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Who is it? Give traffickers an opportunity to take advantage

One summer evening, I took Youyou out to play, and he was attracted by the fishing pond next to the square. Just as we were stopping, a young mother hurried over with her daughter. The little girl was making noises about fishing. The mother was obviously a little upset. She drooped her face and growled, \”I\’ll never take you out again. Let\’s play. What\’s the fun?\” Finally, she paid the fee, and the little girl got her wish and started fishing. . However, the mother suddenly thought of something. She turned around and told the boss, \”Please help me look after her for a while. I\’ll go over there and be right back.\” Before leaving, she leaned over and nagged the little girl, \”You can play by yourself. Don\’t run around. Mom, go and ride our electric bike over here, otherwise I\’ll have to take you to the square to ride the bike later.\” The little girl looked a little panicked, but her mother didn\’t care at all and hurriedly turned around and walked away. Night had already fallen, and people were coming and going in a hurry on the square. And in this corner, there is an octogenarian, he is the owner of the fishing pond, and a little girl, she is a customer who was temporarily left behind by her mother. Grandma Youyou and I looked at each other speechless, but tacitly expressed our shock at what this young mother did. How many times have you left your child in the custody of someone you didn’t even know for a short period of time? How many times have you left your children in Doll City to try on clothes by yourself? How many times have you bargained with someone and left your child behind? How many times have you checked out at a crowded supermarket exit and couldn\’t hold back your child who was trying to squeeze out? How many times have you been lucky enough to think that nothing would happen just for a moment? When I went to the cake shop that day, I happened to see a mother eating desserts with her children. The little girl accidentally spilled the milk, and her mother needed to go to the bar to order another drink. She told her daughter, \”Wait for me here and don\’t run around!\” When she said this, the little girl\’s body had already leaned out of the sofa. Perhaps she did not want to be left alone. This three-year-old girl was not willing to be left alone. The little girl arrived, tearing her mother\’s sleeve with her little hands. The mother, in her anxious mood, was already a little impatient. She brushed her daughter\’s hand away and warned her again, \”Mom will be back soon. Sit tight and don\’t move!\” I couldn\’t help but ask, \”Why don\’t you hug her?\” Go with her?\” The mother was stunned for a moment, then carried the little girl towards the bar hidden around the corner. Only then did I notice the bread and small cakes on their table. When the cleaning lady came over, I reminded her, \”Don\’t close that table. They went out to order milk.\” Then I realized that maybe this mother just wanted the little girl to look at their things, or maybe she just wanted to go quickly. Back. However, have you ever thought about how many situations you can’t predict will happen to your baby who is left alone even if you are gone for a few minutes? I often bring Youyou to this cake shop, and I always encounter a similar situation. Halfway through the pastries, whether Youyou or I need to go to the bathroom, I will put everything in a bag and go to the bathroom together. . There is no exception when ordering anything else, or I will ask the waiter for help. I absolutely will not leave my child alone. So, what about you? Every holiday when the weather is nice, from the streets to the parks and outside, there are huge crowds of people setting up stalls, juggling, and doing promotions… Among them, there are manyPeople who bring their children to watch the fun. We rarely take Youyou to meet the crowds, but one weekend, we went to the park for a walk. Youyou was immediately attracted by the dazzling children\’s amusement facilities in the park and ran around. Youyou\’s father and I chased him one after another, fearing that he would run out of our sight, and we did not dare to relax for a moment. In the end, I had to hug Youyou tightly to prevent him from running around. Suddenly, an exclamation came from the side, \”Huh? I got the wrong child!\” I saw a mother turn around and run away to find her baby. Only then did the parents react. They immediately followed him three steps at a time, and accused the little boy who was stunned on the spot, \”Why don\’t you look, are you mom? You just walked away holding hands with someone, and you still walked away.\” So far?\” Could you be any more careless? The mother who got the wrong child, I hope she has found her baby! Every time you go out, Youyou must bring a toy of his own, a car or a ball. Sometimes, while walking and playing, the ball rolls far away accidentally. In the bustling street, I grabbed Youyou, who was about to rush over to pick up the ball, and refused to let go even though he screamed. I always say, \”Youyou, we don\’t want that ball anymore! Mom will buy it for you again, and now I can\’t throw you down to pick up the ball!\” Why is this? Because once, in the park, Youyou’s newly bought basketball jumped very far. I pulled Youyou and chased him, but the ball rolled to the grass farther away on the downhill section. Youyou stopped and shouted, \”Mom, go pick it up!\” I ran over without thinking much, and of course I didn\’t forget to look back at Youyou. But the moment I picked up the ball with my back to Youyou, my heart suddenly skipped a beat. Looking back again, half of Youyou\’s body was covered by a low holly tree. I rushed over. Fortunately, he was safe and sound, but I had a horrifying thought in my heart. I don\’t know how many meters away he was from me when he had no ability to protect himself. Outside, in the gap between my turn and invisible behind, what kind of danger lurks? It was a summer noon and the weather was hot and dry. We went to a scenic spot in the suburbs to escape the heat. Because it was summer vacation, there were many people in the scenic area, and many people gathered around the small stalls selling drinks on both sides of the road. At this time, a large group of people, old and young, came in. They squeezed in to choose the drinks they wanted to drink, and after they finished choosing, they scrambled to pay. The adults were being polite and threw the child in the stroller into the middle of the road. Youyou\’s father couldn\’t help scolding, \”These idiots, they don\’t even know how they lost the child!\” I really wanted to shout, \”Which one of you is going to take care of the child?!\” So Youyou\’s father and I made an agreement, \”In the future, When we go out as a family, whether it’s playing or eating, I only take care of the baby, and I don’t care about anything else.” The more people there are, the more scattered the responsibilities of raising children are, and the easier it is to be negligent! We never like to join in the fun, but one Christmas, Youyou yelled about going to the Doll City, and we finally took him around. That night, when we arrived, the people in Doll City had gradually dispersed. Next to the sand pool, there was a little girl about four years old playing on the space sand alone. At this time, the staff came and they asked, \”Where is your mother?\” The little girl looked up, but she did not find her mother. When the staff saw this, they said with great indifference, \”We charge a fee for this. You have to ask your mother to pay. Otherwise, youGo play somewhere else! \”Then the little girl looked around and walked away from the sand pool. We happened to be walking in the same direction and turned to the other side of the Doll City. She didn\’t find her mother either, so she stood alone at the entrance of the elevator. I felt worried. What should I do if I meet someone with evil intentions? I don’t know if the little girl’s mother knows the charging rules of Doll City. Why did she dare to let the little girl stay alone? I don’t know what you are doing in After seeing the indifference of the staff at Doll City, did you feel angry and sigh? In fact, no one can bear the social responsibility you thought it was! One day, at a nearby street corner, I met an old man who was also raising a baby. His grandson saw I was about the same age as Youyou. The old man seemed to feel more friendly and asked me, \”How old are you?\” \”For this type of question, of course I do Tai Chi,\” I guess they are about the same. \”I held Youyou in my arms and kept walking. The old man held his grandson who was practicing walking. He shouted to me, what year and month was the birth in our family? His mother works in the building opposite and works for a certain company. … I have seen too many old people like this. Including Grandma Youyou, she also revealed all kinds of information about her baby as soon as she opened her mouth. I was far away from him, but I couldn\’t help but remind him, \”Uncle, are you not afraid that I am Human trafficker? ! He even told me his birth date and horoscope! He was stunned for a moment, waved his hand at me and said, \”You\’re not!\” \”I thought to myself, \”I am a human trafficker\” is written on the face of the human trafficker? The person holding the baby must not be a human trafficker? I am standing next to the SWAT patrol car, so I must be a good person?! But, I am still afraid that you are a human trafficker! Hey, hurry up and run towards my dad Youyou! One day, I was holding Youyou, and my neighbor was holding her little girl. We met by chance on the street, so we started hanging out together. A middle-aged woman appeared out of nowhere and asked her neighbor, \”Can you lend me your cell phone? \”I thought he was an acquaintance of the neighbor, so I walked a few steps forward and put Youyou down for a while. But I saw that the neighbor was a little confused. She hesitated, held the baby with one hand, and touched the baby with the other. Touching the pocket where her cell phone was kept. Finally she said, \”My cell phone is shut down and I can\’t make calls!\” \”It suddenly dawned on me that we were a stranger. My neighbor walked up to me and said, \”You even borrowed my mobile phone. I won\’t let you use it!\” What if you ran away with my phone, would I still be chasing you with my baby in my arms? Who knows what you do! \”Suddenly I realized that she was quite witty! The neighbor stuck out his tongue and said, \”My phone is full of photos of my girls! \”She said, \”We have a baby, so it\’s better to have one less thing to worry about than one more thing to worry about! There are so many people on the street and so many shops nearby. If she is really in trouble, she can borrow someone else\’s. \”This sentence wakes up the nosy me. Today, when child trafficking is rampant, we are often angry at the lack of strictness of the law. But many times, have you ever thought about who is it? Giving the traffickers an opportunity! When our system is not yet strong enough to fully track and recover missing children, then as a child caregiver, do you realize where we have not done enough? What kind of unknowns lurk in what you have neglected? We We may not be able to withstand a sudden attack, but can we prevent the slightest change?

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