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Who took away the child\’s happiness?

Characteristics of children in today\’s big cities 1. Innate sense of loneliness Most of the children living in big cities today are only children living in single apartments, which makes these children have an innate sense of loneliness. New York Times Bestseller List Top 10 Recommended Methods of Happiness Ultra-clear PDF \”You can try it. Go to the vegetable market and buy a newly born chick. Don\’t buy more, just buy one. Keep it. Give it good food and drink, and see if the chick will die after two weeks, because the chick dies of loneliness.\” Due to their innate sense of loneliness, children often have these phenomena: First, You will feel sad for no reason and shed tears for no reason; secondly, you will start thinking about the ultimate issue of life early: the issue of life and death. \”Some 4-year-old children will sit in a daze. You don\’t know what they are thinking in their little heads. What they may be thinking is: The grandma next door is dead. What is death? Will I die in the future? After death. Where will it go?” Many parents and teachers themselves have never considered the ultimate question of life and death. How can a person living with such unsolvable problems be the same as a person who has never had such an inner world? How much have you thought about this issue? Which school solved his doubts? What education did he receive as he grew up? Was he given what he wanted? 2. Unprecedented academic pressure Compared with when we were children, children today are under very high academic pressure. Parents are also anxious, and so are schools. Children live with anxious people every day. In addition to academic pressure, the emotional burden on children is also very heavy. In Chen Mo\’s view, a child receiving all the attention and emotional support from six adults in the family will actually bring an emotional burden to the child. \”Six people love a child. Can you understand how this child feels? Do you know this child\’s inner world? Do you know the anguish in his heart?\” People have an instinct to want to repay a favor, but parents have other concerns. There is no need for children to repay in any aspect. Children can only hope to repay through learning, and they often have this idea: \”I want to repay my parents because they are so good to me. I want to go to a prestigious university, otherwise how can I Face them?\” The ubiquitous anxiety and unprecedented academic pressure have cultivated children\’s sense of competition, but the competitiveness may not be very strong. When children find that they are unable to repay their parents by passing exams, they often show behavior that is tired of studying. Therefore, it is recommended that parents fully understand their children\’s academic pressure and emotional burden. \”The psychological burden on children now is something we didn\’t have when we were children. You must understand the child before you can really help him.\” 3. High demand for the right to speak. Today\’s children have very high demands for the right to speak. \”They have no brothers at home. Sister, talk to the adults directly, why can’t I speak when you speak?” But many of our educators and parents still adhere to the same old ways and do not give children an equal right to speak. Some children will close their ears: “You speak Okay. Is it almost finished? Can I enter the classroom?\” He didn\’t listen at all. It is recommended that parents be a parent who can talk to their children on an equal footing. \”Children can express their emotions and ideas. Do you accept it? If you are such a good parent, you can accept it.He has his own ideas and emotions. If you can accept it, your child will be independent in the future. \”4. Broad knowledge. Today\’s children are well-informed and have a wide range of knowledge, which weakens the authority of teachers and parents. For example, when teaching geography, the teacher says how Australia is, and some children may stand up and say: \”Teacher, I After living in Australia for three years, I have seen the situation. \”5. Super high moral and ideological realm. Today\’s children have not lacked love since they were young and have good living conditions. They are all kind, caring and compassionate. Parents should see these shining points in their children and see that sometimes Children\’s moral standards are far higher than ours. \”Sometimes, we have to reflect on what children say. The child is right, but you may not be right. Do you think you have a lot of social experience? In fact, the realm of children is higher. \”6. The sense of reality is very weak. Today\’s children are required to concentrate on reading and lack opportunities to operate real things, so their sense of reality will be very weak. They tend to look for reality in the virtual world and find virtuality in the real world. . Therefore, it is recommended that parents give their children realistic stimulation. For example, discuss important matters at home with their children and listen to their opinions. In this way, the children\’s mental maturity will quickly improve. 7. Today\’s children have high demands for personalized life The demand for personalized life is very high. They need to show their own personality and fight against things that suppress their personality. \”I have been here and left a message. How can you not know that I have been here? You don’t know I’ve been here, so I have to show it to you. \”In my opinion, this is actually the child looking for himself, because he has to be different from others to find himself. \”This is a good thing, we should not suppress him. \”What kind of child will be happy in the future? Every family hopes that their children will be successful and happy in the future, but what kind of person will be happy and successful in the future? In my opinion, if children want to live well, they need to possess these qualities : 1. People who are physically and mentally healthy must be healthy and adapt to the surrounding environment. 2. People whose income is not lower than the social average level tell a story. A mother came to consult because although her daughter graduated from a prestigious school, she She insisted on becoming a primary school teacher instead of working for a foreign company with a higher salary. I told this mother that the income of a primary school teacher is about the average level of society. If her daughter likes to be a primary school teacher, this salary can meet her needs, and she will I am very happy to do this job and continue to improve myself to become a good teacher. If my daughter follows her mother\’s indoctrination and goes to a foreign company for a high salary, she works for a while and finds that the salary in investment banking is higher, and then wants to change jobs. If the job change fails, Her mentality will be unbalanced; if she successfully changes jobs, she will always find a place with higher income, but she will still feel unhappy. Financial income is very important to many people. So, how much income can ensure happiness? I think, as long as the income is not Below the social average level, the child is very calm inside, and is doing things that he is very willing to do. He lives a contented and enjoyable life, and can achieve certain social achievements. This is a success. 3. Able to accept himself Children should have inner happiness in the futurePlease feel happy, rather than just living for the evaluation of others. Such a person will not face too much external pressure and is strong inside. 4. People who are lifelong learners. Children should develop reading habits from an early age and develop lifelong learning abilities. \”If you keep learning throughout your life, this person\’s life will be fulfilling, full, and he will live a good life.\” 5. People who can appreciate beauty. Children can appreciate beauty and be moved by beauty. This person is like a person. A human heart is a condition for him to enjoy human pleasures and live well. 6. A person who is not anxious when alone can be stable by himself. There must be rich resources in his heart for him. Therefore, he is a person with a soul. He can live leisurely and enjoy the joy of life alone. Many of us cannot do this. is powerful. 7. A person who is not anxious in group situations is natural in the crowd and will take the initiative to develop relationships with whomever he needs. 8. People with the ability to help others. \”Some parents ask, what should I do if my children have poor resistance to frustration? Teach them to help others. Some parents ask, if their children have a sense of competition but not competitiveness, how to cultivate their competitiveness? Teach children to help others.\” In In my opinion, teaching children to help others can help them feel powerful. Their energy will become stronger and their competitiveness will become stronger. If they are popular in the future, they will live a good life. 9. People who live closely with peers. There is a joke on the Internet that says, if you want to know how many real friends you have, just try borrowing money. In my opinion, a true friend is someone who, even if you don’t keep in touch with them very often, you can go to him with confidence and boldness when you encounter problems, and he will try his best to help you. \”If a person has several friends like this, his confidence in life will be different.\” Parents should ask their children to consider others in their hearts and be willing to share with others since childhood, so that they can have friends who can help others in the future. 10. Being intimate with your partner is a kind of ability. In marriage, no one is good or wrong. In the final analysis, it is a matter of personality maturity. Parents should cultivate their children into mature persons and learn how to get along with their spouses. 11. People with correct life value orientation. Finally, if a child wants to live a good life, he must have the correct life value orientation. Parents should help their children establish healthy and positive values. 3 Questions to Self-Assess Your Anxiety Level During the Q&A session after the speech, a parent asked how to guide children who spend a lot of time on meaningless things. I smiled and asked, \”When we were children, we spent a lot of time collecting candy wrappers. Does this make sense?\” In my opinion, parents\’ understanding of meaning is too eager for quick success and instant benefits. It seems that only things with visible benefits are meaningful, but in fact , making children feel happy is also a kind of meaning. This sense of eagerness for quick success is actually directly related to the widespread anxiety among parents. I asked three questions to ask parents to self-assess their anxiety level: 1. If you heard that a famous math teacher recently started tutoring classes, and the children he tutored were all admitted to prestigious schools, but you do not have his contact information. Are you looking everywhere in a hurry? 2. Do you not speak at all at the dinner table? As long as you talk, even if you talk about 100 sentences, you will always focus on studying? Recommended children\’s philosophy enlightenment wisdom book \”What is Happiness\” set with 9 volumes 3. Who is Chinese in the child\’s class?Do you know who has the best grades in math? If you answered \”yes\” to all three questions, you can basically be sure that you are an anxious parent.

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