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What should I do if my child likes to lose his temper? Maybe you didn\’t do this well

My sister complained to me that her one-year-old nephew has been having a bad temper recently for some reason. It seems that most one- and two-year-old children have this stage. From one day to the next, they suddenly become bad-tempered and anxious at every turn. I think the real reason lies not with the children, but with the parents. I told my sister to be careful when spending time with the child, observe more, and communicate with the child as much as possible. In the process of raising children, many parents pay little attention to communication with their children and do not pay attention to empathy. This is especially true when dealing with children of one or two years old. A few days ago, I met a grandmother who was playing near the playground with her one-year-old granddaughter. The little girl had a pair of big eyes that were very smart. She moved her eyes around, looking here and there, and pointed at the wall, saying \”Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.\” On the wall is a large Lego puzzle piece, which is made of the little airplane Rode in Super Wings. I guess the little girl is curious about this. But the grandma didn\’t understand it at all. The little girl said \”Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh,\” and the grandma said, \”Yeah.\” Then she looked at the child expressionlessly and said, \”Babbling, yah-yah,\” and nothing happened. I was worried on the sidelines and thought, why not pay attention to what the children are watching? Why not explain to your kids what that is? I couldn\’t help but want to talk to the child, but at this time, grandma came over and took her away. The child was held by his grandma and walked a long way, but his bright eyes still stayed on the Lego puzzle. I sighed in my heart, wondering how long this child could be \”good\”. Next time, would he be willing to be taken away without a word? Children over one year old, who are still unable to speak well, have begun to notice the outside world and have a strong desire to understand the outside world. However, the child cannot express himself well and others cannot understand his intentions, which will make the child very conflicted. Because of this, children at this stage are prone to \”crying when they disagree\”, \”hitting\” or \”grabbing toys\”. I have personally seen a friend\’s child who was over one year old and couldn\’t speak well. He wanted to communicate with his mother, but the mother didn\’t understand and simply ignored the child. The child was anxious, so he raised his hand and hit his mother. After the beating, he felt it was not enough to vent his anger, so he hit her again. The mother was very angry and said, \”Where did this child learn bad habits? How come he learned to hit others?\” She taught the child a lesson. Privately, she was also helpless. She tried many methods to correct her children\’s anger when they disagreed with her and hit others when they were angry, including making them stand, sitting on the bench, and even yelling directly… she tried all kinds of methods. , the effect is not good either. I reminded her that the most urgent thing she needs to do is to observe the child more, pay more attention to the child\’s intentions, and truly connect with the child\’s \”signals\”. Don\’t take children of one or two years old seriously. They also need to be understood and need to communicate smoothly with adults.\”What do such young children know?\” Many parents have this idea, so they don\’t really understand their children. When children have emotions because they are not understood, adults habitually use authority to suppress their children\’s emotions. , and label the children as \”bad tempered\” and \”not well-behaved\”. Spending time with a one or two year old is not an easy task. Parents must pay attention to their children at all times and carefully observe what their children observe. Only in this way can you communicate well with your children and help them \”answer their doubts\” in a timely manner. Let’s take a small incident when Baoduo was one or two years old as an example. At that time, he noticed the width and narrowness of an object, but he didn’t know how to say the width and narrowness. He said: \”Mom, the distance here is long, and the distance here is short.\” As he said this, he gestured with his little hands. I didn\’t understand it at first, but when he said it the second time, I suddenly understood. You see, for children, even one word needs to be learned in practice. We must help them solve their doubts. Only by solving doubts can they gain clarity, and only then can children understand the world faster. In the process of raising children, a favorable action brings more than just one favorable consequence. Going deep into the child\’s spiritual world and communicating well can not only prevent the child\’s \”bad temper\”, but more importantly, can help the child develop language skills. Many parents are very anxious when their children are one or two years old and are learning to speak. They often wonder, \”Why doesn\’t my child speak?\” They even suspect that there is something wrong with their child\’s intelligence. Little do they know that it is because they have not created a good language environment for their children. Some parents believe that children\’s ability to speak is a natural occurrence. This \”natural occurrence\” just depends on the general environment where everyone around you can speak. However, how early and late you speak and whether you speak well or not depends on whether you have built a good language environment for your child. Parents can actively intervene with practical actions and communicate more with their children. Children will naturally speak earlier and have better language expression skills. If a child does not participate extensively in social life, if he only grows up in a closed and isolated environment, then this will become a big obstacle in the development of his language ability. Only when he comes into contact with other people or groups can his language talent continue to develop. ——\”Children\’s Educational Psychology\” Among the \”other people or groups\” that children can come into contact with, parents are the \”other people\” who spend the most time with their children. If you make good use of this, you will not worry about the poor development of your children\’s language skills. When a child can speak well and communicate smoothly with his parents, it will be easier for the parents to enter the child\’s spiritual world, communicate better with the child, and give the child respect and understanding. You will rarely see him. bad temper.

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