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Who says snacks are junk food? These snacks can be eaten regularly by your baby…

Let alone children, many parents who are already parents cannot give up snacks. Even if you say, \”I have very good control, I never give snacks to my children!\” But is childhood without snacks still complete? ! Actually, snacks are not necessarily evil, it just depends on how parents choose them for their babies. Eating the right amount is healthy, eating too much is a hidden danger! So how to give snacks to children in a scientific way without affecting the baby\’s health? Today, Doudehui is here to talk to you about snacks for babies… How to choose snacks for babies? Snacks are not all junk food, there are many snacks that are healthy foods. As for healthy snacks, eating them by children will not only not harm their health, but will actually be beneficial to them. What counts as a healthy snack? natural! Fresh! complete! For example, various vegetables that can be eaten directly (such as cucumbers, tomatoes), boiled corn, steamed sweet potatoes, fruits (all kinds of fresh fruits, or freshly squeezed juice), dried fruits (such as raisins, dried sweet potatoes, dried hawthorns) . In addition, whole-wheat bread, whole-wheat crackers, various nuts (such as peanuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews, pine nuts, etc.), fried beans, seaweed, yogurt, and black sesame paste are all very healthy. For babies who have just added complementary food, parents can just buy fresh fruit and scoop it out with a small spoon for the baby to eat. For babies whose teeth have sprouted, parents can cut the fruits and vegetables into small pieces or long strips and let the baby eat them by themselves. Some parents may say that my child doesn’t like to eat any of the things you mentioned. He/she only likes to eat junk foods such as potato chips, preserved fruits, jelly, candies, carbonated drinks, ice cream, and spicy sticks. What should I do? ? What should I do if my baby just likes junk food? How to fix it? Reflect! If you don\’t eat it yourself and don\’t give your baby a chance to come into contact with it, how can the baby come into contact with it? Therefore, children’s eating habits and preferences have a lot to do with their parents! Therefore, for babies who love to eat \”junk food\”, they can only subtly replace unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks. For example, there are only healthy snacks in the house so that the baby is not exposed to unhealthy snacks. But sometimes, the more parents prohibit food, the more the baby will like to eat it; the more restrictive the food is, the more delicious it will be for the baby. Therefore, parents should not force their children not to eat too much. They can borrow some positive energy, such as \”Your favorite xxx (can be your parents, or cartoon characters, or someone from your neighbor\’s house). They don\’t like to eat these, so XXX is okay.\” So great! (Or healthy, beautiful, brave!)\” etc… The baby may not understand it immediately at first, but if it is repeated many times, the baby will hesitate when the desire to eat comes again. These words will subtly affect your baby\’s future food choices. But one thing you must remember is not to give your children junk snacks as rewards! (Why should children only eat after completing a certain \”task\”?) This will only make the baby think that these junk snacks are precious and rare \”babies\”. How to make your baby eat snacks scientifically? The time should be appropriate. The so-called snacks actually refer to the time between three meals a day.Foods consumed outside. Then the time for arranging snacks for children should be controlled between meals (such as nine or ten o\’clock in the morning and three or four o\’clock in the afternoon). Because children have a faster metabolism than adults, eating snacks at the right time can not only prevent hunger but also enrich the diet. Food intake should be controlled. Some parents show off by saying, \”My child likes bananas very much. He can eat one banana at a time and two bananas a day.\” In fact, this will only prevent the baby from eating other foods and preventing him from eating them comprehensively. Get more other nutrients. Some parents find that their children are very quiet when eating, so they carefully prepare fruit slices in crisper boxes or small biscuits for their children. Give it to the child as soon as he or she has finished eating, give it to the child as soon as he or she has finished eating, and then they will be gone after a while. When it is time to eat, the child stops eating because he is not hungry at all. (Just think about it, it’s such a big stomach~) You must know that snacks only serve as a supplement, not a staple food, so the amount of snacks you eat must not be too much, otherwise it will not be called a snack. Parents must control this. Reject unhealthy snacks ■ Don’t eat too much fried food (unhealthy) ■ Don’t buy snacks with toys attached (unhygienic) ■ Don’t eat high-sugar foods (not to mention bad teeth can lead to obesity) ■ Don’t drink too much Drinks (it will make you feel full and affect normal dietary intake) ■ Do not eat snacks at night (affects physical development) ■ Do not use foreign fast food as snacks (the fat content is too high, the nutrition is unbalanced, long-term eating is harmful to the normal growth and development of children Disadvantage) Snacks are still snacks after all and cannot be eaten as meals! For example, many parents complain that their children only eat snacks and do not like to eat. If they are partial or picky eaters, please reflect on it! You really can’t blame the children~ As Doudehui often says, use more variety, try more, and put more thought into making the dinner bright and delicious, and then serve it in a small bowl that the child likes. I believe the baby will not be able to resist it. force! For example, those snacks that are high in salt, sugar, and fat have far more harmful ingredients than healthy ingredients. It is best not to eat them more than once a month. In short, everyone should pay attention to the problem of babies eating snacks and choose snacks suitable for babies, so as to ensure their nutrition and enable them to eat healthily.

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