• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Who took away the child\’s happiness? It\’s the love of your selfish genes

Recently, Zhu Yuchen’s mother has become popular. Her shocking remarks on the show triggered heated discussions among the melon-eating crowd. She gets up early at four o\’clock every day to stew pear juice for her son, and intervenes in every relationship of her son. She insists that women should be good wives and mothers. Under her mother\’s strict control, Zhu Yuchen was forced to become a mama\’s boy. Her first love, Tang Wei, broke up and Jiang Yan, who was about to get married, also broke up. A 39-year-old man, Zhu’s mother, contributed a lot to this result. His emotional marriage was arranged by his 71-year-old mother, and he could not take care of himself. Do you dare to marry such a man? Zhu’s mother believes that a “standard daughter-in-law” should be like herself. There is a clear division of labor between men and women. A woman must be a good wife and mother and take care of her with her life. Zhu Yuchen has no ego at all. She can stand up to two Filipino servants by herself. Netizens joked that your family has a throne to inherit? Such a family cannot marry even if they have a gold mine. Let her son marry a Filipino maid directly. The mother\’s strong love will definitely become a heavy burden for the child. Zhu Yuchen and his sister are still unmarried. After years of training from their mother, they have become a marriage-phobic tribe. In the name of love, children\’s moral emotions are kidnapped. This kind of harm often causes irreversible serious consequences. Behind every mama\’s boy, there is always an overly dominant mother. Such a mother always says that she is doing it for her children\’s sake. But they rarely consider their children\’s own feelings. This kind of self-righteous love is an extremely selfish manifestation. Do children really like this? They never considered it. They just wishfully think that their plans and arrangements are the perfect plan tailored for their children. Mothers who dote on their children always place too much value on the parent-child relationship. But the core of a family should be the relationship between husband and wife. Children are independent individuals, do not let them become your appendages. Let them choose, create, and live the life they want. In this way, it is good for each other. No matter how close the relationship is, it still requires a certain distance to maintain beauty. A mother\’s excessive interference in her child\’s life will only make her child feel tired. But the child has to bear it in the name of mother\’s love, even though such love makes the child breathless. When Ma Baonan\’s mother is complacent about her hard work and ability, there is always someone crying silently behind her back. People who are stubborn will never understand the simple truth of empathy. These strong mothers regard their children as their outstanding works and cannot bear to let others damage them, so they can only carefully frame the works themselves. The child has lost his freedom and lives in the confinement of his mother every day, unable to move even an inch. I hope all mothers can learn to let go for the sake of their children\’s happiness.

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