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what to do if the children do not like study? Stick to 3 things every day and solve them immediately!

Many parents are very distressed because their children don\’t like to study and won\’t listen no matter what they say. \”The child is smart, but he doesn\’t like to study.\” \”He doesn\’t care about grades or anything.\” \”He doesn\’t like to do homework and always wants us to rush him.\” \”He just copes with school and doesn\’t remember anything he learns.\” “I often skip school, skip classes, and don’t even listen to scolding.”… Parents are the ones who pay the most attention to their children. Once they find that their children are slacking off, impatient, and disgusted, they will inevitably wonder: Is my child tired of studying? Does my child not like to study anymore? Parents are most worried and anxious when their children are tired of studying, especially when their performance drops significantly. Especially in primary school, if a child does not lay a good foundation, the road ahead will become increasingly difficult for the child. I would like to remind all parents that if you want your children to fall in love with learning, you may need to use another education method to help your children get out of their learning difficulties. Let your children know why children with good academic performance can always maintain their enthusiasm for learning, but children with poor academic performance may not want to continue learning. When other children were listening carefully to the class, he was running away and chatting with his classmates; when other children were completing their homework, he was doing nothing, not even reading the text. Children who have been in the middle and lower reaches for a long time are most likely to have learning difficulties. If no one helps them, their grades will get worse and worse. First of all, parents need to know why their children don’t want to study. There was a child who always came last in exams. The parents had no choice but to take the child to see a psychiatrist. Only then did I realize that children feel that they are being ignored by their parents, so they are unwilling to study. Children think that studying is for their parents, and getting high scores in exams also makes their parents happy. Since his parents don\’t care about him, it means they don\’t care about him, so he doesn\’t want to study hard. What children study for is likely to determine their learning level. When many parents of top students share their educational experiences, they will emphasize that their children will set goals before each exam and ask themselves where to get in the exam. Especially children who often take first place in exams have very clear goals and constantly push themselves to get closer to this goal. What parents have to do is to let their children know what they are studying for. Tell your children that learning is their own business. If your child likes to play games, tell him to study hard, learn technology in the future, and develop his own games. If your child likes to invent, he should study hard, learn all kinds of scientific knowledge, and become an excellent scientist. Only when children understand why they are doing something can they really do it well. It is best not to directly talk about how good and important learning is, which is relatively empty. Children are more concerned about the present rather than the future. Connect reading with children\’s current interests, and children will definitely take learning seriously. Be a close friend of your children In terms of family education, parents should re-examine their relationship with their children. There are two most common relationships, one is the \”up-and-down type\” and the other is the \”left-right type\”. · The \”top-down\” relationship between parents and their children is that of leader and being led. Once the parents are dissatisfied, the children will suffer. They care too much about their children\’s grades. Once they find out that their children have failed in the exam, they lose their temper, criticize and punish their children. They are also used to suppressing their children, making them live a very depressed and anxious life.. · \”Left-right\” parents and children are friends, and both parties can chat and study together. These parents will not order their children, but will take the initiative to communicate with them, understand them, and help their children solve their doubts. Children are more willing to face \”friend\” parents than \”authoritarian\” parents. Star Huang Lei is a good example. He has talked about his \”parenting experience\” many times in the show: I never treat her as a child, we are friends. In \”Where Are We Going, Dad\”, Duoduo is a big sister who is very good at taking care of children. The reason why she is so responsible is because she often acts as her father\’s little assistant at home. Huang Lei will not pamper Duoduo. On the contrary, he will invite Duoduo to cook delicious food with him and practice his cooking skills together. In terms of learning, Duoduo has shown amazing \”talent\”, and his English ability is particularly outstanding. He has been able to translate English works at a young age. Thanks to Sun Li\’s company and Huang Lei\’s encouragement, Duoduo will become more interested in English, and the more he learns, the better. To make children fall in love with learning, parents must first be their children\’s close friends, accompany them to study, and constantly encourage them. This is more useful than blaming and complaining. Especially when children encounter learning difficulties, if parents can find out in time, chat more with their children, and help them resolve their knots, they can overcome the difficulties as soon as possible. Compared with innocent children, parents are particularly realistic in giving their children a certain sense of accomplishment. When the child talks freely about his dream, the parent yells: \”I\’m dreaming again, don\’t waste time, hurry up and do my homework.\” When the child wants to go out to play, the familiar scolding voice of the parent sounds again: \”I just care about it all day long. Just kidding, do you want to study or not?\” The child failed in the exam and was bowing his head in frustration, but the parents hated iron and steel: \”Why did you fail in the exam again? It\’s really better to have a piece of barbecued pork than to give birth to you!\” The more you scold, the more the child becomes. to not fix! The more you criticize, the less promising your child will be! In a supermarket in Thailand, the father was very dissatisfied with his son who was addicted to gaming. He yelled: \”If you have the guts, don\’t live!\” As he said this, he placed a loaded gun on the counter. As soon as the father turned around, the son immediately picked up the gun on the counter and shot himself in the temple without hesitation! In this world, children love you far more than you think. Once they are denied by the person they love the most, they will be extremely hurt. The best education for children is never criticism, but encouragement. I once met a neighbor who liked to praise her daughter. However, in everyone\’s opinion, her daughter had an average appearance and average grades, and there was really nothing outstanding about her. But this neighbor said seriously that her daughter loves to study very much and studies very hard. Slowly, her daughter\’s performance really got better and better, progressing from the middle and upper reaches to the top ten, and became a child that teachers and parents love to praise. Last summer, her daughter was admitted to Sun Yat-sen University with a high score of 655, making her family proud. The difference in children\’s learning does not lie in their IQ, but in their parents\’ support. Children who are trusted and encouraged by their parents will be more confident, feel a sense of accomplishment whenever they achieve good results, and have the confidence to keep working hard. Children who are not trusted or encouraged will give up learning in the eyes of their parents\’ doubts. everyoneEveryone needs encouragement and a sense of accomplishment, and so do children. Give children the courage to take the initiative to learn, and then they will be willing to take the most critical step, dare to challenge and break through themselves.

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