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What to do about procrastination? In this way, behind every child there is always a micromanaging mother.

I was chatting with a group of mothers in the community on the weekend afternoon. Most of the exchanges between the mothers were about trivial family matters. One mother was full of complaints and helplessness as soon as she opened her mouth. \”My son is such a procrastinator, my mother! Meals never taste good, and a meal can\’t last more than two hours.\” The mother expressed her bitterness, which aroused the attention of several idlers around her. The sitting mothers also shook their heads and sighed. Talking about their little ancestors was so nerve-wracking. \”Every day when I wait for my little ancestor to wake up, he gets so angry that he bursts into blood. He is already awake, tossing and turning on the bed, but refuses to put on clothes.\” \”No, my daughter is really screaming every time she goes out. It\’s like a big ship going out to sea. No matter how early you get up, you will always be late. No matter how good your temper is, you can\’t hold it back! Every morning, the neighbors think that our family is abusing children, so we almost didn\’t call the police.\” \”I It takes at least more than an hour for my son to eat, and half an hour to get dressed when he goes out. If you want him to drink water, you have to start urging him half an hour in advance.\” How to get rid of children\’s problem of dillydallying? Chen Mo says goodbye to wasting time on writing homework efficiently in 30 lectures! Does the plot above sound familiar? Is \”procrastination drama\” going on in your family every day? On the one hand, you are constantly urging and urging, but on the other hand, the child is constantly procrastinating… So, parents come to put out the fire! End this \”battle\” quickly! In fact, parents\’ \”fire-fighting behavior\” will lead to strong dependence in children. They may regard going to school, getting up and sleeping, eating and dressing, and learning to read every day as their parents\’ business and have nothing to do with them. Over time, the child\’s self-confidence and ability both go offline. My best friend’s son is 6 years old and is in the third grade of kindergarten, but the family still “serves” him like a baby. Every morning, his mother dressed him, his grandmother wiped his face, brushed his teeth, and fed him, and his father helped him carry his schoolbag and put on his shoes… Everything that the child could do by himself, the whole family did for him. My best friend said helplessly: \”I can\’t help it, the time in the morning is too tight, and he can\’t do it well!\” In fact, many children who dilly-dally, procrastinate, are lazy, and lack the ability to take care of themselves are the result of parents who love to arrange things. cultivated. From the beginning, the children were pushed around and scolded, and then the parents did everything in order to save time, which gradually led to the children becoming dependent: \”I can\’t do it well anyway, and I will be scolded if I don\’t do it well, so why not?\” It\’s better not to do it!\” A middle school in the United States has a rule: parents are not allowed to bring lunch, textbooks, homework, sports shoes and other items forgotten at home to school. The purpose is to let children take responsibility and learn to solve problems on their own. . Only when children have a sense of responsibility and know how to do their own things can they establish a sense of time. The more anxious the parents are, the more procrastinating the children will be. Psychologists have said this: \”Behind a child who has the habit of procrastinating, there is always a person who takes care of everything for him.\” Many times, lack of responsibility is the root cause of children\’s procrastination, and the reason for lack of responsibility is that there is a whole family around them.Can mom. Mom is too conscientious and considers everything. How can this be a bad thing? A conscientious mother is of course a good mother, but being too conscientious and taking over things that should be the child\’s own responsibility is not a good thing. This is why, when you angrily yell at your child why he is still lazy and inactive, the child always looks very calm and indifferent. Therefore, cultivating children\’s sense of responsibility is the first step to get rid of \”procrastination\” in children. In the eyes of children, those things that should be their own responsibility have become their mother\’s responsibilities. If you don\’t do it anyway, someone will do it in the end, and it will be better than what you do. So why should you do it? It is because of parents’ problems that children’s sense of responsibility is stolen bit by bit. We all love our children deeply, but do we really love them? 30 Explosive Learning Powers: I am the speaker Xu Jiru’s How to Learn Efficiently [Completed] Let go, be lazy, give the children what they should do, and let the children develop responsibility and independence from small things.

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