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Why are the children who are the last to be admitted to Tsinghua University every year?


Oct 1, 2023

Today we review an “inspirational dark horse” recognized by many media in the college entrance examination. He is a boy from Ninghai Middle School. This boy is called Zhao Qichen. When he first entered high school, he often ranked last in the class. But today, he was admitted to Tsinghua University with a score of 703 in the college entrance examination. From a \”poor student\” to a \”top student\” at Tsinghua University, he must have sacrificed a lot, but what we want to talk about today is, what did this parent who was once the \”last one\” do? Listen to what Zhao Qichen\’s mother said in the interview: \”When he failed in the exam, he came to me to complain. I comforted him and gave him a hug. I had no other choice, so I kept comforting and comforting. It passed day by day.\” Talking about his counterattack, Zhao Qichen also lamented: 70 videos of primary school mathematical thinking training courses given by Tsinghua top students to children [Complete] \”Perseverance in belief is important, but the most important thing is me My mother never scolded me for my unsatisfactory grades. When I was confused and lost, she always encouraged me and supported me.\” Zhao Qichen became a dark horse, which is inseparable from Zhao Qichen\’s day and night efforts and the encouragement of his parents. and support. Dale Carnegie wrote in the book \”Human Weaknesses\”: People are born to like to be encouraged. Treating children in this way can allow children to grow up in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, gain confidence, and become better. Parents\’ encouragement allows children to gain confidence, see their own potential, and develop the courage to become more courageous despite setbacks. Parents who are truly far-sighted never shy away from encouraging their children. \”Percussive\” education is not education. Most parents have this question: If they praise and encourage their children, will they praise their children? We responsibly tell you: children who receive correct praise will not be \”praised\” bad. But children who are often beaten really don’t live a wonderful life! Some time ago, the media exposed a female college student named Fan Jincheng who had been living for ten years. Facing the media, she cried and said that all her self-confidence had been knocked away by her mother, and she did not have the courage to make independent decisions and face life independently. She studied cooking seriously, but her parents would pick on all kinds of little problems and scold her for not doing a good job. She fell in love with design and longed to be a designer, but was criticized by her parents: \”What\’s the use? Just study.\” The constant belittling and denial made her gradually lose her pursuit of life and even suffered from severe social disorder. phobia. Psychologist Susan Forward once said: Children cannot distinguish between facts and jokes. They will believe what their parents say about them and turn it into their own ideas. Parents are afraid of their children being proud, so they use various words to attack them, thinking that only in this way can they stimulate their children\’s ambition. As everyone knows, every belittling sentence you make hurts the child\’s young heart. Therefore, \”strike\” education is just a blow, without education. Excellent children are encouraged. Psychologist Rudolf Drakes warned all parents: Children need encouragement, just like plants need water. Plants cannot grow without water. Without encouragement, children cannot build self-worth. There is such a story about a great mother who used \”lies\” to help her son become asuccess. In kindergarten, the teacher told her mother that her son had ADHD and suggested that he go to the hospital for a check-up. But she told her son that the teacher praised him. He could only sit on the bench for one minute, but now he could sit for three minutes. In elementary school, the teacher said: \”There are only 50 students in the class, and your son ranks 49th. We suspect that he has intellectual problems.\” The mother held back tears and told her son: \”The teacher has full confidence in you, you are not a stupid child. \”Every time the mother\’s \”lie\” inspired her son. He worked harder and harder, and slowly he saw his progress and unleashed his unlimited potential. A psychologist once said: \”A person who often does not receive affirmation can only develop his potential to 20%-30%. Once he is affirmed, his potential will be developed to 50%. If this affirmation comes from Family, then 70%-80% of his potential will be developed.\” Only when children feel \”I can\” from the bottom of their hearts, will they be willing to put in more effort and make greater progress. Correct encouragement is the best education for children 01/ Parents should allow their children to make mistakes. The process of learning is a process of constant trial and error and decreasing errors. When children make mistakes, if parents allow them to make mistakes and provide encouragement, they can grow from their mistakes. 02/ Parents should pay attention to their children\’s efforts and encourage their progress, which is to guide their children to see their own progress and inspire self-confidence. When parents praise their children, the children will naturally respond to us with better behavior because of their confidence.

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