• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

What should I do if my three-and-a-half-year-old child cannot speak clearly?

Question 1: My baby is now three and a half years old, his speech is unclear, and his tongue tie was cut early. I can still understand simple things, but I can\’t say a complete sentence and I can\’t hear clearly. I can\’t say the word \”Mr.\” and I feel like I can\’t roll my tongue. It looks like he has a short tongue. Can this be treated now? He himself knew that he couldn\’t speak clearly. He only spoke simple words and never heard him say a complete sentence. Dr. Yang Yafeng answered: The unclear speech is physiological. Some children have a short tongue. Second, it is pathological. The child\’s growth and development are delayed and speech is delayed. For the first case, if it is serious, it can be treated surgically. For the second case, it should be combined with whether there are late walking, late teething, and late hair growth. If so, it can be diagnosed as delayed speech and requires active treatment. However, there are also children who are delayed in speech. You should consider the situation of your parents to see if there is a genetic tendency. Surgical treatment can now be performed, and the risks are there, but not significant. Conservative observation and treatment can also be used. Currently, it is recommended to count all the words that he cannot pronounce clearly, and then focus on practicing pronunciation. Question 2: My baby is 70 days old. In the past few days, he has had yellow foamy poop with sticky strips in his poop, about four times a day. What is going on? what to do? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: It may be inflammation or cold. It is difficult to judge. You can check the stool. Directly poop the stool into a disposable paper cup or a clean plastic bag and send it to the hospital for examination within an hour. Question 3: I got pregnant during lactation and was preparing to have a baby, so I have been weaning Dabao for the past few days. The milk is particularly swollen and a bit hard, and I haven’t taken any medicine to restore milk. In this case, what can I take to help restore milk quickly? Dr. Zhang Qiaoli’s answer: Try not to take medicine, and you can suck out some of the milk when the milk is engorged, with less stimulation and less sucking, and the milk will return slowly.

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