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What causes brain damage in babies?


Oct 1, 2023

If someone asked you what the most important organs in your body are, most people would probably say the brain and heart. The heart provides all the blood to the body to help the body function, while the brain is the leader of the body. All our thoughts, ideas, emotions, etc. are emitted by the brain. The brain is a very delicate organ and also very fragile. Just like when fighting, everyone knows that it is necessary to protect the head and chest. Once the brain is damaged, severe sequelae often occur, making people miserable. Therefore, protecting the brain is a prerequisite for a healthy life. For children, the brain is not yet fully developed. The younger the child is, the more fragile the brain is. In order to make the child\’s brain function stronger, many parents will use a large number of nutrients or various trainings to stimulate the potential of the brain. But in life, children may have many subconscious habits that can harm their brains without even realizing it. Here is a summary of the 7 bad habits that are most likely to damage children’s brains. Parents must pay attention to them and see how many of them your children have. 1. Love to eat sweets. Sugar can always bring people a happy and joyful feeling. It is also a taste that many people cannot give up. Appropriate intake of sugar can ensure the basic needs of the body and make the body and mind more happy. If taken in too much, it may be a fatal disaster for growing and developing children. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! Eating too many sweets will make children not like to eat, feel that the food is tasteless, picky eaters, and prefer meat or dishes with strong flavor. Excessive sugar intake can easily lead to excessive glycogen in the body, obesity, and even cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. disease. The most frightening thing is that too much sugar will reduce the number of neurons in the hippocampus in the middle of the brain, making the brain dull, slow to react, and memory loss. Parents must strictly control the amount of sweets their children consume, just the right amount and not too much. 2. Sitting posture is not correct. In life, many children have incorrect postures whether they are reading, writing or sitting or standing in daily life. Like to cross your legs or shake your legs, bend your spine, tilt your head to one side, keep your eyes too close to the paper, do homework while lying on your stomach, etc. These bad postures will cause difficulty in writing and reading, swollen eyes, and reduced vision. Leaving the spine in a curved state for a long time will compress the spinal nerves and blood vessels, leading to insufficient blood supply to the brain, nerve paralysis, shoulder and neck pain, headaches and dizziness, lack of concentration, decreased concentration, and even a more irritable personality. etc. Therefore, if you want your children to be able to write and read for a long time and still maintain sufficient energy, parents must pay attention to correcting their children\’s bad sitting posture. If possible, match desks and seats with corrective functions to help children maintain correct sitting postures at all times. 3. Lack of sleep. For children, sleep deprivation is divided into active and passive causes. Active reasons mainly include not sleeping at the end of the day because of watching TV and playing on mobile phones; passive reasons include too much homework or family members having the habit of staying up late, which prevents children from having a normal rest. Once there is insufficient sleep, the child will stay in bed the next day, be late, and will be disliked by teachers and classmates when he arrives at school. Over time, the child will be unwilling toIf you want to learn something, you will feel tired of learning. Long-term lack of sleep will directly affect the upper limit of intellectual development, and will also have a fatal impact on the secretion of other hormones in the body. Children may appear to be short of height, have a poor complexion, be in a trance, not focused enough, be active, have a bad temper, etc. To avoid the occurrence of these problems, parents must urge their children to rest on time and not stay up late. At the same time, they must create a good habit of going to bed on time at home, set an example, and ensure that their children get enough sleep every day. 4. Love sleeping with a quilt on your back. When sleeping with the head covered, all the nasal cavity breathes is the air in the small space under the quilt. It is not fresh enough and the air content is not enough. Maintaining this habit for a long time will cause the child to have difficulty breathing and cause respiratory diseases. Too many times can easily lead to a lack of oxygen in the brain and fail to provide enough nutrients for the brain to function, which can lead to the child becoming listless, drowsy, and lacking in concentration. 5. Skip breakfast. Regardless of children or adults, after a night of sleep and digestion, the body will be in a state of extreme lack of nutrition. If you don\’t eat in the morning, it will lead to more serious physical deprivation, acid reflux, stomach pain and other digestive system diseases. There may be no energy in the morning, and symptoms of weakness such as nausea and dizziness may occur. In severe cases, it may affect the growth and development of the body. This is especially important for children who are in the growth and development period. Eating on time, especially early, is not only necessary to eat, but also to ensure comprehensive nutrition. These play a vital role in the growth of children. 6. Don’t like sports. As the saying goes, life lies in movement, whether it is adults or children. Proper exercise can enhance a child\’s physical fitness and immunity, making it less likely for children to get sick and make it easier for them to grow taller. For children who do not exercise for a long time, the coordination and control ability of the brain over the body will decline, and the body will become less and less flexible. Over time, not only will the person become lazy, lack of energy, and lose vitality, but the body function will also decline. , are more susceptible to injury and illness and even the brain\’s response will be slower and slower. In life, parents must ensure that their children have an appropriate amount of exercise and participate in more outdoor sports. This can not only broaden their children\’s horizons, relax their bodies and minds, exercise their bodies, and help them gain a healthy body. These can provide a strong foundation for children\’s future study and life. All 3 episodes of the bbs documentary Parenting Beibi\’s Fantasy World Baidu Cloud Ultra HD 1080P7, criticizing and suppressing children. Happiness makes the brain excited, sadness makes the brain tense and depressed. If parents often criticize and suppress their children, they will keep their children\’s brains in a high-pressure state. Over time, it will seriously affect their children\’s intellectual development and may lead to many mental illnesses. If you love me, praise me. As a parent, you must encourage and praise your children more. Even if your children make mistakes, you must control your tone and attitude to avoid putting too much psychological pressure on your children. Try to use encouragement instead of criticism, which not only makes the child feel happy, but also keeps the brain in an excited state. These can help the child protect his brain and help him grow up healthily. There is always a gap in every hundred secrets. Parents all know the importance of the brain to their children, but it always changes.Carry out various brain-replenishing activities for children, but if you are not careful enough in life and do not understand the habits that harm your children\’s brain, it may cause habitual damage to the brain. Only by teaching children to eat properly, exercise more, and not stay up late can they keep their hearts filled with positive energy. Only in this way can the child\’s brain be placed in a healthy and positive environment and help the child grow faster and better.

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