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What the hell is a child \”getting angry\”? How to \”defeat the fire\” for him?

If a child has a thick tongue coating, excessive eye mucus, yellow urine, or constipation, we will naturally say that the child is angry, and then start to think of ways to calm the child\’s anger. But what does getting angry mean? Is it a disease? How to deal with it scientifically and effectively? I collected some information and shared it with sisters in need. In the past few days, Xiaochuan\’s mental state was not very good. He had no appetite for meals and kept complaining that he was hot. After some inspection, my mother came to a conclusion: \”Autumn is here, the weather is dry and irritable, and this little guy is angry. Look at how thick the coating on his tongue is.\” After saying that, she immediately started to cook white fungus and snow pear soup to calm the grandson\’s anger. Two days later, Ogawa\’s \”fire\” did not subside. Instead, it fully came out. He had a high fever of 39.7 degrees. He went to the hospital for a checkup and was diagnosed with acute suppurative tonsillitis. He was given intravenous drip for two days. The word \”getting angry\” is heard almost every day. The child has too much eye mucus and is angry. Constipated and angry. The tongue coating is thick and the person is angry. The urine is yellow and I am angry. Adults too, have mouth ulcers and get angry. Bleeding gums, getting angry. I got acne and got angry. … What does it mean to get angry? Is it a disease? How do we deal with it in daily life? A friend recommended that I give Xiaochuan Seven Star Tea for Children, saying that it was particularly effective for his son and that he immediately lost his temper after drinking it. Do these folk remedies and fire-reducing herbal teas really work? There are many claims on the Internet, which are confusing and difficult to distinguish between true and false. Adhering to the habit of doing research, I started asking doctor friends around me and looking for explanations in professional medical journals. In fact, getting angry is just a common folk name. Neither modern medicine nor traditional Chinese medicine has the concept of \”getting angry\”. I believe that many people think that \”getting angry\” is a term from traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, this is not the case. A literature review study by the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine found that there are a total of 1,098 ancient medical books on traditional Chinese medicine from the Qin and Han Dynasties to the Republic of China. Only in the \”Huang Danweng Medical Records\” written by Huang Shuning in the Qing Dynasty, there is \”One day before the Mid-Autumn Festival, there is another string in Youguan\” \”Several signs include nasal congestion, internal heat, and hot sweat on the skin, which should be treated with a little care.\” There is no record or explanation of \”heat\” in other traditional Chinese medicine classics. There are very few modern studies on \”getting angry\”, and most of them are popular science propaganda without complete and accurate definitions and identification standards. There is no exact corresponding disease in Western medicine. In fact, \”getting angry\” is just a folk name for abnormal heat symptoms in the body, such as sores on the mouth and tongue, swollen and painful gums, dry and painful throat, restlessness, insomnia, dry mouth, constipation, acne and a series of other symptoms. common name. In other words, getting angry is not a disease, but just an apparent symptom of the disease. So what causes the symptoms of internal heat? According to my research, the causes are many and complex. For example, modern medical research has found that an increase in medium molecules may cause poisoning in the body; hydrogen bonds between food and water release excess energy; excess or insufficient nutrients, etc., may lead to symptoms of internal heat. I feel dizzy when I look at it, I don’t understand it, and even if I try hard to figure it out, I don’t know how to deal with it in daily life. The causes discovered by traditional Chinese medicine research are even more difficult for us ordinary people. Fire is also divided into \”real fire\”, \”deficient fire\”, \”heart fire\”, \”liver fire\”, \”spleen fire\” and \”kidney fire\”;What does the invasion of six evils, rash emotions, improper diet, moderate work and rest, congenital differences, evil medicines and medical failures mean? It’s too difficult for laymen to figure it out. Starting from the symptoms, you can easily master the \”disinfection of fire\” \”Scientific method\” Later, I found a popular science article by Gu Zhongyi, a nutritionist at Beijing Friendship Hospital. From the key perspective of \”eating\”, based on 13 \”symptoms\” of getting angry, he told us simply and clearly what should be done when getting angry. How to deal with it. It is suitable for both children and adults, let’s take a look. 1. If you drink less water, you feel like you are on fire, and your urine is very yellow. There is nothing to say. It just tells you that it is time to drink water. To be specific, it is due to various reasons in the body. Lack of water due to various factors leads to an increase in the osmotic pressure of body fluid crystals, and the receptors report signals back to the central nervous system to produce a sense of thirst… 2. If you have a sore throat or foreign body sensation after eating something, first consider whether you are allergic. The most common ones in China are cantaloupe and some nuts. If you are allergic, please pay attention to avoid it next time. High-temperature food that has just been cooked, coupled with the stimulation of alcohol and spicy food, can easily cause congestion of the pharyngeal mucosa, hyperplasia of lymph follicles, and produce a foreign body sensation when swallowing. Pay attention to the warm entrance of the food, and Drink plenty of water. Viral infections and bacterial infections due to reduced resistance can also induce acute pharyngitis, so you should seek medical treatment in time. 3. The most common cause of itching after eating seafood is that the seafood is stale, and the histamine in it can cause discomfort. By the way, there is no scientific basis for the so-called \”fasting\” when there is a wound. For people who are not allergic to such foods, it is beneficial to eat more hygienic high-protein foods after surgery. 4. Eat pizza , melon seeds, and blisters will immediately form in your mouth. Such grilled and fried foods are often too dry and too salty. On the one hand, they are too rough and scratch the oral mucosa. On the other hand, they cause local high osmotic pressure and dehydration, causing inflammation (this is what was previously said about \”food and The hydrogen bonding of water releases excess energy\”). 5. Frequent eating of fast food will cause oral ulcers. The cause of oral ulcers is more complicated, but it is currently believed that when you often eat fast food, it is also the time when your immunity is reduced due to work stress. At this time, getting more rest and improving immunity are fundamental. In addition, fast food contains a lot of refined grains and sugar, which can easily lead to vitamin B2 deficiency, which can lead to angular stomatitis (inflammatory reactions appear on both sides of the mouth at the same time). Small bubbles appear on the outer edges of the lips. It is a herpes simplex virus infection. You can apply antiviral ointment such as acyclovir. 6. After a period of time, the gums will bleed. People who eat too much and eat too much often eat less vegetables and fruits. The lack of vitamin C will cause collagen Synthesis problems may occur, causing gums and mucous membranes to bleed. In addition, some meats and fruits (such as lychees) are more likely to clog teeth, and the residue will cause bacteria to breed and cause inflammation, and even produce tartar over time, causing gums to bleed. But if your gums have been loved since childhood, Bleeding, it is best to go to the hospital to check platelets and coagulation factors. 7. Eating sweets is prone to acne, the scientific name of acne. There is very clear evidence that a high glycemic load diet will aggravate acne, possibly because of the relationship between male hormone levels and blood sugar levels. There is a positive correlation, and sebum secretion is controlled by male hormones. Therefore, friends with acne may wish to think about whether they have eaten too many sweets recently. 8. Bleeding after eating chocolateNosebleed: The capillaries in the human nasal cavity are very rich, and the mucous membrane is relatively thin, so it is easy to bleed when encountering dryness and other conditions. Sensitive people, especially children, need to be careful. Food-induced nosebleeds are often linked to salicylic acid or other ingredients that have antiplatelet effects. Salicylic acid is an anticoagulant ingredient. Not only does chocolate contain a large amount of salicylic acid, but the flavanols (itself a good antioxidant component) can also increase the effect of salicylic acid. The cocoa in chocolate Alkali and xanthine alkaloids can also increase blood pressure. Adding a large amount of sugar can easily explain the phenomenon of nosebleeds. In addition to chocolate, wine, chili peppers, coffee, and fish oil can also easily cause nosebleeds. Friends who are very prone to nosebleeds are advised to go to the otolaryngology department for a check-up. 9. If you eat too much meat, you will feel hot and thirsty. When protein is digested, absorbed and metabolized, a large amount of water will be consumed. At the same time, a high-protein diet will increase the body\’s heat dissipation. In nutrition, it is called the \”food thermic effect\”. 10. Eating boiled mutton is obviously more likely to cause reactions than eating fish. The fat content and fatty acid ratio of different meats are different. Mutton contains more fat, mainly saturated fatty acids, which can easily induce inflammatory reactions during the metabolic process, while fish is low in fat. , high in n-3 series polyunsaturated fatty acids, which have anti-infective effects. We generally believe that in a balanced diet, we should eat 50 to 75g of livestock and poultry meat every day, which is less than two taels, and a plate of mutton-shabu-shabu meat is often eight taels (400g)… 11. The second spicy food Burning the anus after capsaicin receptors are activated by capsaicin will produce pain, even stimulate muscle reaction and increase blood flow rate. Although it is not necessarily a bad thing, it can still easily cause discomfort to people who are more sensitive. For example, activation of capsaicin receptors in colon cells can easily lead to faster colon movement or even diarrhea. There are also capsaicin receptors on the anus… 12. Why do babies have so much eye droppings? Adults who have so much eye droppings are often a typical symptom of infectious conjunctivitis. If the symptoms are severe, you should seek medical treatment in time. As a precaution, you should wash your hands frequently, do not rub your eyes at will, and clean and disinfect towels frequently. If your baby has a lot of eye feces, it may be congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction or acute dacryocystitis, and he should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. 13. Babies are prone to constipation and have diarrhea after taking traditional Chinese medicine. First, consider whether the dietary fiber intake is sufficient. You can eat more vegetables. Babies who have not yet taken complementary foods can consider dietary fiber drugs such as lactulose. Breast milk is rich in oligosaccharides (soluble dietary fiber), which is why babies fed formula are more prone to constipation. We are opposed to any group of people taking traditional Chinese medicine to \”moisten the intestines\”. All in all, it is recommended for those who are afraid of \”getting angry\”: eat more colorful fruits and vegetables. Eat less sweets and replace processed foods with whole grains. Eat less fatty meat and refuse fried foods. Get enough rest and exercise to boost your immunity. Rinse your mouth after meals and brush and floss your teeth every day. Suggestion to those who have already become angry: Don’t hold on to it, go to a doctor for a clear diagnosis! Ogawa\’s fever turned out to be tonsillitis caused by a virus. Therefore, when you find that your baby has a fever, it is key to pay attention and go to the hospital to see a doctor for a quick diagnosis. It is not recommended to give your children \”Seven Star Tea\” and other similar herbal teas to relieve fire. It is actually a kind of medicine.It needs to be taken under the guidance of a doctor. Moreover, there are many causes of internal heat, and there is no panacea that can treat so many diseases.

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