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When your child talks back, if you say 3 more words, your child will be grateful to you when they grow up.

I don’t know if any parents have this feeling, but as their children get older, they become more and more difficult to manage. Especially when a child talks back, if an adult says something to the child and the child talks back ten times, such a child will be really \”infuriated\”. In fact, sometimes, when a child talks back, it is not because the child is disobedient, too rebellious, or too naughty, but it may be due to the behavior of the parents. Miaomiao\’s academic performance has always been among the top five in the class. One time, in order to help her do better in the final exam, her father encouraged her child: If she could get first place in the exam, he would take his child to Disney for two weeks. sky. For this appointment, Miaomiao was even more enthusiastic about her review. She got up before dawn every day to review and went to bed very late at night. In the end, with Miaomiao\’s hard work, she really got the first place in the exam, and took her ranking to her father to fulfill her promise. As a result, Miaomiao\’s father changed his mind and said that he didn\’t have time this time and would wait until he got first place in the exam next time. Miaomiao was very angry on the spot, and shouted angrily to her father, \”What\’s going on with you adults? Are you so unfaithful to your words? If you don\’t do what you say, how can I trust you in the future? I hate you.\” The child is growing up It is normal for children to talk back during the process. When their children talk back to their parents, the parents\’ usual style is to simply ignore them or hit them directly. They never think about why their children are in this situation. Why do children talk back to adults? Parents do not keep their word and do not keep their word. This is a mistake that many parents make. In the eyes of adults, they think that their children are just children, and it will be over with a little fooling. When children are young, they can reluctantly use this method, but when they have their own ideas, they will begin to doubt their parents\’ style of doing things. If you often fail to keep your word in front of your children, the children will slowly lose trust in their parents, and they will also put forward certain opinions towards their parents, and even become dissatisfied with discipline. Many children who feel wronged are very sensible and will not be disobedient under normal circumstances unless they are really wronged. For example, if a child helps an adult with housework with good intentions, but accidentally knocks something over and is blamed by the parent, most parents will criticize the child for causing trouble. In this case, the child would definitely feel aggrieved. I was helping my mother, but I didn’t expect my mother to talk to me like this. It’s not surprising that she would talk back to me in the future. Parents have no authority in front of their children. Under normal circumstances, many of us are \”double-standard parents\”, especially when it comes to educating our children. For example, some parents will tell their children that you must study hard, get into a good university, and change your destiny, or you don\’t want to be like your dad, you want to learn piano or electronic keyboard… Isn\’t this a double standard? In some matters, if parents cannot lead by example, it will be difficult for children to surpass them. Through the above, parents will also find that various behaviors of parents will have an impact on their children, and even affect their character development. When children talk back, parents will say 3 more words, and the children will thank you when they grow up. 01 Although you are angry now, you still have to wait until you calm down before talking. When children talk back to their parents, the parents’ first reaction is anger and it is difficult to calm down. Come down and face your child’s loss of control. If the parents are in this state, then the childrenAnger will also become more and more out of control. Parents should keep a calm mind, face it calmly, tell their children that such behavior is wrong, and wait until the children calm down before talking. When both parties are calm, the brain is at its most rational, and communicating about issues at this time will be smoother. 02 I know you are unhappy, but you should not express it like this. No matter who you are, you will have difficulty controlling your behavior when you are angry, and may even say or do hurtful things. Some children will say things like \”I hate you, I hate you\”. The person who is hurt by such expressions is the parents. Parents should tell their children that such expressions are really hurtful and wrong. They can tell their children how to vent their emotions, but they should also teach their children what behaviors are not advisable to prevent them from developing the habit of hurtful words in the future. 03 When a child behaves like a naughty child, provide the child with the opportunity to choose. The main reason why the child talks back is that the child\’s parents\’ behavior makes the child feel uncomfortable, and even thinks that the parent does not respect him, so he uses rogue ways to express resistance. In fact, when a child encounters this situation, parents can coax the child and add optional things to the child to divert the child\’s attention. In this way, when the child is thinking about this matter, he will not continue to make trouble. As children grow up day by day, their sense of autonomy becomes stronger and stronger. As a parent, remember these three sentences when educating your children. When your children grow up, they will not only be grateful to you but also become more promising.

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