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What kind of father and family raised Su Dongpo?


Oct 1, 2023

On June 8, 2022, when General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected Sichuan, he made a special trip to visit Sansu Temple, the former residence of Su Xun, Su Shi, and Su Zhe, father and son, in Meishan City. During this period, the General Secretary learned about the life, main literary achievements and family traditions of \”Three Su\”. How to raise children who can appreciate the sense of responsibility and mission 20G [mp4+mp3] The stars in the sky of human history are shining brightly. In the history of the Chinese nation, father and son are both famous and are still immortal after thousands of years. It seems that only the same people are in the same category. The eight great families of the Tang and Song dynasties are the father and son of the Su family: father Su Xun, and two sons Su Shi and Su Zhe. Each of the \”Three Sus\” has his own achievements, and each has his famous works passed down to future generations. The one who had the greatest influence was Su Shi. His majestic poetry, open-minded character, concern for the people, his changeable life, and even the delicious food he created , it can still be found in the cultural heritage, spiritual pursuit, attitude towards life and even daily life of the Chinese people. Su Shi, whose courtesy name was Zizhan and whose nickname was Dongpo. \”Drinking at night, Su Dongpo wakes up drunk, and returns as if it were midnight.\” Such simple and hearty words make the name Su Dongpo easier to remember and popular among people. From the perspective of family education and family tradition, what kind of father and family education cultivated an outstanding figure like Su Dongpo who \”can only have two in the world\” (Lin Yutang\’s words)? Let’s start with the influence of father Su Xun, who “began to work hard at twenty-seven.” Su Xun was a famous essayist in the Song Dynasty. He participated in the imperial examinations many times and failed. In addition to being listed among the eight great masters of the Tang and Song Dynasties together with his two sons, Su Xun\’s name and deeds were also widely spread because they were included in the \”Three Character Classic\”. There is a sentence in the \”Three Character Classic\”: \”Su Laoquan began to work hard and read books when he was twenty-seven.\” It means that Su Xun did not study hard when he was a child, and he did not start studying hard until he was 27 years old. This year was when his son Su Dongpo was born. Perhaps it was the birth of a child that stimulated Su Xun as a father. After the age of 27, Su Xun changed his previous carelessness, devoted himself to learning, and was diligent in writing. Not only did he achieve academic success, he was recognized by the literary masters at the time, and he also gave The younger generation has set an example of hard work and has become a model for teaching children to study hard. Like most fathers in the world, Su Xun has high hopes for his children. In the article \”Two Famous Sons\”, Su Xun describes the meaning of his two sons\’ names: \”Shi\” is the crossbar in front of the ancient carriage for people to grasp and maintain stability, and \”Rut\” is the mark of the carriage and horse walking on the road. Shi is not as important as other parts of the car, but the car without Shi is no longer a complete car; the ruts seem useless, but all cars have to follow the ruts, and when it comes to credit, no one You will think of the contribution of ruts. When the car reverses and the horse dies, the disaster will not affect the ruts. People with talents and achievements are prone to disasters. Su Xun hopes that his two sons will have talents and avoid disasters. In today\’s terms, someone is as useful as Che Shi but has no sense of existence; as useful as Ru Ru but without claiming credit or responsibility, he is somewhere between good and bad. Worrying that their son has no talent, but also worrying that his son will get into trouble because he is too talented, is also the ambivalent mentality of some old fathers that we still often see today. Su Xun attaches great importance to children\’s education. As long as sheWhen you are home, you should personally supervise the homework; when you leave home, you should tell your wife to make sure that the children study. In his later years, Su Dongpo recalled studying with his father when he was a child, recalling that he was deeply influenced by his father. When Su Dongpo was in his 10s, he had already read a lot of books. He \”study the classics and history, and can write thousands of words a day\”. My younger brother Su Che also studies as hard as his elder brother. The two brothers often discussed and inspired each other, which saved their father a lot of effort. Teaching by example is the best family education. Su Xun set an example of studiousness for brothers Su Shi and Su Che. Not only did he study hard, but he also personally guided his sons to study history books and explore the rise and fall of the country. The two sons were extremely talented and soon learned to memorize classics, history and calligraphy. In the book, the young Phoenix was better than the old Phoenix, and the father and son studied together and went to Beijing to take the exam together, which became a great story at that time. Su Xun insisted on advocating a simple and unpretentious writing style, which also affected the writing style of Su Shi brothers. Su Xun\’s personality is relatively introverted and serious, hates evil, and is even a bit stubborn and old-fashioned; while Su Shi is outgoing and cheerful, always talking about something and can\’t control himself, a bit like his grandfather; Su Zhe is calm and reserved, more like his father, Su Shi is In the poem, he said that his younger brother \”thinks like his ancestors, dull, strong and quiet\”. But Su Xun did not require his two sons to be like him, and gave his son enough tolerance for his personality development. Under the education of their father, the two brothers Su Shi and Su Che, who were only two years apart, became a model of brotherly love in Chinese history. \”History of the Song Dynasty: Biography of Su Che\” says: \”Zhe and his brother entered and exited in the same place. In times of adversity, their friendship was deep and there was no resentment, which is rare in modern times.\” Although Su Xun was not as successful as his two sons in scientific research, Third, the two sons’ academic articles and political stances were deeply influenced by their father. To be able to raise his two sons to become one of the most outstanding figures at that time, and to be able to stand side by side with them, is what a proud achievement for a father. Like the influence of Mrs. Cheng, the mother of Fan Pang, of course, her mother\’s education on Su Dongpo also had a significant impact on his life. When Su Dongpo was young, his father studied abroad all year round, and it was his mother who mainly educated him. Mrs. Cheng, the mother of Su Shi and Su Che, was compared to the mother of Mencius and the mother of Yue Fei for encouraging her husband to advance, teaching her children to learn, and managing the family virtuously. She left behind a great image and famous name of a loving and virtuous mother. In the epitaph written for Su Shi, Su Che recalled the past of his mother\’s education to Su Shi: \”In the tenth year of Gongsheng\’s life, the wife personally taught him books. After hearing about ancient and modern successes and failures, she was always able to express their important points.\” It can be seen that Su Mu was not only able to read and write, but also taught, refined and guided Su Shi. The most famous story of Su\’s mother raising her son is contained in the biography of Su Dongpo in \”History of the Song Dynasty\”: When she was telling Su Shi about the Han Dynasty \”The Biography of Fan Pang\”, Su Shi heard that Fan Pang was a high-minded and self-sufficient man who sacrificed his life for righteousness. Fan\’s mother reluctantly supported her son with grief. I was shocked by the story and asked: If I were to be like Fan Pang, would my mother allow me? The mother replied: If you are like Fan Pang, how can I not be like Fan Pang\’s mother? From then on, Su Shi worked harder and took the world as his own responsibility. This story, like the story of Meng\’s mother moving three times and her mother-in-law getting tattoos, has become a classic. Throughout his life, Su Shi would rather bend than bend in the face of powerful people, stick to his position in the political struggles of the court, and go from place to place.Being an official will benefit the people. His views on politics, the people, and affairs can all be seen as imprinted by people like Fan Pang. This is inseparable from his mother\’s education and training since he was a child. With such a mother, how could she possibly raise a son who is wise and self-protective but just like a wallflower? In order to support her husband Su Xun to study abroad, Su\’s mother raised and educated the children at home alone, managed the family\’s life, and also cultivated the hard-working spirit of brothers Su Shi and Su Che. When he was exiled to Lingnan, he could eat rough Hu cakes with gusto; when he was exiled to Huangzhou, he opened up wasteland on the east slope and went to plant grain and vegetables himself; when he was exiled to Hainan, when there was no rice to eat, he discovered the delicious taste of oysters… …Behind Su Dongpo, who was homeless and living in a meager life, \”a bamboo stick and mango shoes were better than a horse\” and \”a man living his whole life in mist and rain\”, there was the shadow of that great mother. The influence of the \”unruly\” grandfather Su Xu When Su Dongpo was born, his grandfather Su Xu was still alive. Although the old man did not take part in the imperial examinations, he still read and wrote some poems when he was interested. Su Xun said that his father was \”understanding both inside and outside, and suddenly became a great man.\” Su Dongpo said that his grandfather \”was a young man who was unruly and unruly. He read books and knew a little about its righteousness, so he gave up.\” The old man has extraordinary knowledge, energy, broad-mindedness, and generosity, and has a good reputation in the local area. He often carries a bottle of wine and sits on the grass with his relatives and friends, drinking, talking and laughing, and feels content. Mr. Lin Yutang believed that Su Dongpo\’s taste for drinking came from his grandfather. From Su Dongpo\’s later optimistic and open-minded attitude towards life, we can also see the influence of his grandfather Su Xu on him. Su Xu had his own ideas and practices on the issue of children\’s education: First, create an environment and material conditions for future generations to study with peace of mind. Although the Su family cannot be said to be a wealthy family, they have land passed down from their ancestors and the family is relatively well-off. Su Xu is also very family-oriented. In this way, the children of the Su family can concentrate on studying without worrying about their livelihood. There are also There are many books for children to read. Su Xu\’s three sons were all successful in their studies. Su Dan and Su Huan both passed the Jinshi examination. Although Su Xun failed in the scientific examination, his talent was recognized by the world. It is said that Meishan\’s love of learning began with Su Xu\’s son Su Huan, and there are still many local stories circulating to this day. The second is that reading is \”reading the meaning\”, and poetry is just a carrier to express one\’s aspirations. The old gentleman himself also reads and writes poetry. It is said that as he gets older, he reads more diligently than when he was young. Studying is not about reading books to death. After reading, you must be able to understand the righteousness of responsibility and understand the truth; when writing poems, you should not be empty and rhetorical. Later, judging from the works and writing style of \”San Su\”, we can see that he really has the style of treating his father as his ancestor. The third is to maintain a tolerant attitude toward children\’s education. Su Xun didn\’t like to study when he was a child. Both his brothers passed the exam, but Su Xun failed every time. His father Su Xu was not harsh, but he was willing to believe that his son would definitely improve in the future. He only started to work hard for his son after he was 27 years old. Learning to support. These practices of Su Xu can be found in Su Xun\’s education to his sons and Su Shi brothers\’ education to the next generation. Cultivating a great person is a relay race of several generations. The family tradition and tutoring formed over several generations have a profound impact on the character and future achievements of the next generation; it is the participation of every member of the family.In the team competition, father and mother are especially important. In our traditional culture, the essence of family education is to encourage children to cultivate character and virtue, cultivate themselves and aspire, and to encourage children to learn knowledge, increase their talents, and make a difference when they grow up. Su Dongpo came from a family with such family tradition and upbringing.

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