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What are the nine educational principles recommended by People’s Daily? Treasure for children

Every child is unique and has a specific growth trajectory. How high and far he can fly is inseparable from family education. Only by mastering professional education methods can we understand the child\’s heart and make raising children simple and reliable. Let\’s study together the \”9 Educational Rules Parents Should Know\” recommended by the People\’s Daily. Swan Effect An old fisherman and his wife lived on a small island in the center of Swan Lake. One autumn, a group of swans flew from the north to spend the winter and stopped on the island. The fisherman and his wife were very happy, and from time to time they would give the chicken feed and small fish to the swans to eat. As time passed, the swans would follow the boat and accompany the fisherman in fishing. Winter is coming, and the swans have no choice to continue flying south. They forage on the lake during the day and live on small islands at night. When the lake is frozen and they cannot get food, the old couple feed them generously until the lake thaws. Day after day, year after year, the fisherman and his wife dedicated their love until they had to move out of the island in the middle of the lake because of their old age. Then the swan disappeared. Instead of flying back to the south, he starved to death during the lake freeze the following year. The same is true for children. Unprincipled satisfaction will only make them weak, incompetent, and willful. One day, society\’s cruel rules will cause wounds to those who do not know how to be independent. The principle of natural punishment French educator Rousseau believed that the punishment a child receives should be the natural result of his mistakes. In other words, everyone has to pay for their own actions, so that they can learn lessons and correct their mistakes. For example, if a child doesn\’t want to eat at mealtime, then don\’t give him food, cancel the snacks for the day, and let him go hungry. If your child doesn\’t want to add more clothes when the weather gets cold, then don\’t add more. Let him go outside to be blown and chilled by the wind, and he might put on thick clothes on his own initiative. Let the children taste the bitter fruits of their own mistakes and experience the punishment, and they will naturally receive unforgettable lessons. Mrs. Gandhi\’s Rules When the son of former Indian Prime Minister Mrs. Gandhi, Rajiv, was 12 years old, he had to undergo an operation. Facing the nervous and frightened Rajiv, the doctor planned to tell him some white lies to comfort him. But Mrs. Gandhi stopped the doctor and told Rajiv calmly: \”It will be very painful for a few days after the operation. No one can bear this pain for you. Crying and shouting will not relieve the pain and may cause headaches, so you You have to bear it bravely.\” After the operation, Rajiv did not cry or complain, and endured it bravely. Bill Gates once said to his daughter: \”No matter you encounter congenital defects or acquired setbacks, don\’t pity yourself, but grit your teeth and hold on, moving forward bravely like a lion.\” Give your children enough Opportunities for growth to feel and overcome setbacks so that they can learn to “self-aware and digest their emotions.” The road to the future must be walked by the child himself. He must endure hardships and pains before he can tie the feathers given by life into a beautiful feather duster. The Forbidden Fruit Effect The more forbidden something is, the more people want to get it. The more you hope to hide certain information from others, the more it will arouse others\’ curiosity and desire to explore, and instead prompt others to try to use all channels to obtain the concealed information. This is caused by a unilateral prohibitionThe reverse phenomenon is the \”forbidden fruit effect\” in psychology. Emotional expert Zhang Yijun once said that when children are inclined to fall in love, parents should provide gender education to their children. When children reach adolescence, it is normal for them to develop feelings for or have emotional impulses towards the opposite sex. This feeling arises spontaneously and is very pure. Help children establish physical and emotional bottom lines, recognize their obligations as students, and then talk about skills in getting along with the opposite sex. Don\’t prohibit your child from doing wrong things, but guide him to do right things. Watch Law: With only one watch, you can know the accurate time, but with two watches, people feel at a loss and don\’t know which one to use as the standard. This statement is equally effective in family education. When parents’ educational concepts and methods are inconsistent, and children struggle to survive in the cracks, it is very easy to be duplicitous. He is one thing in front of his father and another in front of his mother. Napoleon said that he would rather have a mediocre general lead an army than two geniuses lead an army at the same time. Parents must unite the front, communicate well in advance before educating their children, and give their children consistent attitudes, requirements and goals. Even if there are internal conflicts, they should be resolved privately away from the children, and remember not to deny your lover in front of the children. Path Dependence Human habits are just like walking. If you choose a path, you will follow it. This is \”path dependence\”. The power of habits is powerful. Good habits are like walking, they determine a child\’s life. Let children be punctual, learn to master and manage time, and become reliable people; let children learn to organize and store, develop a sense of order, concentration, observation ability and self-discipline; let children maintain the habit of reading and become insightful and independent Thoughtful people; let children exercise, release stress, and be brave and confident; let children do housework, starting from simple things like taking out the trash, choosing vegetables, and washing clothes, to understand the hard work and difficulty of their parents, to feel the dedication and reward, and to cultivate their self-care Competence and responsibility. American psychologist William James once said: \”Sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.\” You give your children Leaving behind gold and silver mountains is not as good as these good habits that will benefit you for life. Broken Windows Theory An experiment was conducted in 1969 by Philip Zimbardo, a psychologist at Stanford University in the United States. He found two identical cars and parked one in a clean, orderly middle-class neighborhood, and the other in the relatively chaotic Bronx, New York. He took the license plate off the car, which was parked in the Bronx, and opened the roof, only to have it stolen that same day. The car parked in a middle-class neighborhood was ignored for a week. Later, Zimbardo used a hammer to knock a big hole in the car\’s glass. As a result, just a few hours later, the car disappeared. Based on this experiment, political scientist Wilson and criminologist Kaelin proposed a \”broken window theory\”: If someone breaks the window glass of a building, and the window cannot be repaired in time, , others may be indulged in some demonstrations and break more windows. If someone litters somewhere randomlyOver time, this place will become a \”fixed\” garbage dump. Malice slowly breeds in this insensitive atmosphere. The impact of the environment is huge, and the impact of the family environment on children is the first of them. Educating children must lead by example, and do not let children be in a \”broken window\” environment. The inverted U-shaped hypothesis was proposed by British psychologist Robbert and demonstrates the horizontal relationship between performance and stress. If the pressure is too little, the child will lose motivation; if the pressure is too much, it will become resistance. Zheng Yuanjie once explained this in a book. He said: \”Both parents want their children to spread their wings and fly thousands of miles. As parents, if you compare your children to airplanes, if you really want your children to fly, you can only rely on push or pull. Pressure cannot Letting the plane take off will only stop it in place, and if the pressure is too great, the plane will disintegrate.\” For children, the most effective way to relieve stress is to get their parents\’ understanding, companionship, attention and support. Talk to your children more about your study and life experiences when you were young, analyze their current difficulties, and cheer them up. Your care and trust are the most powerful weapons for children to face challenges. The Law of Diminishing Talent: A child who is born with a 100% probability may have 100% potential in the future if he receives proper education from birth. If you give up education, your score will be reduced to 80 points by the age of 5, to 60 points by the age of 10, and to 40 points by the age of 15. This is the \”law of diminishing talent.\” Therefore, the earlier the child\’s potential is developed, the better. Arouse the child\’s interest in learning, and then provide targeted guidance. Observe what children are interested in, ask them why, and cultivate curiosity and desire to explore. There is a timetable for talent development online, which is comprehensive and well-founded. Scientific education methods can get twice the result with half the effort, but don’t ignore the age and personality characteristics of the child. Rushing for success will only get twice the result with half the effort. If you use these 9 golden rules flexibly, you will definitely gain excellent children.

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