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When is the countdown to the start of primary school? The most comprehensive guide to retracting your heart

In the blink of an eye, the Spring Festival has passed, the winter vacation has officially entered the countdown, and the start of school is gradually approaching. It is very important to help children get rid of bad habits developed during the holidays and prepare them for the new semester. As parents, what can we do for our children to better help them get through this stage? Today we have compiled 7 back-to-school strategies for you to help your children return to school full of energy. Give your children a heart-warming ritual. First, parents should give their children a heart-warming ritual. The sense of ritual is a very magical thing, and for children, it is a very effective way to establish awareness in their hearts. Parents and children recall the wonderful Spring Festival life together, which relatives and friends they visited, what interesting things happened, what abilities they improved, what insights they gained, etc. You can also make a written summary of the Spring Festival holiday. For example, when writing a diary, when the diary comes to an end, it means the end of the unrestrained life during the Spring Festival holiday. Now you have to concentrate on your studies! Check homework progress. You can tell whether your child has had a good winter vacation by looking at his vacation homework. Children who spend their winter vacation attentively will plan their vacation well, insist on studying, and complete all their winter vacation homework in advance. And those children who don\’t take their vacation homework seriously either plagiarize, write a few words casually, or don\’t do it at all. The vacation is coming to an end. Please check the progress of your children\’s homework and remind them: do the remaining homework well, spend the rest of the vacation well, and be responsible for yourself. First go over all the homework to make sure the child is not too procrastinated and can complete it before the holiday is over. Secondly, check the child\’s handwriting and the neatness of the paper to see if the child\’s learning attitude is correct. For the missing parts of the children\’s homework and the parts that they cannot do, we should check and fill in the gaps to help the children lay a solid foundation. Adjust the regular schedule. The biggest difference between children taking holidays and not taking holidays is whether the schedule is regular. After the holidays, there is no pressure to go to school and no supervision from parents. Many children go to bed late and get up late, are addicted to mobile phones, and completely lose their consciousness. However, the quality of \”consciousness\” is not innate. It requires adults to provide long-term and effective education and restraint to children. Parents are their children\’s best teachers, not in a preaching sense, but in a demonstration sense. We should take the lead in going to bed early and getting up early, so that children will be willing to follow the same example as their parents if they see that their parents\’ words and deeds are consistent. You should also make an agreement with your child in advance to go to bed half an hour earlier every day and be a good child who goes to bed early and gets up early. At least one week before the start of school, children should return to their usual school schedule to ensure that they are in a good mental state to welcome the start of school. Keeping up with physical activity should continue throughout the holidays, but it’s never too late to start. One week before the start of school, it is of great benefit to let children do physical exercise every day: children are less likely to get sick when school is about to start; children\’s physical fitness has been improved and they will be in better shape when school starts; children\’s will has been tempered and they are not afraid The challenges of the new semester. However, \”cramming\” can only play a temporary role, and children should continue to exercise at any time. If the child usually doesn’t like to move, parents can take advantage of the last few days to take the child out for more walks, running, playing ball, and doing somethingsome simple exercises. Before the start of school, it is recommended to do less strenuous exercise to prevent children from being too tired or injured, which will affect the start of school. The best way to do a good job of review and preview is to let the children put all their attention back to their studies. In addition to completing homework on time, you must also connect new and old knowledge, review and consolidate the knowledge of the previous semester, and preview the knowledge of the new semester in advance. It is best to let your children go through all the textbooks from the previous semester. If you find that you have not mastered the textbooks, focus on reviewing them, and then find some examples to practice. Parents help their children prepare textbooks for the new semester in advance and urge their children to learn one chapter every day. They don’t necessarily need to understand everything, but at least they can grasp the general idea. If your child is unwilling to study, you should tell your child that as long as he studies in advance, it will be easier for him to understand the teacher\’s lessons and surpass other students after school starts. Teaching children to \”delay gratification\” is an important part of helping children develop good habits. Remember, review and preview are indispensable during the holidays. Children who do review and preview at the same time have unknowingly achieved \”overtaking in corners\”. Many parents have discovered that their children become rebellious and always go against themselves during the holidays. The problem may not necessarily occur in the child. It may be that the parents\’ improper education methods force the child to \”resist\” in his own way. Educating children cannot be taken for granted. We must know, understand, respect, and trust children. On this basis, children will accept our education. Listening is a good method of parent-child communication; heart-to-heart talk is the prerequisite for parents to help their children solve problems. Before going to bed every night, set aside about 15 minutes of heart-to-heart talk time so that your children can say whatever they want. Parents should show more understanding and sympathy, so that their children can feel that they are cared for, and slowly become willing to speak out their innermost feelings. Parents should also do a good job of communication and guidance, and give their children more positive psychological hints so that they can welcome the start of school with a better attitude. Be prepared for the start of school. There are many preparations before the start of school. Parents should encourage their children to actively participate and mobilize their enthusiasm for the start of school. 1. Prepare various stationery books (single-line notebooks, double-line notebooks, new word notebooks, wrong question notebooks, notebooks, etc.); various stationery (pencil boxes, pencils, signature pens, erasers, rulers, set squares, etc.); Various utensils (school bags, water cups, lunch boxes, school uniforms, epidemic prevention health kits). 2. Prepare a plan to look into the future with your child and set goals for the new semester. Such as the overall goal, which subjects should be improved, which learning problems should be solved, etc. 3. Prepare your mentality for the new semester and the new atmosphere. Children should also face a new starting point with a new look. As long as adequate preparations are made before the start of school, children can adapt to study and life in the new semester. I wish all children good physical and mental health, academic progress, and a smooth journey in the new semester.

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