• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

What should I do if my child’s eyelashes grow upside down?

Question 1: A four-month-old baby has trichiasis under his left eye, tears and pus-like eye droppings. How to correct the trichiasis? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: In the case of babies, first use Topex eye drops. Generally, fat children may have trichiasis. Most of them will recover naturally as they grow older. At this time, the eye hairs are thin and soft and will not damage the cornea. You can use some Use eye drops to protect your eyes and prevent inflammation, and try not to rub your eyes. If trichiasis is severe, it may damage the cornea and require ophthalmological treatment. Question 2: A two-year-old baby girl has red lower body, fever, and is crying and complaining of pain. Because she works outside, my grandma is taking care of her. I used to wash it with warm water every day when I was taking care of her. She never had any symptoms. I hope the doctor can tell me how to deal with it. How should I take care of it afterwards? Dr. Pan Guilan answered: The baby\’s perineum must be washed with warm water in the morning and evening. Wear cotton-containing underwear to prevent the baby from eating spicy and irritating foods. You must also wipe it with paper towels every time you urinate. Buy some potassium permanganate in the drug store for a sitz bath and dissolve it into light water with warm water. Purple, once in the morning and evening, fever should also be treated and controlled. Question 3: My baby girl is three years and five months old. She usually accumulates food, has bad breath, and sleeps on her stomach. I would like to ask how I should treat her? Is there any medicine to prevent food accumulation that I can take all the time? Can I eat the candy-flavored chewable tablets recommended by pharmacies to aid digestion? Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: Pay attention to oral hygiene, brush your teeth in the morning and evening, and take children’s compound chicken gizzard for a week. There is no medicine that can be taken all the time, and candy-flavored chewable tablets are not reliable. It is best to take less at night.

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