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What is good family education in modern times?


Oct 1, 2023

There is no doubt that in real life, both parents and children will face and actually participate in issues related to family education in some way. But what is a good family education? There are different answers to this question, and different families, parents and children are bound to have different answers. But no matter what the final answer is, the following aspects will probably be included to varying degrees. First, the goal is well established. A good family education must have a good goal, which is to fundamentally clarify what kind of person the child should be trained to become. This is the soul of the entire family education that follows. The next step in all aspects of family education must be focused and developed around such a soul. The so-called \”good\” here refers to two aspects. One is to adapt to the development of the times and meet the requirements of the times; the other is to adapt to the children\’s characteristics and reflect the children\’s growth wishes. The \”Family Education Promotion Law\”, which was officially implemented on January 1 this year, clearly puts forward the goal and requirements of family education to cultivate socialist builders and successors with comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, artistic and labor. This is the overall goal of family education. Although specific to a specific family and a specific child, due to various reasons, the child\’s growth will be different, but the overall goal is this one, and it can only be this one. However, under this general goal, each family must also formulate specific goals for family education based on its own specific family situation, family culture and family tradition, especially the characteristics and development aspirations of its children. On this basis, big goals include small goals, and overall goals include individual goals; small goals reflect big goals, and individual goals reflect overall goals. The two echo and complement each other, which is not only suitable for children, but also for their efforts. It has strong gathering force and traction with growth. Such family education goals are naturally scientific and reasonable. Family education with such goals is naturally good. The second is to cultivate good concepts. After the overall goal is established, what kind of training concept will be followed will directly affect the determination of subsequent training ideas, construction of conditions, selection of content, creation of the environment, use of methods, improvement of efficiency, achievement of effects, etc. . This concept is related to the understanding of family education. For example, what kind of family education is a good family education? What elements should a good family education have? Issues related to the understanding of children, such as what do we call children? Why do children develop this way? How to treat children\’s various characteristics and how to deal with children\’s various problems? Issues related to the role of parents, such as what role should parents play in the growth of children? What is the relationship between parents and children? There are also issues related to how to play the role of various aspects and educate children in a coordinated manner, etc. A good idea is highly targeted, and under its guidance, the method is natural and appropriate, making people happy and willing to cooperate, and getting twice the result with half the effort; on the contrary, a not good or bad idea makes people feel irritable and frustrated, which not only affects the parents, but also the children. They will also stay away from them, or even hate them so much that they refuse to cooperate, which naturally results in half the effort with half the effort., or even have no effect at all. 10 recommended classic family education books. Third, the conditions are well established. Although family education cannot be said to be supreme or even determined by conditions, the necessary conditions still need to be met, which are nothing more than hardware and software. For example, in terms of hardware or sub-hardware conditions, it is best for the family to have a special activity corner or study corner for children, tables and chairs suitable for children\’s learning that can be adjusted in height at any time, and corresponding activities, entertainment and school supplies, and necessary Book collections, etc., must be both convenient and educational to a certain extent, and also have corresponding security; for example, in terms of software conditions, parents’ necessary cultural accomplishments, a clean, harmonious, and progressive family environment, and a strong sense of love in the family The atmosphere and the harmonious relationship between parents and children, etc., are all needed for the healthy growth of children. Correspondingly, they are naturally the inherent requirements of good family education. Fourth, create a good atmosphere. Family education requires a suitable atmosphere. A good atmosphere itself is a kind of family education power for children. If you are in a good family atmosphere, the effect of family education will naturally be good. For example, the home is clean, tidy, orderly, the atmosphere is quiet, the relationship between family members and people is harmonious, everyone has a kind and calm attitude, especially the relationship between parents and children, etc. In such a family atmosphere, children will feel calmer and have a more peaceful attitude. It will be easier for them to think about problems and do things in a clear and orderly manner, make it easier for them to cultivate their moral character, and gain a sense of happiness. By comparison, in real life, children exposed to a chaotic family living environment are always very detrimental to their growth and development. This has probably become a fact that is obvious to all. Fifth, it is good to teach students in accordance with their aptitude. This mainly refers to three aspects of meaning. One is to provide different education to different children in the family. Obviously, children are different and each has their own face. Different children have obviously different temperaments and personalities, so different family education must be implemented for them respectively; secondly, the same child must be given different education due to different situations and different stages of growth. Children are sometimes like the weather. They will inevitably change unconsciously. As the children grow, their own characteristics and growth needs will also change accordingly. In this case, family education obviously also needs to make dynamic adjustments. , provide corresponding education at any time according to the child\’s specific situation; third, provide children with correspondingly different education based on the different situations they are in or the things and relationships they face. In many cases, parents\’ education of their children needs to be combined with the daily life of the family. Therefore, parents also need to provide corresponding education to their children anytime and anywhere according to the situation the children are in or the things and relationships they face. Sixth, the relationship is well coordinated. The relationship referred to here is, on the one hand, the relationship between family members in the family, and on the other hand, it also refers to the relationship between parents and children. The relationship between family members is an \”environment\” for children, and this environment directly affects the child\’s state and mood. In particular, the mutual respect and harmonious relationship between family members are particularly important and critical for the impact on children. Otherwise, children will feel depressed.The child is restless, even nervous. In this situation, how can we talk about the education of our children? The harmonious relationship between parents and children is also very necessary and meaningful for children to better cooperate with parents\’ education. Seventh, it is good to broaden your horizons. A good family education must have a broad vision, be familiar with the relevant theories of family education, and understand the past and present, both at home and abroad, especially the rich practical experience of family education from friends, classmates, neighbors, etc. This will definitely have an impact on your own family education. The new inspiration can help one’s own family education practice. Eighth, the final effect is good. Good family education must be result-oriented, must insist on pursuing good results, and must help children achieve healthy growth and all-round development through family education. Otherwise, even if parents and children have done a lot for each other and paid a lot during the whole process of family education, and it can even be said that they are physically and mentally exhausted, the final effect is not good, and this kind of family education is obviously not good. Family education.

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