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What is maternal love? Those Chinese children ruined by \”maternal love\”

Recently, a TV series called \”Your Children Are Not Your Children\” caught the attention of Beaver Mom. This film and television drama from Taiwan has attracted a lot of attention and heated discussions since its launch, and its ratings on Douban have also skyrocketed. Out of 10 points, it achieved an impressive score of 8 points, which is relatively rare in domestic dramas. Among them, the first two episodes, called \”Mom\’s Remote Control\”, attracted the most attention from Beaver Mom. The protagonist\’s name is Xiaowei, a boy in the third grade of junior high school. He originally thought that his life was no different from other junior high school kids, until he discovered something very incredible. Xiaowei discovered that when he got up every day these days, the date turned out to be Wednesday. On the way to school, he would always meet the same people. At school, what the teacher said and everything that happened were exactly the same as every day before. The reason for this strange phenomenon is that Xiaowei\’s mother has a \”remote control\” that can control Xiaowei\’s life. If mother thinks that Xiaowei\’s behavior on this day does not meet her expectations or makes any mistakes, then she will press the remote control to restart Xiaowei\’s day, similar to the rewind of our tape recorder. Function. I didn’t want Xiaowei to participate in the graduation trip, so I repeated Wednesday three times. Xiaowei was asked to study hard, so he was asked to listen to the teacher\’s lecture 10 times. He didn\’t want Xiaowei to fall in love prematurely, so he used the remote control to torture him over and over again to make the child give up the relationship. And the reason behind this paranoid and almost perverted control is just because of the familiar phrase \”Child, mom is for your own good, I love you!\” In the end, the overwhelmed Xiaowei decided to end himself by committing suicide. s life. He chose to cut his wrists, he chose to jump off the building, he even used electric wires to electrocute himself alive, and he tried countless suicide methods, but none of them succeeded. Because every time Xiaowei dies, his mother will press the remote control to rewind, and then Xiaowei will be resurrected. No matter how many times he tries, no matter what method he tries to commit suicide, in the end, as long as his mother clicks on the remote control, Xiaowei will never be able to escape the reincarnation of being controlled. After repeated forced \”corrections\”, Xiaowei finally reached the pinnacle of success as his mother wished, with a good car, a good house, and a good job. Once, when he turned on the computer and typed out the first word, the name of his first love that haunted him appeared on the screen. This time, Xiaowei wanted to resist and be with his first love. When his mother was not paying attention, he stole the remote control. When he thought he could finally control his life, his mother sneered: \”Do you think there is only one remote control?\” Although this TV series is full of exaggeration and science fiction plots, But the phenomena shown in it can be directly mapped to our real life. Recently, Hunan Satellite TV\’s reality show \”My Boy\” has exploded in the circle of friends. The most eye-catching ones are actor Zhu Yuchen and his mother. At the beginning, Zhu’s mother’s considerate care of Yuchen was touching. However, as the program progressed, Mother Beaver discovered that Mother Zhu\’s love for her children seemed to be changing her step by step.The child suffocated. Mother Zhu gets up at 4 o\’clock every morning to make pear juice for her children. After one and a half hours of making pear juice, she starts preparing breakfast and lunch. Day after day, year after year, I devoted myself untiringly to my children, and boiled pear juice like this for 10 years. Mother Zhu just hopes to give her child a warm kitchen, and she is her child\’s mobile induction cooker. Once, Zhu Yuchen personally cooked a table of dishes for his mother, which tasted very good. At this time, a normal mother\’s reaction would usually be: Oh, I\’m so touched. My child has grown up. Yuchen\’s mother\’s reaction was surprising: Why can my son cook? Isn\’t this what mothers should do? Is it because your mother\’s cooking is not good enough, so you are forced to learn to cook by yourself? Mom feels so guilty. Her mother\’s strong intervention in her life has obviously caused discomfort to Zhu Yuchen, but for Zhu\’s mother, she enjoys it. When the host Weijia asked Zhu’s mother whether doing this would make her child unhappy, Zhu’s mother was happy to think that although her son was unhappy, she was happy. When it comes to her children\’s marriage, the terrible side of Zhu\’s mother is even more exposed. She believes that her son and future daughter-in-law should be in a situation where \”men farm and women weave.\” A woman should take care of her family, be a good wife and mother, fulfill her duties, and do what a woman should do honestly. Things. Zhu’s mother also asked her daughter-in-law not to wear revealing clothes, to take care of the family, not to drink randomly, and to live a regular life… At the same time, she also used herself as an example, emphasizing that she had dedicated everything to her family and children, and was proud to have no ego. Zhu Yuchen’s Two more famous relationships, one with the goddess Tang Wei, and the second with Song Dandan’s goddaughter Jiang Yan. Both relationships ended in failure, which is obviously inseparable from the strong intervention of Zhu’s mother. At the end of the program, The camera showed a lonely face in profile. He asked himself why no woman was willing to hold hands with him and grow old together. A fact we cannot ignore is that in China there are too many people who treat children in the name of love. Parents who practice \”suffocating love\”. They adhere to the concept of \”I have eaten more salt than you have eaten rice\” and begin to interfere excessively in their children\’s independent lives. Their starting point is good and they think This may prevent children from going astray. However, when parents act as so-called leaders, their children gradually become walking zombies without the ability to think independently. The famous debate program \”Qi Pa Shuo\” once had such a child Debate topic: If there is a high-tech instrument with a button on it, as long as you press this button, your child will have a perfect life, become a CEO, marry Bai Fumei, and reach the peak of life. Then as a parent, you Will you press this button? As debater Fu Seoul said, even if a child is a piece of flesh from his parents and an inheritance of his parents\’ blood, in the final analysis, the child is still an independent individual after all. He should not and cannot be separated from his parents. Keep 100% the same thinking mode and attitude. In terms of parentsWhat seems perfect may not have any appeal to the child. Perfection in the eyes of parents is not perfection in the eyes of children. Words like perfect or correct are inherently highly subjective, so why should parents impose something they think is perfect and correct on their children without their consent? While parents arrange life for their children, children also lose more possibilities. All roads lead to Rome, but parents block all other roads, leaving only the one they think is the most perfect. In this way, the child\’s Isn’t life too boring? All parents, without exception, hope that their children will grow up healthy and happy. Happiness is a mother\’s only hope for her children. We often say that people’s suffering is essentially due to their own incompetence. To put it bluntly, it actually means that we ourselves have almost no choice in life. So now parents deprive their children of the right to make independent choices. On the surface, it seems to be for the good of their children. In fact, children will not be happy at all. We hope that our children will have a perfect life, but a perfect life is precisely a life with more choices.

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