• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

What time is the best time for children to go to bed at night? Sleeping at this time makes your brain smarter!

Sleep is so closely related to children’s health! Parents, please hurry up and take a look! Injury to the heart After the new semester started, many parents told Sister Yu that their children’s biological clocks had not been adjusted, they could not sleep well at night, could not wake up in the morning, and seemed to be unable to wake up during the day. Some children also suffered from loss of appetite, The phenomenon of restlessness really worries parents. The reason why children are irritable and irritable is completely due to lack of sleep. And the more sleep-deprived they are, the more excited they are. When they are excited, their heartbeat will speed up. If you are in a state of excitement for a long time, it will have a very bad impact on your heart. Lowering Immunity Baozi asked me not to sleep at noon for a while. He said he couldn\’t sleep in the day care class and he could just read a book. Sister Yu agreed. Who would have known that after a period of time, the child\’s frequent colds were related to his less sleep time. If a child lacks sleep and the body does not get rest, it will not be able to produce immune factors that can resist diseases, thus giving opportunities for viruses and bacteria to invade. Therefore, letting children sleep well and fully can help their bodies to rest, their organs to repair, and their immunity to improve, thereby reducing the possibility of colds and infectious diseases. Impact on intelligence Research shows that irregular sleep or going to bed late will affect a child\’s intellectual development and reduce their reading, arithmetic and reaction abilities. If children often study without sleep, their listening efficiency and receptive ability will become very poor. Children who sleep late can be seen at a glance during the day. They are always listless in class, as if they can fall asleep at any time. After a class, they feel like they are sleepwalking! It is normal for students to \”sleepwalk\” in class frequently and their grades to decline. Going to bed late will damage your child\’s memory and ability to learn and master new information! For children of different ages, the required sleep duration is also different: the above is the sleep duration standard recommended by experts, so it is recommended that children should lie in bed at 8:30 pm and get up after 7:00 the next day to ensure Get enough sleep. In addition, children of different ages also have their own correct bedtime schedules. This is Harriet Hiscock, a child sleep expert from the Australian Children\’s Research Institute, who recommends bedtime for children of all ages: a sleep standard of 7:30 or 8:30 p.m. For most of our families, it is difficult to do this in most cases, so try to do it at 9 p.m. and try to let the children sleep as much as possible. Keep in mind the following sleep-aid foods, and it’s not difficult to have a good night’s sleep~ Banana-wrapped “sleeping pills” in peel. In addition to stabilizing serotonin and melatonin, bananas also contain magnesium, which has a muscle-relaxing effect. In addition, eating bananas before going to bed will not cause weight gain because it is low in calories and rich in dietary fiber, which can promote defecation. Warm milk Milk contains two hypnotic substances: one is tryptophan, which can promote the nerve cells of the brain to secrete the drowsy neurotransmitter-serotonin; the other is a peptide that regulates physiological functions. Class, the \”opioid peptides\” in it can combine with the central nervous system to exert opium-like anesthesia and analgesic effects, making people feel comfortable all over the body, which is beneficial to relieving fatigue and integrating into the body.sleep. Pumpkin seed magnesium helps muscles relax and promotes the brain to produce melatonin, which regulates sleep, thereby improving sleep. Pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium, so eating a handful of them a day can improve sleep quality. In addition, green leafy vegetables and legumes are also rich in magnesium. Cherry research has found that the melatonin contained in just one cup of cherry juice is enough to \”induced\” a healthy sleep response and improve sleep quality. Honey Chinese medicine believes that honey has the effects of nourishing the body, nourishing qi, calming the five internal organs, and combining medicinal herbs. If you want to sleep well, drinking a cup of honey water before going to bed can play a certain role. By adding a small amount of honey to warm milk, a small amount of glucose can prompt the brain to stop producing orexin, a recently discovered neurotransmitter related to staying awake.

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