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What is the biggest misfortune of family education?


Oct 1, 2023

There was a rumor on the Internet about an elementary school teacher who punished a student for standing still, but was criticized and even apologized to the student\’s parents. Regarding such an incident, I have mixed feelings in my heart. In recent years, the phenomenon of \”teachers dare not supervise students\” seems to have become a regular topic. There are even cases where teachers are beaten and scolded by students for providing reasonable education. These facts before our eyes are like a warning light. Once again It reminds us to examine and reasonably solve these problems in education. How to Be a Wise Parent in Family Education Complete Works 51 Lessons MP3 Download 01 So, what is the reason for the embarrassment in education? The first thing we have to think about is: Why are the proportion of illegal crimes among young students getting higher and higher now, so much so that even teachers have become their victims? In fact, this is closely related to the current situation where teachers \”dare not manage\” or \”cannot control\” students. The more serious the problem is, the more serious the problem will be. Such a vicious cycle lays the foundation for tragedy. 02 Let’s think further: Why do teachers “can’t control” students? Because in the minds of many students, teachers \”are nothing at all.\” We know that even the most savage person will behave himself in front of those he respects. However, because many students have no respect for their teachers, if the teacher controls them, it will easily intensify conflicts. Therefore, teachers often \”dare not control\” students. Let’s think further: Why do students have no respect for teachers? Because in the social environment, teachers are not respected at certain times, and children\’s value orientation is directly affected by the social environment. The lack of respect for teachers, coupled with the news media\’s overwhelming condemnation of teachers\’ \”corporal punishment\” of students, further affects the status and prestige of teachers in the minds of students. In the past, it was a serious act of rebellion for students to contradict their teachers, but now it is common and commonplace. These not only seriously affect the quality of teaching, but also directly affect teachers\’ management of students. And students who lack management can easily lead to illegal crimes, not to mention those pampered \”little emperors\”? \”Once a teacher, always a father.\” When the ancients paid homage to a disciple, they would kowtow three times and bow nine times in front of the portrait of Saint Confucius to show their solemnity. The teacher is supreme in the minds of students, and even if the prince disrespects his teacher, he will be punished. Cheng Menlixue is an ancient allusion to respecting teachers. However, for many reasons, the professional enthusiasm of many primary and secondary school teachers is fading. An old middle school teacher said frankly: \”In the past few years, I have not felt proud to be a teacher.\” 03 Practice has proved that wherever teachers are respected, not only the academic style is good, but also the juvenile crime rate is very low. On the contrary, any place where teachers are not respected not only has a bad academic style, but also has a high rate of juvenile delinquency and crime. \”The rise and fall of a country\’s destiny depends on education.\” Only by jointly creating a social environment that respects teachers can we truly get out of the embarrassing situation that education currently faces! If teachers are not respected, education is not respected. If education is not respected, then what is the spiritual pursuit that we have always been proud of? A teacher lamented: Vegetable sellers are most afraid of teachers, decorators are most afraid of teachers, tour guides are most afraid of leading teachers, but students are the least afraid of teachers. If societyIt puts too much pressure and expectations on teachers, but fails to give them the respect they deserve. If they are not careful, they may be criticized verbally and in writing. Such a result is too unfair. Please respect the right of every teacher to impart education, because he holds the future of every child and the better future we look forward to. 04Why is it said that if you respect teachers, the ultimate beneficiary is your child? The reason why netizens raised this question is that teachers are just ordinary people in the \”three hundred and sixty professions\” and receive a national salary, so there is nothing special to respect. Moreover, some teachers themselves are not of high quality and are not worthy of respect. The above-mentioned doubters probably think that respecting teachers is purely because teachers want others to respect them, and they understand respecting teachers as a kind of giving to teachers. This narrow view of respecting teachers essentially misunderstands the true meaning of respecting teachers. Respecting teachers is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. In the past, teachers were respectfully called sir. From the emperors and generals in ancient times to the local warlords who could not read a single Chinese character in the Republic of China, they would all be respectful to sir. In ancient times, apprenticeship ceremonies required a solemn and solemn ceremony. The purpose was to stimulate the disciple\’s desire for cultural accomplishment, enhance the teacher\’s sense of responsibility, and at the same time establish the teacher\’s authority. Because the same sentence, spoken by ordinary people, has a very different effect than if it is spoken by an authoritative person. Respecting teachers is the bottom line of being a human being. Respecting teachers, like honoring parents, reflects personal conduct and gratitude. Without moral integrity and gratitude, society will fall into chaos. Countless examples tell us: People who do not respect their teachers often do not respect their parents. Experienced class teachers all know that: no matter how lazy a student is, as long as he still has a sense of awe for the teacher and a sense of filial piety towards his parents, it will not be difficult to transform him. On the contrary, if a student does not pay attention to his parents and teachers, he may be \”terminal\” and difficult to save. It is in the students\’ interest to respect their teachers. Everyone who has been a teacher has this experience: when students ignore the teacher, the teacher\’s class may be dull and difficult to perform to a normal level; on the contrary, when the students listen respectfully, the teacher will often be enthusiastic Surging, literary thoughts spring up, and the students\’ skills are fully displayed, allowing students to gain more knowledge in pleasure. So when it comes to respecting teachers, on the surface it is the teachers who are respected, but in fact the real beneficiaries are the students. So, does it mean that some teachers are not worthy of respect because they are not of high quality? Of course we hope that all teachers will be talented and morally flawless, but in fact this is unrealistic. There is a strange \”emotional effect\” in education: once a student develops a dislike for a teacher (the teacher may know nothing about it), it will be difficult for him to learn the subject well; on the contrary, if a student has a good impression of the teacher in his heart, , even if the teacher’s teaching level is not high, the students may learn this lesson well. We have always advocated teachers to look at students with appreciation. In fact, it is not important for students to be more tolerant and understanding of teachers and know how to look at teachers with appreciation. Nowadays, I hear from time to time that parents rush to schools to \”fix\” teachers because of their children\’s education problems. What I want to say is that what teachers faceIt is a group that plays the role of organizer and manager. If teachers lose their due authority, the student body may fall into a state of disunity. Therefore, parents should communicate with teachers as much as possible if they have something to do. If they act out of emotion, it will not only damage the teacher\’s personal dignity, but also the interests of the group to which the child belongs.

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