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What to do if a child has poor mobility


Oct 1, 2023

I heard a very touching story. Teacher Zheng Yuanjie, who wrote fairy tales, apologized to his young readers and fans 37 years ago. The reason is that there were too many letters from readers back then and it was impossible to reply to them all. However, 37 years later, he found the letter again and wrote a reply, wishing this friend a happy New Year. The classic collection of inspirational stories and principles [best-selling collector\’s edition] pdf What\’s even more touching is that Teacher Zheng also has a fan, a girl who was only in the second grade. The girl asked Teacher Zheng: \”What does the sister standing next to him do?\” Teacher Zheng replied: \”She is an assistant who helps me deal with things.\” The little girl asked again: \”When I grow up, I can be an assistant.\” Are you an assistant?\” Teacher Zheng said, \”If you can learn English well and are willing to come after college, you are welcome to come.\” Unexpectedly, Teacher Zheng\’s words actually gave the little girl the motivation to study. The girl\’s grades suddenly jumped from being at the bottom of the class. Finally, the girl was admitted to Guangzhou Foreign Studies University. One day more than ten years ago, the girl from that year found Teacher Zheng. She took his signed book and her university diploma to cash in with Teacher Zheng. As a result, she got hired smoothly. I have to say that Teacher Zheng is really heartwarming, and this little reader is also very motivated. Compared with some children who shout slogans and have beliefs in their hearts but are unwilling to take action, the little girl is really amazing. However, there are children in life who are very active, and there are also children who are utopian and \”all talk but no action\”. This worries teachers, worries parents, and even the children themselves sometimes worry: \”Why am I like this!\” What are the symptoms of children who \”just talk but don\’t do anything\”? ①Laziness: Yan\’s family motto says, habit of idleness will lead to laziness, habit of laziness will lead to disease. Children are used to being lazy. Over time, they can easily develop laziness, which can be very harmful. For example, a child is too lazy to do his homework, and only talks about it but does not do it. He promises his parents to \”write it right away\”, but is slow and lazy in action, saying it but not doing it. Then, it will be difficult for children to have good results, have good academic performance, and even do something well. ②Procrastination is not a disease, procrastination is really fatal. As a mother, the most fearful thing is that the child will delay. The way the child is dilly-dallying is really annoying. I just promised my mother to do it immediately, but in the end, \”immediately\” turned into \”tens of minutes\” or \”several hours\”, or even longer. Children with such poor mobility are simply a waste of time and do not know how to cherish life. When it is serious, some children will \”talk but not do\” and procrastinate to the end, as if they are deliberately going against their parents, and their mobility is extremely poor. ③Children who love to make excuses and only talk but do not do anything never make excuses for themselves. They are rarely willing to admit their laziness and are unwilling to say that they are procrastinators. On the contrary, children love to make excuses and excuse themselves. They may even attribute their poor mobility to the fault of their parents and look for faults in others, which makes people feel a bit unreasonable. So, how should parents take care of children with poor mobility? Children who \”all talk but don\’t do\” have poor mobility, which is detrimental to the development of their study habits, poor performance, and has no positive effect on the shaping of their character. This thing is verySeriously, some parents just don\’t take it seriously. Just imagine how many children in our lives can have the mobility of that second-grade girl. Because I have a belief in my heart, I work hard to complete it. Not only did she dare to think and speak, but she actually did it after she said it. Therefore, dreams can come true. Therefore, if a child has poor mobility, it is recommended that parents manage it as follows: 1. Set goals for the child and have goals so that the child will have a sense of direction. This goal can be a learning goal, a life goal, or even an idol goal. As long as it\’s not out of line, it can bring positive motivation to children. Then, you can let your children enjoy the process of changing themselves, and they will not feel that \”doing it after all is said and done\” is a difficult and torturous task. When a child has a goal, the child will have motivation, and the child will have the energy to act. At this time, parents should encourage and supervise their children and give them some praise after they take action. When children are discouraged, cheer them up. This will encourage them and help them have strong mobility. Fan Deng Reading Club’s five compulsory courses for new parents’ family education [Video + Audio] 2 Cultivate children’s interest in action Scientific research shows that the child’s prefrontal area is responsible for brain execution. If the child\’s prefrontal lobe is underdeveloped, there will be deficiencies in executive ability. Apart from this uncontrollable reason, cultivating children\’s interest in action is an important step in helping children have super executive power. For example, if a child does not want to study, parents can help the child find the fun points in learning and enhance the child\’s desire to take action. For example, when learning Chinese, if a child does not like to write essays, the mother can find some Chinese materials for the child, so that the child finds it interesting after reading, gradually accumulates vocabulary, and improves writing ability. When children no longer find writing difficult and experience happiness in reading, they will naturally fall in love with Chinese language and learn actively on their own. In short, all talk but no action will ruin your child\’s present and future. Only children with high execution ability can be more competitive. Therefore, parents should pay attention to this issue.

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