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What should I do if my child is disobedient?


Oct 1, 2023

As the saying goes: \”A half-grown child will make me angry to death.\” Many parents complain that their children are particularly disobedient and like to talk back to adults. When they tell them to go east, they will go west, and when they tell them not to do something, they insist on doing it. In many cases, these conflicts become a habit for children, and children often conflict for the sake of conflict. This is the so-called rebellious psychology. In severe cases, children may run away from home. In fact, most of the time, a child does not intentionally seek trouble or cause trouble on purpose. His \”rebellion\” often stems from some inner motives. When children reach a certain age, they will emphasize their sense of self and declare to everyone through certain behaviors: \”I have grown up! I want to make my own decisions!\” However, more than 99% of parents are not aware of this. After discovering When children are rebellious and talk back, they will often get furious and try to solve the problem by explaining all kinds of truths, talking about the difficulties of being a parent, how disappointed they are with their children, or even directly using violence to solve the problem. Children often don\’t buy what parents do. Zhou Hong Appreciation Education Case Video Original Full Series 6VCD+mp3 The following is what a parent does: The child often yells at his mother: I don’t want you to care! You are annoying! I\’m ignoring you! After the father learned about it, he pulled the child to sit on the sofa and said: Honey, I heard that you and your mother had a quarrel, right? The child answered: Yes. Dad went on to say: Baby, let me ask you a question, will an egg break when it hits a stone? Child: Definitely, the eggs will go bad in no time. Dad: Will it still work if you hit the water with an egg? Child: It won’t be damaged if it hits the water. Dad: Do you know what this means? Child: The egg will not break if it hits water, but will break if it hits a stone. Dad: You are right. The egg is like you. When you are unreasonable, lose your temper, or contradict your parents, your parents will tolerate you like water. You will neither be hurt nor feel pain, but if you go out into the society in the future, others will have no obligation to tolerate you. If you are unreasonable and lose your temper, you will hit yourself with blood. So stop losing your temper with your parents. Do you understand? The child nodded repeatedly: I understand. Dad, I\’m going to apologize to my mother right now. This parent\’s approach was very clever. He used an vivid story to make the child realize his mistake and take the initiative to apologize to his mother. When he learned that the child often contradicted his mother, he did not get angry and got angry, but took a gentle solution. As mentioned above, children who contradict and lose their temper are often self-awakening and declare to everyone through certain behaviors. If parents don\’t understand this, trying to subdue them with parental authority will obviously not work. Because this is determined by the child\’s age and psychological characteristics, and the child cannot control it. In fact, children are reasonable. It\’s just that we didn\’t stand in the child\’s position, didn\’t understand the child\’s characteristics, and didn\’t pay attention to methods… That\’s why we always want to solve the problem with our own ideas, which obviously doesn\’t work. Therefore, as parents, when a child contradicts or loses his temper, he or she should think about why the child behaves like this based on the child\’s age and psychological characteristics, find out the reasons, and then choose appropriate methods to guide the child to recognize the mistake. This is better than simply speaking Reasons, etc. are even more effective than beating and scolding. child in caseAfter listening to the story told by my father, I was deeply inspired and realized that I was wrong to contradict my mother, so I took the initiative to apologize to my mother. If this continues, children\’s contradictory behavior will become less and less, and they will develop towards the good side, thus truly achieving the purpose of education.

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