• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Who is a social person in the Peppa Pig cartoon? I am a social person, her mother

I don’t know when, but a pink pig that looked like a hair dryer suddenly became extremely popular. The children fell in love with her pink dress and became her biggest fans. Even the chat topics in the sister group began to revolve around this pig: some old mothers complained unwillingly: The child has \”inherited\” perfectly from imitating pig braying to jumping in mud puddles (jumping on the sofa). I really don’t know whether this little cub was born to me or to a pig? Not only that, I discovered that my 5-year-old daughter recently had Peppa Pig stickers on her arms and legs. Whenever I wanted to discipline her, she would flash her little elbow at me: I am a social person. . I was so angry that I jumped up and down: Who is a social person in the Peppa Pig cartoon? I am a social member, her mother! The magical existence of the low-profile pig teammate’s father is definitely a real pig teammate. The whole world does not distinguish between races or national boundaries, and the style of painting is highly unified: the same world, the same pig teammates! Two days ago, a little sister shared an article in the group: The mother in the article asked her husband to help take care of the baby who had just turned one month old before taking a bath. Xiaobao was sleeping, so she wanted him to help keep an eye on her, bring a fan or something to prevent mosquitoes. As a result, she came out of the shower and saw her husband \”eating chicken\” enthusiastically. When she looked at the child again, she was instantly confused… (Isn\’t this a rice bowl cover?) Everyone laughed instantly and said, \”The steely straight man in our family is just the same.\” What if this IQ is passed on to children? Our old mothers really have endless worries! Oh, by the way, our pig teammates are not useless. Although \”IQ\” is not online, \”appearance\” is. Taking a step back, even if the \”appearance\” is not online, the \”weight\” is really online! Later, it was the little sister who woke up the man in the dream with a word: I checked my eyes, the man is thirty and he has not grown up yet. Well, I lost. I remembered a joke I read on Weibo before, which received likes from countless little sisters: Dong Mingzhu and Tao Huabi both said that the biggest turning point in their lives was the death of their husbands, otherwise they might have been ordinary mothers at home caring for their husbands and raising their children. Well, how many richest women are actually delayed by their husbands. Sisters, don’t slack off, don’t be depressed, poison your husband to death today, bravely reach the peak of life, you will be the next Lao Ganma! After watching, a wave surged deep in my heart: Dalang, it’s time to get up and take medicine. The day when the baby was born a while ago, a pig teammate was watching \”Peppa Pig\” with his daughter, and suddenly he said thoughtfully: Do you want a brother like George? Xiao Nizi suddenly jumped up with joy and said: I want it, Mom, I want a brother George. I:? ? ? Other people\’s babies come here to repay a favor, but my baby probably followed his father to seek revenge. A surge of anger rose from the Dantian and went straight to the mouthpiece. It was about to explode. Suddenly I saw Dabao\’s expectant eyes, and I suppressed the fire decisively. It’s okay to be induced by others, but it was actually induced by my own daughter, cough cough cough… So, I took a deep breath, pretended to be calm and said to Dabao: If you have brother George, mom will not have time to play with you. Moreover, after having a younger brother, we need toI want to buy it for my brother…so I may not have money to buy you toys. Do you want to think about it seriously? This sentence really works. Xiao Nizi looked at the toys and me with a resentful expression, and said in a depressed voice: Well, Mom, that\’s definitely not possible! I winked at my pig teammate and said, \”Fight with me, and you\’ll be better off.\” I think of the words of the little sisters in the circle of friends, and I couldn’t agree more: If you have the ability, you can have two husbands, one to make money and the other to take care of the children. This is the absolute truth! Speaking of which, I also want to have two children, so that they can enjoy family happiness when they grow old. But right now this one has already consumed half my life. Looking back, I saw the two men lying on the sofa watching TV. They were squealing and squealing while watching TV. I quickly extinguished the little fire in my heart. After learning from the pain, as someone who has gone through many vicissitudes of life, I finally decided to warn my daughter: From a sow to a she-wolf. I think back to when my baby was young, and my old mother was also a gentle and delicate pig girl. However, everything has changed since I started doing homework with my baby. We are a happy family if we don’t do homework. When I do homework, I transform from a sow to a she-wolf in minutes. It roared, startling even me. Before, I still didn’t believe it: Isn’t it just to accompany the baby to do homework? As for being so angry? Unexpectedly, the power was broken in one second. When I was doing homework with my children at night, as long as I yelled, all the voice-activated lights in the whole building would light up. I just laughed when I saw a message from a mother: As soon as I started to accompany my baby to do homework, my mother started to close the windows in each room… I glanced out of the corner of my eye, and when the windows were closed, I calmly raised my voice. It has risen to another level. Even the style of the gatherings of the little sisters has changed: before, we bought and chopped the four golden flowers we hung out with every day. Now, the topics at the weekly gatherings have all become discussions about how to scare the baby without harming the body. , and it sticks in my mind… I finally figured out why Peppa Pig\’s mother can always remain elegant and delicate. Just because she hasn\’t helped Peiqi with her homework yet! Whoever counsels knows about this! Looking back at the first half of my life, it was like an \”Illustrated Guide to Middle-aged Women\” that touched my heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys. The real plot is much more exciting than the TV series, but I didn\’t guess the beginning, let alone the ending. It is said that the first three years of raising a child are the most difficult. After a long time…it will pass. But why is it that when I am here, almost in my fifth year, it is still getting muddier? Seeing that little girl grow from a little clown child to what she is now, I felt deeply moved in my heart. From being a one-year-old babbling and toddling, to a three-year-old hugging your neck and kissing you from time to time, who can say that it\’s not worth it? Watching her turn over for the first time, sit up for the first time, call \”Mom\” for the first time, and pounce on you for the first time…that picture is so beautiful…it was so miserable at one time, but looking back, I feel so happy. Mom, do you like me? Of course, hanging with a hook will not change for a hundred years. Mom swears that she will love you forever.

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