• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

What is the greatest true education: A good mother is just three words

They say a good mother is better than a good teacher. What is the meaning of life contained in the word \”mother\”? In fact, a good mother is just three words. The first word is: \”quiet\”. Many mothers are sharp-eyed and can spot three problems with their children at a glance, point them out immediately and reinforce them repeatedly, and even say in front of more people that there is something wrong with their child. Mothers should not move or panic when they see the strengths and weaknesses of their children. Why? Because children need mothers to nurture and protect them with good emotions, only when the mother sees the child\’s strengths and weaknesses without revealing them can she give her child the inner motivation to grow. When the mother is emotionally unstable, the whole family will be in trouble. The child lives in the mother\’s boat. The slightest movement will affect the child and destroy the child\’s homeostasis. The child will consume a lot of psychological energy just to calm down his inner tension. , how much psychological energy can be left for studying and self-growth? The second word is: \”weak\”. Mothers learn to show \”weakness\” in front of their children. It is difficult for children of strong mothers to be confident, and their self-confidence will be weakened little by little in your state. A mother who is able to show weakness in front of her children must have a confident and strong heart. Learning to show weakness in front of children is to realize the support of children. A mother who always takes advantage of her children will only have children who are at the disadvantage. In the end, they are willing to be at the disadvantage. They have no competitiveness and no motivation. In extreme cases, they will pursue rebelliousness and destructiveness. To complete the abnormal growth of oneself. The third word is: \”kindness\”. The real power of a mother is her kindness, gentleness, warmth and gentleness. Husband and wife, uncles, sisters-in-law, a big family is harmonious and harmonious because of you, making people feel as tolerant and accepting as the ocean, and magnificent and untouchable. This is the broad world for children to grow up. Such a mother\’s image is the rule, and her words are the direction. On the contrary, mothers who point fingers in front of their children, shout at the top of their voices, or nag with a sullen face will make their children gradually feel that no place in the world is comfortable or interesting, and the children will lose the direction in their hearts. , and the mother will have no guidance ability and become even more crazy. Sima Guang said: \”As a mother, the problem is not not being kind, but the problem is knowing how to love but not being able to teach.\” Today\’s mothers are increasingly unable to be \”compassionate\”. Psychology tells us that children’s problems are mainly emotional problems, and poor learning is always due to negative emotions and rarely due to intelligence. Parents\’ inner anxiety and impetuosity are more terrifying than children\’s learning problems. Only when children have inner peace can they absorb, settle, and think rationally, and can they be far-sighted, insightful, discovering, and creating, and can they be truly outstanding! As a mother, please remember that ensuring your own emotional peace is the greatest education for your children.

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