sky. Over the night sky. Looking at the face of my sleeping father, my thoughts drifted to that holy night.Empty…\” This description of the night implies the author\’s deep gratitude to his father, so this description of the environment is very successful at the beginning, bringing us into the silence of the night, making us and the author Reminisce together. Another example is \”Today, I\’m So Happy\”: \”Night has fallen, and a golden full moon hangs in the dark blue sky. Next to the moon are many twinkling stars. People on the street walked in twos and threes, and bursts of happy laughter broke out from time to time. \”This kind of environmental description combines nature and human activities, giving us a sense of tranquility at night and people\’s feelings of harmony, happiness, and happiness. Starting with a parallel sentence pattern is to use a group of words that can highlight the center, neat sentence structure, and Begin with a majestic and profound parallel sentence. This can give readers a sense of cohesion, help highlight the strong and explosive emotions, and have an overwhelming and shocking effect. For example, \”Discovery, the Totem of Life\” Beginning: \”There is always such a totem, filled with the sparkle of life; there is always such a group of people, who are unique in history and culture; there is always such a discovery, which carves into people\’s hearts and never rusts. \”Another example is the beginning of \”Chinese, My Best Friend\”: Chinese is like cool and sweet spring water. Drinking the spring water will make my heart become exquisite and clear. Chinese is like the vast and boundless sea. Listening to the sea will make my heart clear. Become broad and broad. Chinese language is like pure and flawless white snow. Appreciating the white snow will make my heart noble and pure. The beginning of the above article appears to have neat sentences, rigorous structure, and impressive momentum, giving people a sense of beauty. . Beginning with lyrical language is to express strong emotions at the beginning and mobilize the reader\’s emotional factors first. This can capture the reader\’s heart, increase the reader\’s interest in reading, and lay a solid emotional tone for the article. , to achieve the effect of moving people with emotion. For example, the beginning of \”I want to say \”Thank you\”\”: \”When I saw the title of this composition, my blood was surging and I was so excited that I couldn\’t control myself. I want to thank my mother, thank her For my upbringing. \”The article begins by expressing the kindness to my mother, which is to the point and direct, and the feelings are sincere. Another example is the beginning of \”Black Eyes, Black Hair\”: \”I feel ashamed when I think about it, but for a person who appears most frequently and is most familiar to me in my life, I There is no clear outline. In my memory, she is like a rock, able to endure hardships and have excess physical strength. Therefore, I naturally take everything she has done for me as a matter of course, because she is my mother and has the responsibility to me. \”You start the article by saying that you are \”ashamed\”, so why? Then you use lyrical language to express your feelings of guilt towards your mother. It can be seen that this kind of beginning can easily resonate emotionally with readers and hook them. It arouses some kind of emotion hidden in the reader\’s heart that is similar to the article, and achieves the purpose of moving people with emotion. Starting with suspense deliberately sets up a mystery, and then deliberately ignores it or makes some kind of guess to arouse the reader\’s interest. curiosity, allowing readers to continue to pay attention to the development of events. This kind of writing can bring readers into a specific situation and share joy and sorrow with the author. like\”? , is more the better? \”The beginning of \”There are many \”questionable\” students in the class who have endless questions. After class, during self-study in the afternoon, and even after school, you can always see them busily entering and exiting the teacher\’s office, asking questions about everything from a whole question to a punctuation mark. When a classmate didn\’t understand, he asked, and he replied: A gentleman\’s learning must be easy to ask questions. A gentleman must learn to ask questions. This is good, but how can he learn without asking questions? But I can’t help but question: Is more really better? The article asks the question \”Are the more questions the better?\” at the beginning. Of course, each of us has our own opinion and wants to know whether the answer is the same as our own, but the author just doesn\’t say it to arouse the reader\’s curiosity. Another example is \”The Vibrant Years of the Third Year of Junior High School\”: In the blink of an eye, I raised my head and felt that the years were blowing away in the wind. Not only did I sigh on my face, but I also felt a trace of joy and nostalgia in my heart. In the energetic third grade of junior high school, we were sweating profusely with the rhythm of youth, just to be brilliant in June. Those years were wonderful… The article expressed nostalgia for the life in the third grade of junior high school, saying it was \”vibrant\”, but what was it really like? This sets up a suspense for readers to continue following the author\’s thoughts. Start with a close-up shot. Use a close-up shot at the beginning of the article to make the event or emotion a close-up, allowing readers to enter the main text of the article through this close-up shot. For example, at the beginning of \”An Unforgettable Practice\”: the burgundy curtain opens, and the lights shine on the colorful rotating stage. Under the charming moonlight and twinkling stars outside the window, the concert finally began. At the beginning of this article, the camera is focused on the gorgeous stage and the charming moonlight to create an anxious atmosphere. Another example is the beginning of \”My Grandpa\”: A pair of dull eyes are sunk deep in the bone frame like a dry well. The eyes are staring at me feebly. The tears are about to flow, and the tears are still missing. These are the eyes of Grandpa. Watch me grow up… At the beginning of this article, I focus all my attention on my grandfather\’s eyes, and express my deep love for my grandfather through the description of his eyes. This form is similar to starting with description, and sometimes the two can be combined to achieve better expression. Beginning with a figurative statement This form of opening uses a metaphor. It can make articles lively, concise and lively, concrete abstract issues, and make profound principles simple. This can not only enhance the literary talent, but also explain the truth, making it easier for readers to accept. For example, at the beginning of \”The most important thing in learning is innovation\”: \”Innovation is the vitality of learning. It is like a bright light shining in the darkness, guiding people to keep moving forward and to success.\” Another example is the sentence in \”Reading Father\” Beginning: \”My father is a book full of philosophy. The pages reveal greatness and integrity. Every word and every sentence teaches me the principles of life. I have been reading him when I was very young. Although I talked aboutIt\’s just a very superficial part. But this is how I grew up in the process of reading him, experiencing and understanding in the process of growing up. \”Both these two compositions begin with metaphors, giving readers a lively, smart, concise and clear feeling. Starting with a direct theme is also called \”getting to the point\”, which means that you get to the topic directly at the beginning and remove the center of the article. . Its advantage is that it is quick to enter the topic, does not spread out, and helps readers grasp the center, tone and ideas of the article. For example, the beginning of \”A Good Habit in Life\”: \”I have a habit in my life, and my mother said this habit is good. I am relatively quiet and never wander outside. If I had to choose between playing and reading, I would definitely choose the latter. This is a good habit in my life. Another example is the beginning of \”Wonderful Night\”: \”In the countryside, the most beautiful thing is not the dawn or the shade of the trees in midsummer, but the beautiful night.\” \”These two articles go straight to the topic. One says that liking reading is a good habit of mine, and the other says that the night in the countryside is the most beautiful. This technique begins with the following definition, which begins with a personality for a certain phenomenon, thought, thing, etc. The definition of , expresses one\’s own views preemptively. So that readers can unconsciously follow the concept of the article and gradually agree with the author\’s views, thereby achieving a resonance. The definition here should be fresh and unique. For example, \”Cherish\” \”The beginning of \”The longest and shortest, the most and least, the most generous and stingiest thing in the world is time. Another example is the beginning of \”A Kind Person\”: \”A kind person is a person who is sincere in treating others, honest in doing things, tolerant and not unkind.\” \”The views on \”time\” and \”kind people\” here are the author\’s own views. Readers may have different views, which makes readers want to continue reading to see what happens, and then compare with their own views, thus Play the role of attracting readers.

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