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Whether a child will be successful when he grows up can be known by looking at his childhood.


Oct 1, 2023

If you want to ask, which stage of life is the most happy and precious? I believe 90% of people will say, childhood. At that time, even though the mind was ignorant, the sensitive heart could still capture the beauty around it: mother\’s kiss, father\’s arms, sweet candies, boundless joy… Because the child had been loved and well taken care of, hope was planted in the heart. And the seeds of optimism carve the foundation of happiness at the beginning of life. Even after decades, I still can\’t help but smile when I think about it. As Balzac said: Childhood is the most wonderful stage of life. At that time, the child is a flower and a fruit, a hazy intelligence, an endless activity, and a strong passion. desire. If childhood is bright and splendid, it can warm the rest of life; on the contrary, if childhood is fragmented, it will leave indelible damage. Injuries suffered in childhood will always be remembered by the body. In the high-scoring movie \”Good Will Hunting,\” Will is a troubled boy with an irritable personality, foul-mouthed, and fights and causes trouble all day long. However, beneath his unruly appearance, he hid a great mathematical talent. Tell your children some [Stories of Chinese Characters + Essence of Chinese Studies + Historical Allusions + Chinese Sentences] Ultra-clear pdf. By chance, Lan Bo, a professor of mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, discovered Will. He was ecstatic and tried his best to help him on his path. On track. It\’s just that Will always resists and rejects, angering those who want to help him again and again. It wasn\’t until he met psychology professor Sean that he slowly opened his closed heart. It turns out that Will experienced a lot of trauma while growing up: he was first abandoned by his parents, and then moved to four adoptive families, three of which were severely abused. Those hard and cold expressions are just the \”armor\” he wears to resist the ruthless harm from the outside world. The movie has a happy ending, and Will is on the road to happiness. However, many children in life are not so lucky. Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, an internationally renowned pediatrician, points out in the book \”The Deep Well Effect\” that people who have suffered physical abuse and emotional neglect in childhood will not only leave a shadow on the psychological level, but also on the physical level. Change occurs. Their nervous system, immune system and even the way their genes are expressed are affected, leading to a significant increase in the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and even Alzheimer\’s disease, and a corresponding reduction in life span. In other words, those children who don\’t like to study, have poor attention span, and are often sick may not be so \”unlovable\” by nature, but rather that negative childhood experiences have planted negative seeds in their hearts. Even if some people have strong willpower and can overcome the haze of childhood, excel in their studies, excel in their careers, and become successful people in the worldly sense, they cannot eliminate the hidden diseases buried in the body. When dreams come back at midnight, those past traumas sweep over them, causing them to suddenly become ill and their lives to come to a halt. Give your children a happy childhood and help them live a warm life. In the book \”The Deep Well Effect\”, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris gave an example to illustrate the importance of seeing the essence through the phenomenon. \”If you are a doctor and you find that 100 children drank water from the same well, 98 children started to have diarrhea. At this time, you can chooseKeep prescribing medicine to these children, or you can choose to go to the well and see what\’s wrong inside. \”This well can refer to our childhood. Childhood experiences are deeply rooted in everyone\’s memory, leaving deep and lasting traces on the body and heart. If you have felt the love of your parents and experienced the taste of happiness, Then the subsequent life will be glazed with a layer of gentleness, and no matter what you say or do, you will have inexplicable confidence and optimism. The female writer Bing Xin is such a lucky person. Bing Xin\’s works are beautiful and soft, and she likes to praise maternal love and nature. Expressing longing for the motherland and hometown, people can feel her pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty, and her broad and open mind. Mr. Ba Jin said that all Bing Xin\’s works contain the theme of \”love\”, and he hopes young people will read some of Bing Xin\’s works. Books all have a sincere love. In fact, this is related to Bing Xin’s childhood experience. Bing Xin’s original name is Xie Wanying. Her father is a naval general. Her mother is gentle and dotes on her. When she was young, Bing Xin was noisy like a tomboy. Her parents She never blamed her, but allowed her to wear men\’s clothes and called her \”brother\” affectionately. When she liked to study, her mother patiently guided her and quietly influenced her with her quiet and generous character. Recalling this experience, Bing Xin\’s words were full of It is happiness and warmth: \”When it comes to childhood, I often thank my good parents. They cultivated in me a quiet and natural habit. They gave me a happy and clean environment, so I can be self-sufficient in any environment.\” , contentment. \”Good education does not happen in major events in adulthood, but starts in childhood. Parents use gentle character, respectful attitude and guidance to plant a \”good\” seed in their children. From there At the beginning, we cultivate children\’s kind and brave character and inspire their determination to pursue beauty. From then on, no matter how the outside world changes and how the society is turbulent, the children always maintain their determination and can bloom flowers in the dust and stick to their original aspirations in the mud. While parents take good care of their children, they should also not forget to care about how they can create a happy childhood for their children and help them stay away from the impact of adverse childhood experiences? Combining Dr. Harris\’s suggestions in \”The Deep Well Effect\”, parents can try this Do. First, pay attention to the child\’s emotional changes and provide comfort and guidance. In the book \”The Deep Well Effect\”, there is such an experiment mentioned. Professor Michael Meaney and his colleagues used mouse babies to conduct research. After the end, the mice When babies return to their mother mice, they will have two different experiences: some mother mice will lick their fur to soothe their nervous babies, just like human kisses and hugs; while other mother mice will have no response at all. , treated indifferently. The situation of the two types of rat babies when they grow up is completely opposite. The former feels caressed and will often lick the children after giving birth; the latter accumulates toxins in the body and treats the offspring indifferently. The same is true for humans. If children encounter difficulties and experience setbacks, and parents can detect their emotions in time and provide hugs, listening, acceptance and help, the children can break free from negative situations and feel love and hope again. Absorb the energy of growth. And, by parentsChildren who have loved them will always remember this feeling. When they grow up and become parents, they will pass it on to the next generation, forming a positive cycle. Second, improve the relationship between husband and wife and create a healthy and loving growth environment. The way a family gets along, especially whether there is love and harmony between husband and wife, will largely affect the child\’s personality, cognition and future development. If the relationship between husband and wife is always full of quarrels, resentment or even violence, then the child will be anxious and worried all day long that the family will be broken up, and the road to personal growth will be clouded. If a husband and wife respect each other, coordinate and cooperate, and always talk and laugh, then the child will have a full sense of security in his heart and will have more confidence and confidence to pursue the life he wants. Florence Isaacs said: \”Marriage requires constant cultivation by two wise people. The key is not to be complacent and to always improve your marriage.\” I deeply agree. Parents need to spend some time to manage their marriage. Only when your relationship gets better can your children get better and better subtly. Third, take good care of yourself and strive to live a life without regrets. As parents, we also come from children, and childhood experiences will leave more or less imprints on our bodies and hearts. If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer from the effects of childhood trauma, you can try to do some things to heal yourself. For example: ensure adequate sleep, take in balanced nutrition, carry out meditation training, establish good interpersonal relationships, etc. Just like when you encounter danger on an airplane, the correct thing for parents to do is to put on an oxygen mask for yourself first, and then put on an oxygen mask for your child. rather than the other way around. In the same way, parents must first take care of their own emotions and bodies and live a happy and relaxed life, so that they can better care for and guide their children and help them move towards a more glorious future. The famous playwright Bernard Shaw once said: \”Childhood is an important stage in the continuous regeneration process of life. It is in this continuous regeneration process that human beings will survive forever.\” Childhood is so precious and deserves our sincere treatment. Be sincere and sincere. I sincerely hope that every child can have a happy and beautiful childhood, be loved well, and grow up well. I also hope that as a parent, you can work hard to heal yourself and bring more joy and sunshine in the future. Click \”Like\” and encourage us together.

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