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What should I do if my children are playful during holidays?


Oct 1, 2023

It\’s been more than a week since the summer vacation, and the children\’s hearts have become wild. Some children play indulgently during the holidays, while others study diligently during the holidays. Children who work hard are always more successful than children who are playful. The meaning of vacation is not only to rest, but also to allow children to realize their own shortcomings, quietly improve themselves, and then surprise everyone. All teachers and parents are requested to read this article to their children. Many people win during the holidays, and many people lose during the holidays. During the summer vacation, what children love to do most is: play mobile phones, play games, sleep in, and put off homework. I played the game at an extremely high level without doing any homework; I wished I could hold my phone 24 hours a day and forget about studying. In just one summer vacation, laziness and playfulness have been engraved in my bones. There is a saying that goes well, time knows people, your efforts will always be seen, and if you are lazy, you will eventually have to pay back. A class teacher posted this in Moments: While you were playing on your phone, others read 10 books; while you were sleeping in, others did 10 sets of questions. When you want to study hard, you find that you have become lazy. When you want to catch up, you find that you have fallen far behind. I was lazy during the summer vacation and worked hard to pay it back after school started. The price of laziness is huge. Yes, laziness is really comfortable, and it is also really harmful. Zhihu netizen @小小小小小妇丹 said that when he was a child, he never studied during the winter and summer vacations. When I was in fourth grade, I hated studying, so I didn’t read books, memorize texts, or do homework. I still thought I was great. Later, I couldn’t understand anything in class, couldn’t do my homework, couldn’t learn anything, and simply stopped studying. At the end of the semester, I was too lazy to review. I lay in bed and played with my phone every day. When I saw the test paper and my mind went blank, I realized that it was over. … Once a person indulges himself, he will become out of control. 52 compulsory lessons for Chinese parents during the critical period of their children\’s growth mp3 Those lazy and playful children simply cannot see that there is a deep pit of pain hidden behind this moment of happiness. Children, there is a kind of pain called laziness. Those laziness you have cheated on in your studies will become a slap in the face in the future. If you sow the cause of not working hard today, you will reap the fruits of failure tomorrow. No child is born with a love for learning, but there is only one result of not learning – being eliminated by society. Remember, the knowledge you learn is the weapon you have! If you don’t study, don’t work hard, and you don’t even have the qualifications to change your life, how can you talk about the future? Wang Wei, a delivery boy who scored 623 points in last year\’s college entrance examination, was all over the Internet, but he said: \”I am a negative teaching material.\” It turned out that in 2013, he had been admitted to China Agricultural University with a good score of 590 points. But after entering college, he began to give up on himself, became addicted to online games, and wasted four years. Because he failed too many subjects, Wang Wei was dropped out of school and could only work as a porter in the coolie market and join an army of riders to deliver food. Precisely because of his hard and tiring low-level livelihood, he finally realized a truth: academic qualifications are too important for a disciple from a poor family. Studying and studying hard is always the best way for a poor child. Wang Wei is lucky. He has a good foundation and knows how to turn around, so he can stop the rapid decline of his life. butIn reality, there are more people who have not worked hard and are accepting the cruel test of fate. A famous postgraduate entrance examination teacher has a saying that once circulated on the Internet: If a child does not want to study, take him to four places. The first is the bus station, the second is the train station, the third is the high-speed rail station, and the fourth is the airport. Go and see what the people on the bus wear, what they say, what they do, and what their qualities are. Then go and see the people at the airport, and you will know the difference. A few years of indulgence may result in a lifetime of humility and frustration. The world is like this. If you don’t work hard, no one will act with you. If you don’t work hard, then you can only accept your fate. Children, there is a kind of failure called not working hard. Life is always suffering. If you can endure it, you will be outstanding. If you cannot endure it, you will be eliminated. If you quietly excel during the holidays, you will be able to amaze everyone after school starts. Goethe wrote in \”Faust\”: \”He who can restrain himself can achieve success.\” Everyone has inertia, but only those who can fight against this desire and turn self-discipline into a habit can live a free life. . There are never any born good students, top students. Some of them just bloom quietly in places where others can\’t see them, restrain their desires, double their self-discipline. Remember these two boys in the picture? The boy on the right of the picture is named Huang Yibo. When he was 13 years old, he was named the captain of the Wuhan Young Pioneers of China. He was in the limelight and won numerous awards. The boy on the left side of the picture who was photographed with him, named Sun Tong, is looking at Huang Yibo with a disdainful expression. At that time, people said that Huang Yibo must be promising, but Sun Tong was a negative teaching material and could not get on the stage. Unexpectedly, more than 10 years later, the development of the two people was completely unexpected. Huang Yibo scored 477 in the college entrance examination and could only attend an ordinary private school. Sun Tong relied on his own efforts to get into Harvard University. 99% of your efforts happen where others can’t see them. Some people are fishing for fame and enjoying the vanity brought by premature fame; some people are working quietly and proving themselves with their strength; some people are dawdling around and have no knowledge and skills; some people are working hard and rewriting their lives with their own hands. My child, I hope you can become the latter. All the efforts you make silently, all the sweat and tears you endure through pain will not be in vain. Those who work hard secretly are like an iceberg. Don\’t only see one-tenth of the iceberg above the water. The rest is all under the water and is the hard work that others cannot see. And our life is like a marathon. Everyone has his or her own highlight moment, you just need to keep working hard. As long as you persist, as long as you endure boredom, as long as you let go of laziness, as long as you resist temptation, as long as you have long-term self-discipline. Then the accumulation of all previous efforts will become a huge motivation for your explosive moment. If you can get to the next level, don’t just muddle along. Children, do you know what the most failed life is? That is: always regretting yesterday, but never cherishing the present, so the future will regret the present again. The biggest regret in the world is not \”I can\’t\”, but \”I could have\”. The Roman poet Weigur once said: \”If you have confidence, you will succeed!\” So children, stop being self-indulgent. You must believe that your abilities are greater and more than you think. If you can get to the next level, don’t just muddle along. 1. Overcome 6 bad habits that make you dizzy day and nightFailure will drag down your spirit and make you lose your fighting spirit; playing with your mobile phone crazily will take away your focus and make you regress; being addicted to entertainment will destroy your ideals and make you lose your ambition; not doing your homework will lead to indulgence Your laziness makes you addicted to procrastination; being lazy will weaken your limbs and make you incompetent; never learning will accelerate brain decline and make you stupid. 2. Develop 6 good habits to do your homework well, time and quantify it every day, and strive to complete it as soon as possible. Keep reading, read for an hour every day, and enrich your knowledge reserve. Review the past and learn the new, flip through the textbooks every day and consolidate basic knowledge. Preview in advance, learn a new lesson every day, and build a knowledge structure. Exercise, exercise for half an hour every day, and have a healthy body. Do more housework, help your parents more every day, and exercise your hands-on skills. You don’t know the depth of water without teasing it, and you don’t know the winner or loser without fighting. Thumbs up, work hard quietly, wait until you become great, then pop out and scare the people who used to look down on you. This is what you need to set as your goal now. The world is uncertain, and you and I are both dark horses. May you work relatively hard, but be absolutely outstanding. May you start small and end with greatness.

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