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What is the most effective action to correct O-shaped legs? The truth has awakened countless parents…

It is not difficult to persuade a parent to tie the baby\’s legs. It is mostly divided into \”three steps\” ▼The first step: scare \”If the child\’s legs are not tied straight, he will become an O-shaped leg in the future!\” The second step: Give an example of \”You Look at who has bandied legs, it’s because he hasn’t had leggings since he was a child!” Step 3: Eliminate worries “You must have leggings when you were a child, you see, the ones in our family grew up being tied up!” Emma~ No matter how sane a parent is, he can’t stand it.” If you don’t have some scientific knowledge to support the rhetoric of “enthusiastic about the masses”, you will definitely be made to doubt life! After shaking, you may happily work with the \”enthusiastic people\” to straighten the baby\’s legs, then wrap them with cloth strips, and finally wait for the legs to be finalized… but take a break! Putting leggings on your baby is not helping, it\’s doing a disservice! Next, let’s talk about the terrible consequences that leggings will bring to babies, and how to judge and correct O-shaped legs and X-shaped legs. Are O-shaped legs really caused by not wearing leggings? Don\’t think that your baby\’s legs are O-shaped just because his legs are not straight. During infancy and early childhood, the baby\’s limbs are curled up, with the legs in an M shape and the hands in a W shape. This is actually a normal physiological phenomenon of the baby, which will occur with growth and development. slowly disappearing. Moreover, the shape of the baby\’s legs does not gradually become straight. Instead, it becomes curled up at the age of 1 year. It starts to straighten at the age of 1 and a half. The legs will be somewhat Will straighten and shape. As for O-shaped legs, they are often caused by premature standing, rickets and other factors. This has nothing to do with not wearing leggings. Therefore, it is wrong to use \”gaiters\” and \”candle bags\” to prevent bow legs and leg shaping! What are the dangers of wearing leggings on your baby? Leggings will not tie the legs straight, but will make the baby\’s legs more deformed the more they are tied… Harm 1: Inducing hip joint dislocation. Many parents may not know what the hip joint is. In fact, the connection between the femoral head and the acetabulum is the hip joint ( As shown in the picture above), its main function is to ensure the free movement of the lower limbs. If the two are separated, the movement will be restricted. Wrong swaddling methods such as leggings and candle swaddling can easily cause the femoral head to protrude from the joint socket and induce developmental hip dislocation! At that time, it can only be corrected through surgical treatment. If it is not corrected in time, you will face abnormal walking posture, and in particularly severe cases, it will cause lifelong disability! Hazard 2: There is a risk of amputation. Leggings that are too tight can easily compress blood vessels and affect the normal blood circulation of the baby\’s limbs. If parents do not detect and correct it in time, it may lead to necrosis of the limb due to ischemia, and in extreme cases, there will be a risk of amputation. Hazard 3: Affects the baby\’s motor development. Three rolls, six sittings, eight crawls… Each stage of the baby\’s gross motor development is inseparable from daily exercise. If parents tie up their baby from birth, it will inevitably affect the baby\’s normal motor development. How to judge and correct O-shaped and X-shaped legs? Determining O-shaped legs After the baby falls asleep, take off his pants and diapers, and then gently close his legs. The hip joint and ankle joint are in line, and the distance between the two knee joints is less than 3 cm. It is normal. If the distance is within 3 to 6 cm, continue to observe. If it is more than 6 cm, it is considered the possibility of O-shaped legs. It is recommended to seek medical treatment for further diagnosis. The judgment of X-shaped legs is the same. After the baby falls asleep, remove his pants.Take off your diaper and gently bring your legs together. If the hip joint and knee joint are in line, the distance between the ankle joints is less than 3 cm, which is considered normal. If the distance is within 3 to 6 cm, continue to observe. If it exceeds 6 cm, it indicates the possibility of X-shaped legs. How to correct? For babies with mild symptoms, parents can help correct them through massage. When the baby is lying down, gently massage in the opposite direction of the deformity, 3-5 times a day. If massage is ineffective, you need to seek medical advice from an orthopedic surgeon and wear limbs under professional guidance. If the problem cannot be corrected even with limb braces, surgery can be performed if necessary. After the baby\’s legs are deformed, it is very difficult to correct them. Therefore, preventive measures are very important. In the process of raising your baby, be sure not to do leggings, candle bags, forced leg pulling, standing too early, using walkers too early, or sitting in the wrong posture, because these behaviors will greatly affect the baby\’s legs. normal development of bones.

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