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What to do when your child encounters difficulties


Oct 1, 2023

Soft lights, warm doors. I often think, when children encounter difficulties, what do they want most from their parents? Is it a word of encouragement, some comfort, or an answer that can solve a problem? Maybe, but it doesn\’t seem to be the case. If we can find some commonalities in the clueless feedback given by children, perhaps they can be summarized as: a sense of security. This family gives children an invisible, subtle, understanding, and down-to-earth sense of security. A sense of security is not a hotbed for lying down. But when he encounters difficulties or setbacks, he has the courage to move forward without hesitation. He is not always brave, he will also feel scared, hesitant, and flinch, but this will not stop him from moving forward, and he will not be afraid of the world because of this. Because he has enough security, which comes from the security he learned from his parents and is rooted deep in his heart. This made him know that no matter what he encountered, there was a soft light behind him that would always shine for him. There is a warm door that is always open for him. This sense of security has nothing to do with material things. But a deep spiritual nourishment. When good and bad cards cannot accomplish one thing, some people will complain that they have bad luck, always have bad luck, God is unfair to them, and others always have the upper hand… We cannot ask for only a good deck of cards, Only then can you play your cards well. A good deck of cards, and someone will beat it to a pulp. There are also people who get a bad hand but play flowers. The most important thing is not the quality of the cards themselves, but our mentality, state and skills in the game. We won\’t always draw good cards. No matter what cards you draw, try to play the cards in your hand well. There is no point in always obsessing over why my hand is poor, otherwise you will really get worse and worse. When you play every card in your hand well, maybe slowly, good cards will naturally appear in your hand. After going around so much, actually, what I want to say is: If the child was the deck of cards you drew, how would you play the deck of cards? This may be an inappropriate analogy, just understand. The most effective complete set of video courses on parent-child communication and coordination skills. Now, we are that mother. During the most frustrating turning points in my life, my mother gave me great support. Looking back now, I actually find that she never blamed me for my bad performance. She always comforted me, silently cared about me in her own way, and considered me without embarrassing me. This kept me from collapsing even when I was most frustrated. Instead, it gave me a strong fighting spirit. My mother gave birth to me very early. During the most important stage of my life, she was still very young. It was not easy for her to do that. When I had my own children, I discovered the subtle influence she had on me in these aspects. Although I\’m not as good as her, I\’m always trying to do better. My mom is also prone to anxiety. I couldn\’t clearly correspond to and summarize this before, and I often felt confused and helpless about my anxiety – I didn\’t know it was called anxiety, it was just a vague feeling. Later, as I slowly understood this, I began to become aware of my own feelings, consciously not letting yourself fall into the whirlpool of learned emotions. I am becoming calmer and calmer, and there are fewer and fewer things that cause me anxiety. Therefore, I also see more calmness in my children. I think these are the influence and inheritance of a mother on the next generation. Now, we ourselves are that mother.

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