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What are the three views of a mother that determine the development of a child? If you are principled, you can help your child avoid detours.

Some people say: \”The hand that moves the cradle is also the hand that moves the world.\” A mother\’s outlook on life truly influences the family and her children. People who like to read history may realize that behind every person with outstanding achievements, there is almost a mother who is intelligent, insightful and has correct views. Someone asked on Zhihu: How much influence do parents have on the formation of their children’s outlook on life? The answer, which received more than 10,000 likes, was about the Thai short film \”Bean Sprouts\” which was once very popular. After seeing the popularity of bean sprouts in the market, the little girl asked her mother if she could also grow bean sprouts and sell them. Although the family did not have much money, her mother still said firmly: \”Let\’s try.\” After experiencing repeated failures, the mother and daughter finally planted bean sprouts. Whenever her daughter was frustrated, her mother always encouraged her. She said: \”We can try.\” The respondent concluded: \”Good education can help children treat their curiosity well and develop the ability to solve problems. This includes patience for persistence and resilience to difficulties. \”To cultivate these good qualities in their children, parents must first have a correct outlook on life, be optimistic and confident about life, and set an example for their children, so that their children will have a brighter future. What positive effects does mother’s three views have? A mother\’s three views are correct and her children will not go astray. There is nothing more terrifying than the three views that study is useless and money is respected. Under the influence of this belief in material supremacy, some mothers are ruining the lives of their children. Nan Huaijin once said: \”Why should a person study? From the perspective of traditional Chinese culture, this is an important old question. Why should a person study? The most correct answer in tradition is the four words \’study to understand\’ .\” However, today\’s society is impetuous, materialistic, and the pursuit of fame and fortune has become everything in some people\’s lives. Why should we pass on this exhausting lifestyle to our children? Respecting knowledge and attaching importance to reading are the most basic manifestations of whether a mother\’s three views are correct. However, some parents, especially mothers, often shout: \”It\’s useless for a girl to study. Marrying well is the real skill.\” \”Boys are China Construction Bank, girls are China Merchants Bank.\” This is such a terrible inheritance of three views. A mother has a good outlook on life and her children have good character. As a mother, whether she can treat the elderly well will determine whether her children will know how to repay their parents for their upbringing in the future. Whether a mother can be courteous to relatives, friends and neighbors will determine whether her children are loving. \”A virtuous mother makes her son virtuous.\” So said Han Ying in \”Han Shi Wai Zhuan\”. A mother\’s kindness and love are the key to her children\’s future good interpersonal relationships and career development. The mother\’s vision and mind determine whether her children have a bright future and a broad mind. Many parents\’ own moral cultivation needs to be improved. They have no ambitions and do nothing, but they want their children to be successful. They only care about making money for themselves and rarely care about their children\’s education. They don\’t read and study, but they want their children to be among the best. They are addicted to mahjong games or drinking and drinking, but they don\’t. He requires his children to concentrate on their studies; he does not respect the elderly, but he requires his children to obey them; he opens his mouth and shuts up and talks dirty, but he requires his children to be polite and civilized… He cheats and kidnaps in order to make money, so how can he require his children to be noble in character? A mother with a positive outlook on life has a high emotional intelligence, and her children will definitely inherit their mother’s noble qualities.grid. Yu Minhong grew up in the countryside. He once told a story about his mother. In his heart, his mother is particularly kind. One day when I was a child, suddenly the sky was full of storms and heavy rain was coming. Both his house and the neighbor\’s house next door had rice to dry, but there was no one in the neighbor\’s house. His mother took him to harvest the neighbor\’s grain first and then harvest his own. Yu Minhong asked his mother why he didn\’t take in his own family first. His mother said that distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors. It is precisely because of his mother\’s high emotional intelligence that Yu Minhong\’s home has become a gathering place for the whole village. It was also influenced by his mother that he began to like and enjoy happiness since he was a child, and knew how to help and share, which ultimately led to Yu Minhong\’s success. Having upright three views means upright conduct, which is the most noble attitude a person can have when walking in the world. Every child is a flower of the motherland. In the process of blooming, flowers not only need meticulous care, but also need the baptism of wind and rain to thrive. Similarly, children need the education and guidance of their families as they grow into adults, and they also need to endure enough setbacks and tempers before they can grow up. So, as parents, how can we help our children establish the correct outlook on life? What are the negative impacts of parents’ incorrect outlook? Parents’ words and deeds affect their children’s life choices. There is a program in the United States that invited several mother-daughter pairs as guests and asked mothers if they would encourage their daughters to marry rich men. The supportive mother said, I tell my daughter, if that boy who always wants to talk to you doesn\’t give you a cookie at lunch, don\’t talk to him. The mother also said that a boy gave my daughter a teddy bear, but she didn\’t accept it because it looked cheap. This mother\’s values ​​are so nakedly linked to money, and she encourages her daughter to use money as a measure of friendship and love. Just imagine, when such a child grows up, is it very likely that he will have no bottom line for money? If parents have incorrect views, their children will inevitably take detours. I believe everyone has heard the folk story of \”stealing needles when you are young and stealing gold when you are old\”. There is a family who gave birth to a son. The parents were very pampered, causing the son to become domineering. When the son was five years old, Stealing a needle from a neighbor\’s house. The son showed the needle to his parents, who immediately praised him for his ability, which made the son very happy. From petty theft, he gradually developed into stealing pigs and cattle, and finally got out of hand and was sent to prison. Of course, today\’s parents will not encourage their children to do illegal things, but they may have distorted views and encourage their children to take shortcuts in life without working, without knowing that they have to pay a heavy price. Parents\’ behavior is the root of educating children. Some people say that parents are the originals and children are the copies. When there is a problem with the copies, the root cause should be found in the original, and this root is the parents\’ three views. If the parents\’ three views are not correct, and when there is a problem with their children\’s three views, it is impossible to correct the children. It will only make the children slide to the edge of life, and when it is irreversible, it will be too late to regret. Mencius\’s mother moved three times, Tao\’s mother retreated from the fish, Ou\’s mother painted rice, and mother-in-law tattooed, these are the stories of the four great virtuous mothers in ancient times. When reading today, the deep affection and upright maternal love of licking the calf are still very touching. Mother\’s love determines the happiness of a child\’s life; mother\’s education determines the achievements of a child\’s life. As the most important person in a child\’s life, the mother\’s threeViews are the source of children’s three views. How to help children establish the correct theorizing and practicing the three views. The concept of the three views is a theoretical thing. Forcibly instilling it into children will only achieve twice the result with half the effect. Therefore, we must turn theory into practice and break it into parts. For example, when taking a bus with their children, parents should set an example and give up their seats to the elderly, which invisibly conveys to their children the traditional Chinese idea of ​​respecting the elderly and caring for the young. For example, taking children to participate in local festival customs: sweeping the Martyrs\’ Tower during the Qingming Festival, learning Lei Feng\’s spirit, and celebrating Teacher\’s Day activities, etc. Anything that is full of positive energy and has educational significance can be passed on to children through practice. Over time, a solid understanding can be formed, which is the so-called \”three views\”. In order to teach children well through osmotic education, we must understand the children in all aspects. The inner world of children in any two periods may be different. As parents, we must observe all aspects of life and study, get into the children\’s hearts in a timely manner, and solve hidden dangers through heart-to-heart conversations or by meeting the children\’s needs. Parents can also use weekends to take their children to the park to relax their children from study pressure. They can also use their spare time to enroll their children in interest classes based on their children\’s interests to cultivate their children\’s specialties and hobbies in a certain aspect. Children are the heart and soul of parents and their hopes for the rest of their lives. It really takes a lot of time and effort to educate children well. Left-behind children not only do not receive better education, but also alienate their parent-child relationship. Reasonable use of the Internet Since the advent of the Internet, the topic of the Internet being a double-edged sword has never stopped. Incidents such as cyber violence, cyber crime, and cyber fraud are increasing year by year. Children\’s self-control is very poor. If they use the Internet without restraint, it will inevitably affect all aspects of learning and health, and even lead them astray. This requires parents to make reasonable arrangements. They can use the Internet to relax their study pressure, and they can also use the Internet to let their children learn more knowledge and skills. A mother\’s good character is a treasure in the family, which is more fascinating than her beautiful face and overflowing intelligence. By her side, if the father does not do reckless things, the children will have a bright future. A happy family doesn\’t need to have beautiful clothes and delicious food, nor does it need to be filled with gold and jewelry. If you can have a mother with correct views, it is the greatest blessing.

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