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What to do if your baby’s buttocks are red? Different reasons require different treatments

One of the biggest sins of diapers is that they cause red buttocks in babies. In fact, no matter whether the baby is in paper diapers or cloth diapers, if the baby is not taken care of well, his bottom will be red. It\’s just that because cloth diapers have to be changed frequently, the baby is indeed less likely to get diaper rash. Babies wearing diapers will not have red bottoms as long as they are cared for properly. However, some babies\’ skin is extremely delicate and will turn red when exposed to a little stimulation, so they need extra careful care. The nursing process for diaper rash can be very cumbersome and tedious, but the basic principle remains the same – do whatever it takes to keep your butt dry! To be specific, it’s just the following points: 1. Try to completely dry the remaining water on your butt. You can use a soft cloth to gently soak all the water, or pat it dry with toner. You can also consider using a more efficient hair dryer. . Note that if the baby already has a rash, do not use the \”wiping\” method, which will aggravate the severity of the rash. Although using talcum powder is also a drying method, it is not recommended because it is difficult to control the dust from being inhaled by the baby, even if it is made of corn. Yes, it’s not good to inhale it into the lungs. Everyone knows that dust contains PM2.5. 2. Try to keep the little butt away from moisture. Apply diaper cream containing zinc oxide to the area that is prone to redness. Apply a thick white layer with the spirit of plastering the wall. If it is not serious, just apply it two or three times a day. , if it is more serious, apply it every time you change a diaper. The older generation\’s method is to apply sesame oil, which also has the same water-proofing principle. However, I feel that the oil will be rubbed off by the diaper quickly. It is not as long-lasting as the diaper cream to keep the water out. It is better to use something more professional. 3. Try to keep the baby The butt can be ventilated. The usual diapers can be loosened intentionally, or you can use a larger diaper to keep air flowing freely around the butt. If the diaper rash is serious, it is necessary to let the baby not wear diapers at all and lie on his stomach to dry his buttocks for as long as possible. In fact, this kind of diaper rash caused by insufficient dryness of the buttocks is the best to deal with. Like my Maotou and Guoguo, sometimes the diapers are not changed frequently, and the buttocks become red. Within two days of applying diaper cream, the buttocks become red. It\’s white and tender again. Diaper rash, which is more difficult to deal with, is the kind of skin that is particularly afraid of irritation and prone to allergies. The poop after 10 minutes of staining is red! A little bit of chemicals, red! There are some ingredients on diapers that I don’t like, and they continue to be red! If you happen to encounter a child with such a precious butt, you have to be thoughtful and considerate, avoid all kinds of irritating substances to the greatest extent, and force the baby to become obsessive-compulsive disorder. There are some details that you may easily overlook. Orange will help you sort them out. 1. Change the brand of diapers. Some babies are only allergic to one brand of diapers, and they will be fine if they change to another. If all brands fail, then you can only consider it. Used cloth diapers. 2. Do not use wet wipes. Wet wipes contain chemical substances. Otherwise, they are so rich in water that they will not deteriorate and stink over time. Most babies are not sensitive to the substances in wet wipes, but babies with sensitive skin will be affected by them. No more. You can use a pure cotton soft cloth or cotton ball dipped in clean water to wipe it. It would be better if you can wash your butt with running water. 3. If you use cloth diapers, be careful not to use detergents with fragrances to wash the diapers.After that, be sure to rinse it clean. You can add a little white vinegar to disinfect the diaper during the first rinse to avoid chemical substances remaining on the diaper from irritating the baby\’s buttocks, and to avoid the growth of bacterial or fungal residues. 4. Breastfeed for as long as possible. According to statistics, breastfed babies have significantly fewer diaper rashes. Although the principle has not yet been determined, it is inferred that the poop of breastfed babies has a better acid-base balance and is less likely to irritate the skin. 5. After the baby eats complementary food, pay attention to observation and recording. Because the baby\’s ability to digest solid food is limited, a lot of food is pulled out without digestion, and the baby\’s buttocks are likely to be sensitive to this kind of food, which is also prone to tragedy. When necessary, you need to avoid certain foods. If you feel that you have enough obsessive-compulsive disorder, you have been working hard to serve your baby\’s butt all day long, keeping it dry and not irritating, but your baby\’s butt is still stubbornly reddening for 3 days. If it\’s not good, then it\’s not an ordinary red butt. You should strongly suspect whether there is a fungal infection. Yes, fungal infection can also cause red buttocks, and it can be particularly serious. We can compare it. The general red buttocks look like this: Although it looks a little bumpy, it is still flat overall and there is no bulge to the touch. It feels very powerful, and the color is pinkish. The red buttocks caused by fungal infection are like this~ Diaper rash caused by fungal infection has the following characteristics: 1. Deep red in color; 2. It feels very raised and scaly to the touch; 3. It has a tendency to spread to all sides, and the skin The wrinkles are serious, especially in the groin area 4. Ordinary care to keep it dry for more than three days still has no obvious effect. In fact, everyone has some harmless fungi, especially in warm and humid places, such as the mouth, intestines, skin and vagina. As long as the fungi do not overproduce and cause flooding, people will not feel any discomfort. Some fungi are even Bacteria beneficial to the human body. However, the defenses of fungi, bacteria, and skin are actually in a state of checks and balances. Once an accident occurs, this balance will be broken. For example, if the baby\’s intestines are exposed to antibiotics, all the beneficial bacteria will be killed, or in other words, the baby\’s intestines will be exposed to antibiotics. , the baby\’s little bottom is not kept dry, and the skin surface is damaged, and fungi can easily take advantage of it and spread. Therefore, many babies with thrush are also prone to stubborn red buttocks, because although the symptoms of the two are very different, the essence is the same, except that one is a fungal infection in the mouth, and the other is a fungal infection in the buttocks, so if your family If a baby has thrush, it means that the flora in the baby\’s body is not balanced, and he needs to pay more attention to his butt. (As for what is thrush, click on this article \”Why does the baby\’s tongue turn white? Is it sick?\”) What should I do if the baby has a fungal infection that cannot be cured by ordinary methods? You need to ask the doctor to prescribe some antifungal ointment to apply. Generally, apply it two or three times a day, and the rash will be relieved or disappear in about three days. However, antifungal ointment needs to be continued for many days to completely kill the fungus and avoid recurrence. Of course Specific instructions must be followed. For more severe diaper rash, you may need to apply hormonal ointments first to help the skin get better quickly. Note that redness caused by fungal infectionEspecially don\’t use corn talcum powder on your buttocks. It essentially provides food for the fungus, which will make the fungus spread more serious. There is also a more serious type of butt rash, which is caused by bacteria and looks like this. If you find that your baby has a fever when his buttocks are severely red, or the rash contains yellow pus, it is likely to be a bacterial infection, and you should see a doctor for antibiotics in time. Babies\’ skin problems are very troublesome. They can recur if they are not careful. They require a lot of care to ensure that they do not recur. For babies with delicate buttocks, even if they don’t have diaper rash yet, they still need to be alert and use all their strength to keep dry and ventilated to prevent recurrence. In the first three months, when there are more stools, they will be even more tired. Just hold on. When the baby gets older, the stool frequency will not be so frequent, the skin will become thicker, and the standard of care will be lower, and the buttocks will not be so prone to redness. May the babies’ little butts become firmer and firmer~~~~~

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