• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Who has the final say on whether children will be born after the comprehensive two-child policy?

Since the opening of the two-child policy, people who act quickly have given birth to a second child, while people who act slowly are on the road to preparing for pregnancy. However, there are some people who don’t really want to have a second child. For the last type of people, every time friends and family get together, \”When are you going to have a second child? Why don\’t you give birth to the child while your parents/in-laws are young and can help?\” has become a must-have question. Many friends said that these enthusiastic people also asked the same question again and again before the baby was born. Regarding this issue, the vast majority of people who have no plans to have a second child will tire of it, but they are too embarrassed to ignore these enthusiastic people. So every time I hear someone mention a second child at a gathering, I get a headache. I like children very much, especially girls. I am a typical \”girl-loving\” boy. When I first found out that classmate Zhe was a boy, I felt really lost for a while. But when the little man met me and saw his little pink face, I fell in love immediately – it doesn’t matter whether he is a man or a woman, as long as he is his biological child. But my desire to have a daughter has always been on the edge. When I see girls’ clothes while shopping, I can’t help but if I really like them, I buy them for my friend’s children. Of course, I am often asked, \”When are you going to have your second child?\” The frequency of this question gradually increased as Zhe entered the kindergarten. Every time my answer is: \”I want it very much, but the time is not right.\” Because I have always wanted to have a second child, my friend Yuyan\’s article \”Second child, will you have it?\” 》, I pushed it directly to everyone. Just when I was looking around for the right time to have my second child, my classmate Q suddenly told me: She was pregnant with her second child and she was already 9 weeks old! Q’s eldest daughter is 4 years old and has just started middle school. When we met, she never mentioned having a second child. This sudden bombshell made a group of our friends unable to believe the fact that she was pregnant. Ask her why she suddenly became pregnant with her second child? What she said may be worth pondering for every friend who wants or passively wants a second child: Whether to have a second child or not, I only consider the following things – do I want it? If you want a second child, you must love children from the bottom of your heart and enjoy the joys and hardships of raising children. Only in this way can you maintain emotional stability when your child is fed several times a night, and you only sleep three or four hours a day, and fall into bed every day as tired as a dog. Every mother hopes that her two children will love each other in the future. The intention is good, but if their personalities are not compatible and their relationship is average, the mother must be prepared to accept it calmly. Otherwise, if there is a conflict between the two children, the mother will be the one who suffers the most. Does your husband want it? Follow your heart and get support from your spouse. For example, accept that you can spend two or three years with your baby full-time; acknowledge your wife\’s contribution and understand her hard work. Without \”It\’s hard enough for me to make money to support the family, why don\’t you just look at it\” Children do the cooking” mentality. This is very important, otherwise life will be a mess. Does Dabao want it? The eldest child is one of the family members. Before giving birth to the second child, his/her work must be done first, so that he/she can participate in the \”family business\” of the second child since the mother was pregnant. After the birth of the second child, his/her mentality of \”falling out of favor\” It will be less serious. Is it possible under economic conditions? No parent is willing to give up because of the arrival of their second child.Seriously affect the quality of life. Therefore, whether you want a second child or not, the family’s financial situation is one of the important assessment indicators. In today\’s era, it is no longer like when we were young, \”one child is raising a group of children,\” one or two interest classes are standard in after school hours. If you learn some sports skills to improve your physical fitness, you can\’t survive without tens of thousands of dollars a year. . Even if you don\’t mind how other people\’s children study, if you only ensure that the second child has enough food and clothing, the family expenditure will increase by at least one-third. After considering these four aspects carefully, and with appropriate support from grandparents in terms of spiritual, human and financial resources, you can naturally consider having a second child. As for the opinions of the seven aunts and eight aunts, just listen to them – the father-in-law, mother-in-law and mother-in-law cannot bear one-tenth of the mental and financial pressure brought by the second child, let alone other people.

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